IDF arrests two Hamas agents in Hebron
Elior Levy
Published: 15.06.14, 23:40
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1. major arrest
James ,   USA   (06.16.14)
Bibi declared the PA guilty then do what you should do and arrest Abbas. Is he afraid of the US and the Islamic partisanship?
2. How many Hamas people reside there?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.15.14)
Clearly, it's Fatah behind the kidnapping. More often than not throughout the years, it was Fatah who carried out the terrorism. In order to advance the stupid "pieces" talks, Bibi and Kerry try to brainwash the apathetic Israelis that it's Hamas. Don't believe them! It's most likely Fatah, and Abbas wife should to be the kepara for it.
3. Heather Ann Czerniak ,...
split ,   US   (06.16.14)
I hate to disappoint you but there was 150,000 Jews in Hitlers's army, 150,000 classified by the Nazis as Jews or "partial-Jews" (Mischlinge) and 150,000 times more than Arabs. For details google 'Hitler's Jewish Soldiers' and knock yourself out ,...
4. Al Masri, Al Masri?
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (06.15.14)
The name sounds familiar, now I know wasn't it the same Al Masri that, in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 run like a beaten dog from the Israeli army?, So that is where you are hiding now, in Saudi Arabia. Goody for you!
5. Great Facebook comments above
Solomon Grundy   (06.16.14)
6. Yes #1 Seems like it. Great post.
Israeli 2   (06.16.14)
7. Robert Sellers
Stan ,   Israel   (06.16.14)
You are no better than Hitler's nazis Shame on you.
8. big time fools
ayal ,   givatsyim   (06.16.14)
To the editor of the ynet why is it that you guys always need to be politically correct and always wory about the f****** Muslim terrorist? Israel should drop the bomb and wipe them all out. these people are not human there actually animals
9. Put every known member of ham-ass in prison and leave them
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.16.14)
there until the boys are returned. This is payback for Gilad Shalit, the more you suck up to terrorist pigs, the more they do.
10. #3 You never disappoint
Benji ,   US   (06.16.14)
There were over 100,000 Jewish polish soldiers who fought against the Nazis and dear pinhead, one must ask if the Jews you mention were in the army by choice or by force. Or if this was part of the Nazi propaganda machine. You'll never know.
11. treat them exactly same way and return them same as ours
ralph   (06.16.14)
12. If anyone was in any doubt about Hamas
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.16.14)
If you ever thought Hamas have MELLOWED think again According to a recent Hamas recorded conversation they are even considering amending their Charter to include 'The Holy War to create the Greater Islamic State of Palestine from the ashes of Israel AND Jordan AND the West Bank' Note the addition of Jordan and the West Bank So having Hamas in the West Bank aint good news for Jordan either And what do Hamas do? They sucker up to that feeble easily fooled impressionable and gullible Abbas to persuade him to bail them out, give them free access to the West Bank so they can turn the West Bank into another Gaza quagmire and then swallow the West Bank up whole and spit us out
13. To: Facebook Marco Manila
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.16.14)
Bad idea to hitch a ride on your terrorist uncle's motorcycle. News flash: Firing missiles at civilian populations is a war crime; a war crime in which the "palestinians" have engaged for years. Given the thousands of innocent Jews that have been maimed and killed in "palestinian" terrorist attacks, I trust you will understand that the fate of a seven-year old terrorist in the making does not exactly move me to tears. The vessel carrying contraband was indeed sent by Iran. But you're too jaded to know better. Now go crawl back under your rock.
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