Netanyahu to Kerry: Missing teens, 'the result of unity government'
Published: 13.06.14, 21:57
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1. King Bibi the Weak has pointed his finger and
A ,   Belgium   (06.13.14)
placed the blame, now let's see you behave like a true leader and bring these boys home NOW even if you have to napalm Gaza and arrest the terrorist Abbas! No more Shalits!
2. The responsibility for the kidnapping
Moshe ,   Israel   (06.13.14)
I doubt whether PA has direct connection to this act. In my opinion, the onus could be divided among 4 factors (in descending accountable order) : 1) The kidnapers, who probably belong to one of the radical Islamic organizations. 2) The Israeli governments, who have taught the Pals for many years that it is tremendously beneficial for them to kidnap Israelis. 3) The rare public transportation in West Bank, which pushes its Jewish residents to hitchhike. 4) The upcoming bill for murderers.
3. Mr Sotero did the kidnap..
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.13.14)
...his government acknowledged the PA "technocrate" leadership, containing two terror-groups, and is thereby responsible for the evil islamic action of kidnappings.
4. Liquidate the PA NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
Bibi, stop the B.S. Fatah are even worse terrorists than Hamas. Fatah maims and murders far more Israelis than Hamas. The PA is a union of two terrorist groups. It is itself a terrorist group. You, sir, are to blame for giving it control over our land. Liquidate the PA NOW!
5. Hamas, PA, Al Quada
James ,   USA   (06.14.14)
They are all the same and responsible for each other's actions. These are terror groups that grow due to Israeli inaction and US disinterest. Talk has only made the day to day life of Israelis worse. Abbas must be arrested and hunted down like bin laden. No more can the world look at Israeli cowardice, division and lack of focus. Leaders must lead and make hard choices or it will be the focus of massive Arab, Islamic insurgency. No more can we be spit upon because we are Jews.
6. 'Org affiliated with AlQeada' armed/supported by IOFs
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.14.14)
The numbnts shouldn't have been in the WB because NOTHING outside Israel UNILATERALLY declared borders is Israeli territory.
7. Cost of Operations
S ,   Dallas, USA   (06.14.14)
Deduct the FULL COST of operations from taxes collected for the Palis.
8. israel capable of finding teens
hy   (06.14.14)
if teens have been taken hostages, israel should threaten entire hamas leadership with execution if they are not returned. Livni is ssimply humiliating the israeli people by asking john kerry to help find them as israel is fully capable even more than the US in antiterror operations. Livni also met again with the plo. She should be fired period. Livni is a basket case, delusional like peres. Israle must have defensible borders. Olmert is gone. The electorate must boot livni out of the knesset in the next election. and lapid who is a moron of the highest order in security matters must be shown the door by israelis. Livni has no business free lancing nor should she grovel before kerry. Bibi also does this but he should also stop and be more self confident. Enough of constantly running to the united states
9. 2 Blame Israeli Govt who believes occupation is Fine
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.14.14)
As long as Israel occupation keeps stoking the fire with their mass murder and land theft the Palestinian pressure cooker will blow and its only a matter of time.
10. Illegal Settlers Deserve to be Taken Prisoner by
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.14.14)
the citizens of the Nation of Palestine. Also serves as good bargaining tool to get back some of the 10,000 Pals illegally held by Israel, most of whom have never even been charged with a "crime", many of whom are teenagers, and some of whom are pre-teens. And those few that have been charged with a crime were doing nothing more than resisting an illegal occupation and colonization and Apartheid regime. Keep up the good work, whoever is responsible for this.
11. Arabs kidnapped the boys
Jason ,   Hahariya   (06.14.14)
It does not matter what A, B, C, arab group kidnapped the boys. In Boston harbor at dock sits a venerated ship whose oak planked hull was purported at that time to withstand the iron cannon balls of other ships and fortress guns. In the year 1800 the second American President, Thomas Jefferson built a fleet of ships that this ship is from to engage in the Mediterranean Sea the jihadists who were capturing ships from America and offering for ransom the crews and passengers on board. In two hundred and fourteen years the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor stands as a stark reminder that jihadists capture Americans for profit. This is an old story but shows the difference between Thomas Jefferson and the current muslin in the white hut. Jefferson carried a Koran with him, not to worship with but to study the MO of his enemy. The war against the Barbary pirates or Jihadists was won by a no nonsense approach to the taking hostages. Jefferson believed in destroying any vestige of the governments that perpetrated this violence. In Jefferson’s time like today the Europeans paid tribute to the jihadists with gold and weapons. Wake up people, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it
12. #10 Just not your sons
Benji ,   US   (06.14.14)
The ones you say are serving in the US military. You wouldn't want that to happen to them. What happened to you Doug? How did you become so callous and cruel? Wishing for the kidnapping of Israeli teenagers. Get help.
13. #10 Hello Doug
Isac   (06.14.14)
Hope that your kids will never be kidnapped by some Native Indians from whom your folks stole the land from! On the other hand Israel never stole land land from anybody because it's Jewish land. Anything else is pure and simple Arab propaganda!
