MBTA approves pro-Palestinian ads in Boston subway
Published: 07.06.14, 13:54
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31. Facts are Irrelvant
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.07.14)
Factual errors are not relevant.. The ADL is not relevant. The Ads are political speech and enjoy absolute protection in the USA. The only counter available is counter-advertising - speech.
32. #3 Something stinks in Boston
Benji ,   US   (06.07.14)
Boston experienced one bombing. Israel has experienced hundreds of terror attacks by Palestinian terrorists supported by their PA and Hamas government. That's why Israel has to build walls, protective roads and checkpoints. You call that Hasbara because you don't want to face the truth. Boston has surrendered to propaganda.
33. Reaction to 1939 Genocide Paper
Zechariah   (06.07.14)
These demolishing of houses while counterproductive are not as bad as USA bombing of Japan which Defense Minister McNamara admitted later were a War crime .A hundred thousand Japanese civilians killed in Tokyo in one night by incendiary bombs .The reality is the Islam blocked the escape of Jews from Nazi Europe from Turkey to Afghanistan including Mandated Palestine .USA business built up the Nazis supplying oil and rubber for mechanised warfare and deals with IG Farbin for Genocide .Palestinian Leader had Lemon Juice with Nazi Feuhrer discussing Genocide extension of Jews to all Islamic Lands .
34. How do you know his name? and why are you
Erin ,   USA   (06.07.14)
offering it up? I was going to say to number 5 that he should think about solutions, ads in America hurts America; people who would normally donate and help build houses for free oversees become bogged down in dilemma decision making because they are overwhelmed. Let's start volunteer projects to go over and be free help to the Palestinians and Israelis to help them up out of this difficulty. Do FBI agents always write in? Do they volunteer to build homes overseas? :)) If they do, you're hired! See you there!
35. easy response
alsky ,   Toronto   (06.07.14)
draw up ad showing Israel has returned Sinai to Egypt, left Gaza, left Lebanon. So the answer to the question would be Peace. Next lie ?
36. #4 Sarah B.
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.14)
You sound as if you are a member of the apartheid regime. It looks that you are blind and deaf. The whole world excluding you and your followers are describing Israel as an apartheid state. All Israeli Arabs including the Christians are NOT treated as Israeli JEW. Few days ago a Christian clergy was complaining saying most Christians are leaving their city because of the terrible situation. Israel is using Apartheid laws against all the Palestinians in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West bank. Try to educate yourself more to learn more you sh-t head.
37. @28 Albrecht, where do you live in the EU ?
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (06.08.14)
Leeds ? Bradford ? Tourcoing ? Brussels maybe... No, let me guess...some nice little German suburb where no "nice muslim" is to be seen... Well, just in case you haven't realized yet, the next bomb that might tear your flesh will, without any shadow of a doubt, be planted by your local "friendly" muslim. Not a Jew ! Nazis are dead. They've been replaced by islamo-fascism.
38. #4 Ignorant Harold
Howard ,   Seattle WA   (06.08.14)
Harold,Unless you are a full blooded Native American which I doubt then YOU are living on occupied land.I suggest you go research your family tree , pack your bags and go back to where your ancestors came from or shut the Hell up. The Jews have more claim to THEIR land then you ever will to the land you are now living on.
Rau   (06.08.14)
Arab peace initiative has been on the table since 2001. Haven't you heard?
40. 7, 15 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.08.14)
41. To One Commentator: You still don't have a clue & never will
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.08.14)
42. #36 Ignorant Harold part 2
Benji ,   US   (06.08.14)
The only country in the ME where Christians can freely practice their faith is Israel. Christians are leaving Gaza because they're persecuted by Hamas. Seems that's OK with you. There are no "Apartheid" laws against Palestinians in Gaza except those practiced by Hamas. Israel doesn't even have jurisdiction over Gaza. They have their own government. Educate yourself instead of using profanity against people because you're clueless.
43. an appropriate answer
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (06.08.14)
A 3 year old in a suicide bomber costume will say all that needs be said.
44. To: Arn at No. 43
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.08.14)
Excellent point! And posters showing five year old children doing their terrorist training holding toy guns and wearing headbands that say "Death to the Zionists." And posters showing eight year old children firing real rifles at targets emblazoned with pictures of Jews. If it is the objective of the people behind this ad campaign to shock, so be it. Israel can produce posters that will not only shock the conscience, it will turn their stomachs. As I suggested in an earlier post, photographs of murdered Jewish infants and children, the aftermath of suicide bombings -- those will not only shock the conscience, they will turn the stomach. The people of Boston have not forgotten the events of the Boston Marathon. They know the who, and they know the why. It could not hurt to simply reinforce the knowledge that they already have.
45. To: No. 36
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.08.14)
No. 4 is your post, jackass. Do you always reply to your own posts? I'm already very well educated, but I love learning. Can you help? Please tell all of us about the United States airlift of Jews to Israel in 1948. You claim to have personal, first-hand knowledge of this event. Since it never happened, I'm hoping you can enlighten us. By the way, you're wandering a little far from home. Why don't you concentrate on apartheid practices in the United States against Latinos, African Americans, Asians and native Americans? The State of North Carolina, for example, recently essentially too away the right to vote of several thousand black American citizens, because they cannot produce birth certificates. The State of South Dakota just imposed redistricting which sliced the Pine Ridge Sioux reservation into six election districts, applying a small enough piece of the reservation to surrounding election districts to the point where no native American can win an election because of the dilution of the native American vote. Asian Americans are routinely harassed and insulted by non-Asians, and Latinos share a similar discrimination. Plenty of real apartheid and discrimination in the United States upon which you can lavish your attentions. Arab Christians in Israel are not discriminated against, and I have already delineated for you the ways in which Israeli Arabs receive preferential treatment. Don't forget to tell us about your personal, first-hand knowledge of the mythical United States airlift of Jews to Israel in 1948. I'd like to educate myself.
46. Palestinian terror has killed an Israeli every 4th day
Ruth ,   Beer Sheva   (06.09.14)
In the same time frame, since September 2000, the number of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror (exculding soldiers who fell fighting) number 1,242. This is very close to the total given in the ad which probably includes cases where Israel had nothing to do with the death. Children died because of Kassam rockets falling short in the Gaza strip.
47. settlements
Kevin MacNelly ,   Raleigh, NC USA   (06.19.14)
Thousands of Palestinians have been killed by phosphorous bombs, tanks, helicopter gunships after having been removed from the lands they owned for centuries, herded into walled off apartheid outdoor prisons where every movement is strictly controlled by Israeli checkpoints. Such blatant racism could occur no where but Israel. Israel bulldozes the homes of Palestinians they want removed, pulls up their olive orchards then subjects them to daily threats and harassment by heavily armed "settlers" they move into the land they have stolen. Terrorism is defined by force used to intimidate and coerce civilian populations into obedience and the State of Israel fits that definition to a tee! When you go and steal peoples lands and homes subject them to dehumanizing conditions in Gaza, force them to endure daily checkpoints in order to live and repeatedly attack them with overwhelming military force you don't then get to label them as "terrorist" if they try to fight back on occasion even if it is with very ineffective rockets and stones!
48. To BENJI Ignorant No. 42
Ralph Eid ,   Lebanon   (07.15.14)
Lebanon is filled with christians and i am one of them. My reply to you is that Hezbollah treats christians in Lebanon better than Israelis in occupied palestine or Apartheid Israel (Whatever helps you sleep). PLease check your facts douche..
49. End US Support for Israeli Apartheid
Mary Cestone ,   Pinehurst, NC   (11.16.15)
Incredible. No hope for the liberal left.
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