Gaza residents celebrate at news of missing Israeli teens
Roi Kais
Published: 14.06.14, 18:20
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1. missing teens
Marianne van Geuns ,   Israel   (06.14.14)
I hope , I wish, we wil burn out hole Gaza . And then ,baroeghashem we do not have 1 mother fucker in MINE COUNTRY!!!!!!,Inclusief you mother fucking candies.Do you job IDF.Burn,burn,burn,My candies are waiting
2. These SAVAGES have no God!
Pasquinel Canada ,   World needs Jesus   (06.14.14)
3. why are Palestinians animals
k ,   US   (06.14.14)
what animals will celebrate the kidnapping of these kids
4. Pitiful Palestinians
Attitude shows that Palestinian Gazans not ready for conflict solution. Also demonstrates clearly that the PA Unity technocratic government is a sham with incompatible partners and objectives. And that the US should stop supporting the terrorist financially supporting this anti peace partner in the Palestinian Government. The Hamas partnership is the ultimate in foolish deception being perpetrated by the US government policy on congress.. Neither will it free their sons but more likely result in bad outcomes for the people with ambition to live and not contnually conflict.
5. Ahmed Youssef
gp ,   Tel Aviv   (06.14.14)
You poor bastards. You have no joy of life because you are born into a religious ideology which believes in death more than life. So you spend your days in hatred, in envy for what you can't have and take comfort only in creating similar misery for others. But you will celebrate this "victory" tonight. Tomorrow you will wake up the same miserable, joyless creatures because you have ultimately gained nothing: a few more released prisoners you hope, as though nothing more than brutal killers can make you feel good about yourselves. You are sad, sad people, for whom the joy of life is virtually unknown . And don't blame the Jews. Every man is the master of his own destiny, and you have all chosen destruction and bloodshed. It would be pitiful if you could only understand how much more you can make of life than as blood letters. But your death cult forbids you to think otherwise and you will spend the rest of your days bathed in your own self-pitying misery. One day the world WILL wake up and you will all still be stuck in your miserable 15th century, sex-starved, desert holes. Inshallah.
6. We encourage them
Ben S ,   Free world   (06.14.14)
We encourage them by freeing these vermin in exchanges. Hang them all and we will have nothing to exchange with them in the future. Hamas is now in control and Israel receives rockets and kidnappings. It's time to set the IDF free and let them do what must be done.
7. tit for tat
eli   (06.14.14)
kidnap senior hamas and fatah and hold them for a trade. if the 3 yeshiva boys are dead which is possible, kill the entire hamas and jihad leadership. Keep the bloody and rotten press out. The rabbinic leadership of the yeshiva are responsible-they either train the boys in martial arts and gun use or disband yeshivas altogether. Livni and lapid should be fired immediatley for encouraging arab terror. In particular livni, olmert's twin has harmed israel grievously.the israeli electorate will not return her to the knesset and leave her in depression in her later years as a woman scorned and rejected. She can ponder life visiting olmert in jail.
8. Obama will solve the problem while he plays golf!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (06.14.14)
He will send even more money to the terrorist and everything will be ok!
9. To # 1 Marianne van Geuns , Israel
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (06.14.14)
Despite your not so correct written English - I STRONGLY AGREE WITH YOU !!!! I't's time to erradicate these venomous snakes from the face of the Earth !! Bravo Marianne! Shabat Shalom
10. So-called "islam, pal"Arabs in the Gaza-strip and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (06.14.14)
The state/nation/land and country of Israel, including the Gaza-strip, is between the river Nile, the region/area of the Tigris/Euphrate river, Turkey and the Red sea (when, if everybody/each and everyone wants/will want this/ that). G.D"s agreement with Abram/Abraham and family, according to the Jewish and Christian Bible. PERIOD FOR GOOD! (For example, also)THE JEWISH AND ISRAELI PEOPLE, FOREVER AND ALWAYS! MAY G.D BLESS ISRAEL (too)!
11. time to institute the death penalty for all arabs who kill
ralph   (06.14.14)
12. Evil doesn't get any worse than this... ANIMAL BARBARIANS!!!
Abraham   (06.14.14)
And children of the devil
13. Terror country
James ,   USA   (06.14.14)
I find it hard to believe that Isreal allows this terror cell to operate on its own border. Lots of talk but never any action. Leaders of Israel should be ashamed to allow this to go on and on and on and on....
14. I am in support of all vile Muslims hating Israel and Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.14.14)
15. And your government thinks it can make peace with arobs?????
Moshe ,   Usa   (06.14.14)
16. Where does it get them?
Benji ,   US   (06.14.14)
Hamas did this to undermine the PA. To show they're in charge. To compensate for their feckless leadership. Pass out sweets and celebrate until Israel responds. More prisoner arrests, financial aid cut off, border crossings closed to access to medical treatment and visits to relatives. Gaza is actually more isolated than ever especially since Egypt closed the tunnels and now Hamas has alienated the PA. Iran may not be the sugar daddy they hoped for as Iran fights off the Islamic hordes. Such a pathetic group of blood sucking parasites.
17. After all: they do what they're programmed to.No news here.
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.14.14)
18. Just another passing week in the ME
Cameron ,   USA   (06.14.14)
Sand, heat, and rage.
19. Pals who celibrated hsold be liquidated
napalm the protest tent, poison the prisoners
20. to the pals prisoners families u are a piece of shit end
jose raanana israel   (06.14.14)
21. Kidnapped, not arrested.
MIrriam ,   Tiberias   (06.14.14)
For those who miss the difference, these boys were not throwing rocks and firebombs at people. They were just going home. They were kidnapped by terrorist, not arrested by the law. There is a big difference.
22. sick people
Alex   (06.14.14)
23. Burn gaza and everyone in it to hell
A ,   Belgium   (06.14.14)
24. Where is Moon? Ashton? Oblabla? Barroso??
A ,   Belgium   (06.14.14)
Is there anybody OUT THERE? Hypocritical moslem loving bastards!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.14.14)
26. #21 What law?
The one you write in your apartheid country?
27. YNET Delete #1's Foul Post
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (06.15.14)
Such filthy language/swear words should not be printed-ever! Surely #1's post contravenes your standards and rules of posting?
28. it was bound to happen .....
alsky ,   Toronto   (06.15.14)
those lunatics only need to get lucky once. Praying for the safe return.
29. Hard labor and capital
Barney ,   USA   (06.15.14)
Punishment for Arabs in Israeli prisons. Won't bring the kidnapees back but little incentive for future kidnap pings. Capital punishment may be hard to accomplish but hard hard labor that is easily done
30. Missing israeli teens
Samuel Bern ,   Panama   (06.15.14)
Kids are no military target unless you are a coward who deserves the worst
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