Swiss pick Elbit drone over IAI offering
Published: 07.06.14, 23:46
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1. why is switzerland in NATO
zionist forever   (06.08.14)
The Swiss airforce bases are only open weekday opening hours, so if there is a need to get fighters in the air outside opening hours they have a problem. Recently a plane was hijacked in Italy and plan was it would land in Switzerland unfortunately it was hijacked outside of working hours so they Italians had to escort it into Swiss airspace. Now they want to make sure that any UAVS they buy do not have combat capability. Why not buy a multi role UAV and fit it with equipment of their choosing at least that gives them options, seems to be no logic when it comes to Swiss military thinking.
2. You are wrong. Switzerland is not a member of NATO.
3. Jewish pro-Palestinian NGO against supply of Elbit to Switz
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (06.11.14)
The Jewish, pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli organization "JVJP.CH" joined forces with militant Palestinian organizations to protest the purchase of Elbit-Drones by the Swiss army! This infamous JVJP.CH is demonizing and defaming Israel! This NGO and its supporters must be outlawed. Congratulations to Elbit. rememberamalek.blogspot
4. to #3
Ivan ,   Haifa   (06.18.14)
Selling drones is a shame, Israel becomes big when developing scientific and humanitarian products, demonizing Israel for selling military equipment is correct,specially when it's demonized by it's own citizens like me. U.S, Russia an every weapons producer should be demonized and is responsible for armed conflicts. Don't forget we sold weapons to the Apartheid in South Africa or South American dictatorships.
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