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Iran would resume enrichment if nuclear talks fail
Published: 13.06.14, 09:32
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1. Back to Ahmadinejad Logic
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.13.14)
So Its Rohani who now growls If we don't get our way then we will resume enrichment to 20% Only LAST Week they said...They saw no reason or VALUE tor ADVANTAGE to Iran in enriching to 20% So we have to infer that this threat is blackmail and WHO IS TO SAY after any Agreement is signed they wont try to use that form of Blackmail again? So yet again we have to ask Can Iran be trusted to stick to its agreements? Iranian deputy FM warns failue to reach nuclear agreement would be 'a disaster,' says Tehran will return to 20 percent enrichment if deal cannot be reached.
2. WHILST USA...............................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.13.14)
Continues to keep their rotten and outdated 'option' on the table,what makes you think that Iran should act otherwise. Either recognise its right(which you don't want) or else the same goes back to what it was. Your biased comment makes no sense Tim.
3. #1 or checkmate?
Short of massive American armed intervention (that would require cooperation with Israel that Obama will never do), the only force capable of stopping ISIL is Iran. So does Obama let Iran gain nukes (and let Russia take Ukraine), or does he let ISIL take over Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan?
4. Iran needs to be taught a harsh lesson
CJK   (06.13.14)
iran is occupying syria, it is occupying lebanon, it is threatening its neighbours, it threatens israel with genocide, all the while building nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles. iran is a horrific terror state and this state of affairs cannot continue.
5. @ 4
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.13.14)
I agree with you. Israel should call up it's reserves and go on a full war footing and march on Tehran and have the Ayatollah hung by a rope just like the US did to Saddam in 2003. Now that worked out so well for the US in Iraq and Israel has a far superior military than the US, so this should take less than 30 days to get to Tehran and occupy it and put out it's deck of cards and go hunting for Iranian Ayatollahs and Generals. Wouldn't this be a picnic Mr. CJK for Israeli soldiers?
6. When will the Western Usefull Idiot stop this farce ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.13.14)
Seal the Talks permanently, with a Military strike. Arn.Sweden.
7. Playing for time
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.13.14)
Oh please. This game of "cat and mouse" has been a poor sham and those who've played the game for far too long, and those who continue to play along, are implicitly responsible for the oncoming armageddon.
8. Back to plan A (public), there is no plan B.
There is only plan A (covert). And that is the same as plan A (public) depending on the circumstances. After all with ISIS next door, there was and always will be plan A..... until plan A is stopped.
9. So When Did tehran STOP Enriching Uranium
They haven't, but Hopefully Soon they will be FORCED TOO!!!
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