Abducted Israeli teen has strong ties to US
Associated Press
Published: 16.06.14, 18:27
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1. Naftali Frenkel and his six siblings are American citiz ,...
split ,   US   (06.16.14)
How convenient, this kid was born in Israel spend his life in Israel suddenly becomes an American when in trouble ,... From Monsey you say? I wouldn't be surprised if his parents would also be an Americans and drew welfare checks in US while living Israel ,...
2. Give the Parents Enough Time
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.14)
The parents of the three abducted Israeli teens must be given enough time to enjoy their pain and agony and to let them understand how Palestinians feel when they experience injustice...
3. Prayers
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (06.16.14)
In our synagogue, in Antwerp, we also held a prayer for the boys. May Hachem help them to freedom
4. Prayers
robert ,   antwerp   (06.16.14)
The synagogue where I pray in Antwerp, the Rav Amiel synagogue, held a special prayer yesterday evening for the abducted boys. We all hurt together with the parents and hope with all our hearts that they will come back soon safe and sound
5. You do have a point in this matter, split
Cameron ,   USA   (06.16.14)
The effort to drag the Yanks into this grim lil drama begins.
6. lousy talkbacks
david ,   israel galil   (06.17.14)
just reading the 5 talkbacks already I can see why the hate of the arabs in Israel and the americans who think the parents are getting welfare checks are just a sign of ignorance in the world .Muslim fanatic's are a curse on mankind.
7. Prayer Vigil? For Illegal Settlers?
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.17.14)
How about a prayer vigil for the 10,000 indigenous Palestinians who were kidnapped by the IDF. Most of whom have never even been charged and convicted by a crime in an Israeli occupation kangaroo court. Many are teenagers. Some are children as young as 5 and 6 years old. All are victims of terrorism by the illegal occupation force who just love to humiliate them.
8. #5 Two peas in a pod
Gary ,   USA   (06.17.14)
Cameron has his head in the sand. split has his head up his butt. My thoughts are with the families.
9. #1, #5 what do you care?
This is a human interest story. Frenkel's strong ties with the US will help as much as strong ties with the US helped the Benghazi four.
10. Yours to handle
Cameron ,   USA   (06.17.14)
Sorry indeed to see the young kids do a repeat of that Gaza dungeon scene, but this particular wretched matter is just for Israelis and Palis to address. Do NOT pull us into this latest sample of Holy Land BS.
11. #6, 'americans who think the parents are getting welfare'
split ,   US   (06.17.14)
Like this is a big secret that the black hatted modestly dressed freaks are ripping off welfare programs in two or even three countries at the same time ,...
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