14. 6 & 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
Hey brainwashed idiot, consumed with jealousy & hatred, hold your vile tongue.
15. 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
what a load of bull you write. kidnapping is good work? sure, big mouth, when it does'nt happen to you nor your loved ones. go crawl back under your rock, where you belong.
16. Missing teens, 'the result of unity government'
Robert ,   Australia   (06.14.14)
Rubbish! It's a result of the ultra right wing Israeli government that flouts international law.
17. Why wouldn't PM blame unity gov't to divert attn from self?
Professor ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
After all, he needs to divert focus away from the Shalit deal (NONE of which is Shalit's fault!) -- under pressure from Oblunderama's Sec. of State. And to divert focus away from K'nesset dragging their feet and failing to pass a law preventing future such prisoner exchanges. Thirdly, even though the Muslims have been planning these many attempts for a long while, it's clear they were emboldened by Oblunderama's recent disproportionate prisoner exchange with the Taliban. After all, it worked on Israel in the past, it even works on the Americans now, so, of course
18. #9 The "occupation"
Moshe ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
What you call occupation is the liberation of part of the Jewish homeland from Jordan, not from the Pals And in case you are weak in recent history, Jews have been murdered by your Arab buddies far long before this liberation, and even before the State of Israel has existed.
19. #10 Your devoted work
Moshe ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
This talkback exemplifies perfectly the Arab industry of lies, whose you are probably one of its most faithful servant.
20. Missing teens, result of unity government
Harold ,   USA   (06.14.14)
What an unbalanced statement. These guys were trying to kidnap Israelis long time before the unity government and Kerry knows that and all the Israeli newspapers know that.
21. #13
Harold ,   USA   (06.14.14)
Listen to #10 because he is stating the facts. These attacks stop as soon as Israel leaves all Palestinian occupied land If you are talking about the promised land, just forget it because these two words were used by non other than Moses to persuade his people to follow him. He himself even did not enter and see the promised land
22. Israel must have defensible borders to survive.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.14.14)
Yes, borders with fences, electronic surveillance, with barb wire and even mine fields in strips along the border. The West Bank occupied territories are not defensible. The Gaza strip was not defensible and Ariel Sharon knew that. The Yamit occupied territory was not defensible either. Resume the peace talks after you liberate the kidnapped teens. Reach a peace agreement with security for two States recognized internationally. Make it guaranteed by defensible borders. Stop the bloodshed of soldiers which has lasted for sixty six years now along the indefensible borders. Start existing like most of the healthy countries do around the world.
23. To: Facebook Mike O'Diomasaigh
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.14.14)
"Missing?" Don't you mean "kidnapped?" On the bright side -- a great many Israelis who were previously opposed to annexation of Judea and Samaria, or were undecided, have overnight experienced an epiphany. Once again, the "palestinians" have proven to be their own worst enemy. This time, however, their mistake will prove to be fatal to their silly dreams of taking over everything Israel has worked so hard to build in Judea and Samaria. The "palestinians" formerly residing in Judea and Samaria can ponder their mistakes from Gaza.
24. #14
Harold ,   USA   (06.14.14)
Both #6 & #9 are right. All these attacks stop as soon as Israel leaves the occupied Palestinian lands. These commentators are not brainwashed you are the one whose brain is washed and damaged.
25. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.14.14)
Annexation of Judea and Samaria is now supported by an overwhelming majority of Israelis. We will deport the "palestinians" to Gaza, where they can work on their unity government. That should make you happy. No more so-called "occupation," and no more so-called "colonization." We're going to get rid of that terrorist rabble, and their violent criminals. You are truly a sick and evil cretin if you support the kidnapping of these boys. But these are the last Israeli boys that will be kidnapped by "palestinian" thugs, so enjoy it while you can, sluggo.
26. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.14.14)
These criminal kidnappings will also stop when Israel deports all the "palestinians" to Gaza. That is the option that Israel will exercise. Still waiting for you to elaborate upon your personal experience and first-hand knowledge of a U.S. airlift of Iraqi Jews to Israel in 1948 that never took place. Don't disappoint us -- we are all waiting with bated breath.
27. #18
Harold ,   USA   (06.14.14)
#9 is right leave all occupied Palestinian lands as soon as you can because these attacks will continue. There is nothing that backs your statement. If you are taking about the promised lands, these two words were used by Moses to persuade the Jews who left Egypt to follow him nothing else. He, Moses did not even enter or see the promised land.
28. Unity government
Nadya ,   California, USA   (06.14.14)
This situation should not be used for political gain. Netanyahu will shoot himself in the foot if he continues to blame the kidnappings on the Palestinian unity government.
29. #25 & #26 Sarah B ++++++++kuku
Harold ,   USA   (06.14.14)
You are really BRAINWASHED and had no HOME EDUCATION. I am not going to comment to your abnormal comments because of the above.
30. #28 But Hamas & PA are responsible
Benji ,   US   (06.14.14)
Hamas is so proud they're handing out candies. Don't spoil their moment in the sun. We all know it will only be a moment before they start crying for sympathy. But you highlight the fact that Hamas historically provokes a conflict, then works overtime to avoid responsibility.
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