Mothers of abducted teens speak out
Published: 16.06.14, 00:11
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1. Our Sons
H.S.Cohen ,   NYC USA   (06.16.14)
They are ALL our sons.
2. Terorist
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (06.16.14)
There are attacking kids and women This is what they good at
3. We are all praying for them!
Froike ,   US NY`   (06.16.14)
We are praying and saying tehillim...your sons are our sons too! We want them back speedily and in good health, B'H'.
4. Of course or supplications are constant
Israeli 2   (06.16.14)
until their release. You are a positive thinking mother and I commend you for that. Beautiful people. I am just so sad and bitter at "our government" for this to ever be possible.
5. Mothers and sons
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.16.14)
Our fullest support and warmest wishes for a safe and speedy return for Naftali, Eyal and Gilad.
6. Something has caused Elohim to remove the hedge of protectio
Rivkah   (06.16.14)
protection from these boys. Many foods in the USA and other nations, perhaps Israel, too, are halal or dedicated to Allah. Most fast food restaurants serve halal meats to get the Muslims to go there. All fresh meats at Costco are halal as are most fresh meats at other grocery stores. Vaccines have pig's blood in them which makes the people who get vaccines unclean to Elohim. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 says Elohim will not protect swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods. GMO foods are also an offense to Elohim. If the boys were strictly kosher in their diet and did not go to restaurants, then the vaccines made them unclean and Elohim would not protect them.
7. Whenever there is a gay parade tragic events ensue
Asking4trouble ,   TheRock   (06.16.14)
8. Would one lough and smile, while the child is in danger ?
Dr. Siegm.Freud   (06.16.14)
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