Netanyahu: Hamas operatives kidnapped missing teens
Gilad Morag, Elior Levy
Published: 15.06.14, 15:55
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1. Most likely, it was Fatah/Abbas people who
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.15.14)
kidnapped them and maybe brought them to Hamas. After all, it's the Fatah people who live in Israel area, not Hamas. The Fatahs are sly foxes and are to be trusted less than Hamas. If you'll keep those 80 detained Arabs whether they're guilty or not until the 3 boys are released, the Arabs will make sure to get the boys back soon.
2. Irresponsible PM=Blameless teens
really the teens are not at fault the PM is ... after all HE released the terrorists...and after all he's the one promising Israeli parents I will take care of really what do we expect...
3. How hard do you intend to step on Hamas?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.15.14)
4. Stop hiding your head in the sand
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.15.14)
and trying to make Fatah look like righteous people. It's Fatah that posted a cartoon comparing the three kidnapped Israeli students to rats. More likely than not, it's those sly Fatah/Abbas foxes who kidnapped the boys, not Hamas. Stop your blindness and don't be fooled. Open your eyes and you'll see that Fatah is more dangerous than Hamas.
5. #1 two points you are wrong
There is no difference between Fatah and Hamas, and holding 80 people in jail won't release the kidnapped. The only thing that will bring the boys back AND prevent a repeat is fast-tracked Jewish building. 3000 houses in area E1, today. After three months when the 3000 houses are finished, start another 9000 in E1, Kiryat Arba and Oranit, The boys will soon be home. If Netanyahu refuses to start building, the only way to bring the boys home, you don't need to ask anymore questions.
6. netanyahu:hamas people kidnapped missing teens
jonathan ,   london   (06.15.14)
The answer is simple start expelling the palestineans to Jordan that is where they it house by house
7. the left must do a lot of soul searching!
jesse   (06.15.14)
while our president & the left wing were reveling in the aftermath of our president's rediculous visit to the vatican to rub shoulders with jew/israel haters other jew/israel haters were in the final planning stages & actual abduction/murdeer of 3 of children. i do not expect much more from arabs & th other cohorst at the vatican & the rest of the world - as history basically repeats itsel, what i find reprehensible is that our president & the left continue to delude themselves & continue to cause harm to the people of israel!! the left must do a lot of soul searching!
8. OK it is Hamas? Now what r u going to do?
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (06.15.14)
BB's history shows that he does not like to go for any type of escalation (justified or not). He won't do it. What he will do is just talk and talk and then do some show of attacking-catching few Hamas not-important leaders and give it as a toffy to Israeli people and wait for another deal (which we don't want). Make Hamas life such a hell that he will put our kids on platter on present it to us. Bust their ass and we will support you.
9. What should happen now...
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.15.14)
Moves the IDF, Shin Bet and Israeli Police can/should be making right now... (1) Work out a detailed and precise chronology of events. (2) Work out the relationship dynamics between the three young men. (3) Speak to everyone that knows them and those who had contact with them before they disappeared. (4) Locate, collect and view all the security camera footage from the area. (5) Lock down all the external borders. (6) Monitor all email, phones + UAV surveillance in the West Bank. (7) Place troops on the ground : IDF, Shin Bet, Police, Border Police. Uniformed and Undercover. (8) Establish lines of communication between as many Muslim/Arab parties as possible in East and West Jerusalem, theWest Bank, Gaza, the State of Israel etc. (9) Work out a priority matrix/hierarchy of contacts. (10) Control the media sphere. All media outlets to be under strict orders. (11) Get an independent/fair/trusted by as many parties as possible investigator/negotiator/judge/detective/counsellor on the scene. (12) Other modalities as need be. i.e. Need to work out what is urgent/what is important.
10. Why don't you people check....
Robert ,   Australia   (06.15.14)
.....your gay parade in Tel Aviv, you may find them there.
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (06.15.14)
For sure fatah-hamas are responsible, but I also hold their parents, the Yeshiva Rabbis and the three boys responsible. None of them reinforced the NO TRAMPING WARNINGS, the RABBIS ALLOWED THEM TO LEAVE AT A VERY LATE HOUR, the THREE SCOFFED AT THE NO TRAMPING WARNINGS. I hope and pray that they are returned safely. Laws should be passed that make it a punishable offense to TRAMP in dangerous areas. Their scoffing at the alerts have put themselves and those searching for them in harms way, not to mention the cost of this rescue attempt. To those who say the lack of Public Transportation is partly at fault, you are wrong. They need to travel at those times when Public Transportation is available. These Yeshivas could make transportation arrangements for those desiring to spend Shabbat with their families. AM YISROEL CHAI.
