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Bar Refaeli loses boyfriend over Mick Jagger
Tzahi Koma and Pplus
Published: 09.06.14, 00:41
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1. she's finished now
Bluegrass Picture ,   Afula   (06.09.14)
She just blew her last chance to own a man of her own. Google on "alpha widow".
2. Lucky for her she's found out that early, that she's dating
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.09.14)
a jerk. Two: bad choice from the beginning:judging from this photo I wouldn't trust his face for a moment. But hey, that's me and I'm not even gay & it's all none of my business(or anyone else's for that matter) but it is fun to hear.... :-))
3. I don't know how dangerous Mick Jagger's front man is, but
Rivkah   (06.09.14)
Mick Jagger confessed to having sex with over a thousand women and that was decades ago! He is the one to keep one's wife or girlfriend far away from. Bar Rafaeli does not understand that jealousy is the rage of a man. But if they have had semen vaginal sex, then the Scriptural grounds for divorce were not met for Ezra to leave her. Elohim is quite clear that it takes fornication or adultery or desertion without economic support (Abraham supported Hagar who was also called Ketura and he eventually married her after Sarah died). If he left her without Scriptural grounds after defiling her, any marriage for Ezra will be adultery. Few celebrities are willing to be like Actress Audrey Hepburn who left her career when she married an Italian doctor, knowing jealousy is the rage of a man. Actress Grace Kelly also gave up her career when she married Prince Ranier, not wanting to jeopardize that prize of marriage. Bar Rafaeli and Jennifer Lopez and so many others throw away common law and legal spouses without Scriptural grounds. That is a dangerous place for one's soul since eternity is a long long time and horrible if it is in hell.
4. If I had a dollar.....
William ,   Israel   (06.09.14)
If I had a dollar for each such argument Jagger caused, innocently or otherwise, throughout his career, I'd be a very rich man. To Jagger, he's seen this before.
5. Not the brightest bulbs r they
Jhan   (06.09.14)
Jews in the diaspora who don't know Israel well are always surprised when they discover the depth of moronism present in much of the population.
6. So What?
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.09.14)
As GB Shaw so aptly stated," Dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desires!" That's why mixed dancing is not done among the frum community. You wanna dance, you pays your money and takes your chances. But, why be jealous of Bar Rafeli? She's no stranger to the bite of the one eyed trouser trout!
7. Jealousy is a human trait....
William ,   Israel   (06.09.14)
and exhibited by women just as much as by men.
8. Rivkah
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (06.10.14)
Please, please, get back on your medication.
9. Which restaurant...
Fick Tishes. Maybe? Ha Ha
10. What a hilarious story
Yeh yeh   (06.10.14)
Does anyone believe this tame PR stunt. Was anyone there? Restaurant no name? These people usually send their PR twits to the British press day after day. This one's not there, The UK press did show beautiful clips of a the Stones at the Kotel Next day he was with some young kid on a balcony in Geneva. Non story, but a funny one.
11. # 8 Undiscovered
Sagi   (06.10.14)
No medicine as yet available is capable of curing or even alleviating her disease.I doubt if one will ever become available.
12. Dear Rivkah #3
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (06.10.14)
If you are Haredi,how are you even aware of what happens in "secular society"?And if not,I believe that most people will find your outdated observations not relevant.I,as a 71 year old,often feel that I am on a different planet to the one I was born on!However,forgetting religious considerations,which are not important to the people you discuss,I suggest that your observations are of no concern to them,and if it upsets you,do not bother yourself with it.
13. Real Lee?
Yes these people have twatted their way finally into the long suffering British press. Still no photo of dancing this year -) Two israeli girlies look desperate. Sad. Best pictures there are still Sir Mick at the Kotel. Maybe the Kotel is just more photogenic and authentic....
14. If Bar was my gf
Toby   (06.14.14)
I wouldn't feel insecure or mad if she danced close to that weirdo Mick Jagger...I may get mad at other things. But if her heart is not with me, no problem...we'll just go our separate ways.
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