Netanyahu to Abbas: I expect your help in bringing teens home
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.06.14, 12:14
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1. Bibi you deserve the Gelato ice cream for this
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.16.14)
Good Job Bibi, Lay the blame square at that old farts feet. If they do not help get back our boys they will need to suffer.. Do not hold back..
2. Abbas is behind this ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.16.14)
Tell him either the children come home, or his wife does not.
3. Why expect help? PLA = PLO = Hamas
emanon ,   USA   (06.16.14)
4. ""Terrorists are kidnapping innocent Israeli children...
er der   (06.16.14)
you are bad editors! Why not : "Terrorists are kidnapping innocent Israeli children, while 'WE' deal with saving lives of sick Palestinian children at our hospitals," ...
5. middle east - arabs
jew ,   europe   (06.16.14)
just look middle east news kiling kiling kiling one thing that arabs know is killing they develope and grow only in murdering and terroism while all others thing stay like 100 years ago what a nation is it? poor israel that is in the midlde of all those murders and fanatiks they are all idolworshipers that worship a death and terrorism because this si everything aganst G-ds will what they do..
6. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas :
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.16.14)
Israel is giving medical attention to your wife - now what are you going to do for us ?
7. Abbas should be watched carefully
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.16.14)
Now that he has the responsibility and he knows the world is watching, he needs to be guarded carefully and keep tabs on his phones. He's probably behind the abductions and knows exactly where they are and in order to free himself from the embarrassment, he'll have someone get the boys over to Hamas people. WATCH ABBAS WELL!
8. This land is ours. Liquidate the terrorist PA.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.16.14)
Bibi is being ridiculous. Holocaust denying mass murderer Abbas, and the PA, are either the kidnappers or conspiring with the kidnappers. This land is ours. Liquidate the terrorist PA.
9. And how the way how is Mrs Abbas doing in our hospital?
Nancy   (06.16.14)
Could always send Sara to visit i guess
10. Kidnapping and Hamas
Abe ,   Mamaroneck M.Y.   (06.16.14)
Hamas denies it had anything to do with the kidnapping, if it is true, they should call for the release of the teenagers, otherwise, their denial is all lies. Abe
11. Doe King Bib the Weak expect full cooperation from
A ,   Belgium   (06.16.14)
the terrorist Abbas, now that his sow has been treated in an Israeli hospital? And what if he refuses, will Bibi demand that Abbas be arrested and put on trial for financing terror, allowing and encouraging terror incitement in "palestinian" schools and for rewarding released terrorists with bonuses and pensions, funded by the gullible US and EU taxpayers? And if he is found guilty as charged, will Abbas be sent into exile in gaza, where his bretheren hamas jackals will proudly tear the flesh from his bones before the television cameras? I doubt if the terrorist Abbas is in a hurry to help Israel find the kidnapped boys, especially as he knows how his "unity government" partners will react if he does.
12. Abbas
Lioness ,   Israel   (06.16.14)
Dont forget this terrorist financed the killing of innocent school children in the Maalot Massacre and financed the murder of 11 athletes in the Munich Massacre
13. Look to Shaer- his face is like a copy of E. Barak (Lebanon II)
And what should come next: next fighings/ war ? ,Lebanon III and once more a big and tremendous lost ?! Bibi etc notice: dont play with fire, it will burn not only the hands, but even the own house !
14. Fake? as a pretext to punish.
JMK ,   NYC   (06.16.14)
15. Hamabbas
Nuri   (06.16.14)
We should not talk. We should act strong and extremly harsh. Put our great army to do the job without any restrictions. Am Israel Chai.
16. Flush the terrorists
Brod ,   USA   (06.16.14)
Israel should flush out the terrorists from the Land of Israel. This should be accomplished quickly to rescue the teenagers from their clutches.
17. Don't blame anyone else
Israeli 2   (06.16.14)
but yourselves for electing dodos in a DODO system of government that binds itself to doing nothing but dodo talk. The Parliament: British & Turkish The Supreme court: British and Turkish Nothing Jewish. Nothing Israeli. Nothing original. Good luck on a positive outcome.
18. And the reply was ?(I'm reviewing the situation),
Roland ,   london England   (06.17.14)
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