12. To # 7 Jesse
Dov ben David ,   Eilat   (06.15.14)
Thank you for crediting us with a soul.
13. Hassan Yousef
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.15.14)
is the father of the green prince. He was probably brought in for consultancy?!
14. Note, to date the Palestinian Authority refuses to condemn
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.15.14)
the abduction of the three youth, Naphtali, Gil-Ad and Eyal, and refuses to repudiate the Hamas operatives who have committed the crime. This is the same PA with which the Obama White House was fast to adopt its newly formed Hamas-Fatah government. But, of course, Obama is yet to issue a correction to his wrong decision and an apology to the Jews whose young he has managed to place in harm's way...!!
15. Jumping To Conclusions
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.15.14)
Netanyahu is doing this to break up the new unity Palestinian government. Why would he have the leaders of Hamas arrested? Even if these three idiot teenagers were kidnapped it was probably a spur of the moment action by someone who has lost a family member to Israeli military aggression or has a family member locked up in an Israeli gaol. And truth be told these teenagers could be hiding out and smoking hash with some of their friends or this could be a black flag operation by the Mossad to make Hamas look bad and get Bibi reelected.
16. @8, yep! we all remember how the Mashal affair went....
PM Netanyahu released Ahmed Yassin along with sending the antidote for Mashall... we had Ahmed Yassin head of the Hamas in jail and Netanyahu released him and unleashed hell on all of us...wonder what who he's going to release now?
17. Israelis are such drama queens when they get hurt
I didn't see so many headlines a few weeks ago when two Palestinian teenagers walking with school bags were killed.
18. A bination state of Israel is coming
Can't say I envy you guys, but that's what you chose. Your Jewish children will thank you and leave.
19. This is the 'head of state' talkin' ;) ,...
split ,   US   (06.15.14)
Not one shred of evidence but it doesn't stop him from running his mouth ,...
20. Ha, ha, ha KARMA
Karma   (06.15.14)
21. #17 get the story straight
Even PLO doesn't say the two were walking with school bags. The official PLO story is that the two cut school to join in the riot at Ofer Prison (about 6 kilometers from the nearest Arab school) and were throwing rocks at the soldiers when they were shot.
22. What "World" citizen?
zadimel ,   Rockville,MD USA   (06.15.14)
Take it from one who had 3 teen children years ago,they can be difficult at times to deal with.I hardly think these kids are "hiding out and smoking hash" - indeed,not in their area of the world. Your ignorance and hatred shows when you offer the nonsense that the Mossad was involved in order to get Netanyahu re-elected. What "world" are you from?
23. #10 You may also find your wife there
Benji ,   US   (06.15.14)
24. WC @ 15 - 'this could be a black flag operation' ,...
split ,   US   (06.15.14)
... concerning latest Fatah-Hamas developments and isolation in the attempts to stop it I wouldn't be surprised, indeed ,...
25. #15, should you be wrong, punish terrorists with behading?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.15.14)
26. #15
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.15.14)
Nobody has to do anything to make Hamas look bad. They are bad and nobody has to do anything to make you look silly.
27. #22 You Don't Know Bibi Or The History Of Israel Do You?
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.15.14)
Netanyahu is warmonger of the first order. He will do anything (except what is right) to maintain the power base of Likud and the right wing militants that run the Israeli government. As far as black flag operations, Israeli criminal zionist groups, intelligence agencies and past governments have a long history of killing others including Jews if it benefits zionist goals. The King David Hotel bombing is a prime example. They have set off bombs at synagogues in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries to cause panic in the Sephardim and Mizrahem populations there. Why? Because the Ashkenazim needed workers to till the farm land stolen from the Palestinian people. A few stupid Jewish boys mean nothing to them. It is a small price to pay if they can divide and kill the Palestinian people.
28. Kidnapping and Killing
Harold ,   USA   (06.15.14)
I am against kidnapping teens and killing unarmed teens. This kidnapping incident is the result of what happened to the unarmed Palestinian teens killed few weeks ago by live bullets. Make peace and avoid all problems.
29. #19
Harold ,   USA   (06.15.14)
You are right. No one I repeat No one can change Netanyahu's habits. He always spread rummers, accusations, threats before counting ten.
30. It's FUNNY!!!!! #15, #19, #29
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.15.14)
To read the silliness from the likes of WC, split or Harold. These people jump on any excuse to blame Israel or BiBi, without proof. Would anybody really expect BiBi to publicly tell us where, or what, his intel sources are? Why would he do such a foolish thing? The Arabs are repeated and proven liars. So many false, exaggerated and staged stories...that a new term was coined "Pallywood",,,case CLOSED!
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