Netanyahu urges international community to condemn Hamas
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 17.06.14, 21:38
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All this foolish man seems to care about is the nonsense " Two -state solution." Incidentally ,Blair is widely despised in his native Britain.
3. Zionist stretching - 'kidnapping children' ;) ,...
split ,   US   (06.17.14)
According to their definition 19 years Jew is a child and 5 years old Palestinian kid must be a terrorist ,... Still not one shred of evidence that Hamas was involved in this case but it doesn't stop him from running his mouth ,...
4. Israel murders Palestinians and kidnap children daily
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.17.14)
They are getting a little taste of their own medicine
5. Whats up with shin bet
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   usa   (06.18.14)
The IDF has arrested 200 Hamas. Some of them must know where the boys are being held. The Shin Bet must interrogate all of them one by one until they find the boys. Use whatever means necessary to make them talk.
6. Fatah is NO BETTER THAN HAMAS!!!!!!!!!!
Doug   (06.18.14)
Why doesn't Bibi tell the TRUTH???
7. Obsessed?
Joe Asfour ,   Burke, Va   (06.18.14)
Netanyahu is an obsessed soul: he is a banjo player with two strings only: Iran and Palestine. He plays the same tunes over and over again believing that the audience will rally to his whims.Based on his performance so far he is neither a good musician , nor statesman good for anybody !
8. pricetag
9. Bibi Is Gone
Brett ,   Florida   (06.17.14)
In the head. By proving hamass is bad, he makes abu mazen a duped, good guy. A swell peace partner, if only mazen didn't invite hamass to the party to foul things up. I really hate to say it, but Bibi is starting to believe kerry and the rest, that abu mazen is a genuine partner for piece. I mean peace. I think Bibi has to go soon for the sake of Israel. He should go on tour with Peres.
10. Cute
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.14)
"They threatened to open another front in Gaza if Israel continues its military operation in the West Bank." Please do. Give us a reason to turn you into a pile of stinking putrid remains and lots of rubble.
11. International - who needs them?
James ,   USA   (06.17.14)
First of all, a two state solution is beyond reach and hardly qualifies as a solution. Second, Israel has the most powerful military in the ME and does not need to beg outsiders for its blessing. It is well within its means and responsibility to wipe out Hamas. I wonder about the leadership that allows this group to exist year after year without results. Third, if the Palestinians want to live in peace and coexistence, all is within their grasp. Stop spreading hate and tell your children throwing stones spreads animosity. Last, this is really a regional conflict and not an international one. Israel seems to go out of its way to make it international.
12. Same old story
Robert ,   Lost in Farmington   (06.17.14)
This is very weak especially coming from Netanyahu. What good has it ever did to condemn animals like Hamas. I'm sure they are just shaking in their little boots right about now. It's the same old story book with a different cover. At this instant Hamas terrorist are preparing to kidnap another Israeli citizen. Will someone please get me an aspirin I'm getting a headache. Certainly you would think Netanyahu would've change tactics by now. Like blowing the crap out of Hamas.
13. Yes and no
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (06.17.14)
"The only way to achieve peace, he said, is if "all parts of Palestinian politics are committed to peaceful means and to the recognition that we'll only have peace based on two states." Yes that peace is achieved by peaceful means; no that peace must be based in two states. Any land ceded by Israel to the Arabs is immediately turned into a terror base. Believing that they've turned over a new leaf is naive, to say the least, and suicidal, to say it like it is.
14. Kidnapping justified...
Martin ,   Stuttgart   (06.18.14)
a couple of weeks ago Israeli soldiers shot 3 Palestinian school boys dead. it was caught on video. No one of you asked the world to condemn this. All Israel said is that it will start an "investigation" on the incedent. now israel is crying like they are innocent angles. These 3 settlers were kidnaped in the west bank which is according to UN does not belong to israel, so these 3 settlers were entering another country with the purpose of colonising that country, which gives the Palestinians the right to kidnap them.. moreover, Israel used to kidnap and jail Palestinians without any charge.. can't really understand Israel, do you expect palestinians to be just silent while you kill, build settelments, confiscate land as you wish!!!!
15. Blair's head in "right" place
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.17.14)
Watching the video,I was struck by how Blair used his head to avoid embarrassment while acting out his platitudes. He cunningly placed it to conceal Israel's position on the map behind him.He went even further than the evil Iran regime...he actually wiped Israel off the map.
16. Have you proven it was Hamas?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.17.14)
Throughout the years, most terrorist acts against Israel, was done by Fatah people who's headed by Abbas. This is nothing but a political move by Netanyahu, Kerry and Livni in order to continue the deadly pieces talks.
17. Israel telling the world how to behave
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (06.17.14)
LOL !!! Look who's talking now!
18. # split this is the point
wise ,   europe   (06.17.14)
excatly ! you said it right while 19 years old boy is a kid you arabs are brainwashed terrorist from birth your own mothers sell/send you for 5 000 dollars to die you worship the idols and ideologie most primitive nation on the earth living in lies and easy manipulated praying and studing koran yet trasgressing every word of G-d simply you are idiots and you will heavy pay for it if not in this world so in final judgment G-d is one and commanded us to live and let live !
Rau   (06.18.14)
Bibi has been trying to attacck hamas ever since the formation of unity government with fatah but the world did not listen to his cry. And suddenly we have these 3 kids kidnapped by ????.only God knows Is this a coincidence? Anyway my synpathy to the parents of those poor boys.
20. What's the U.S. doing to free our teenage citizen?
Ben S ,   USA   (06.18.14)
Like always Obama is doing nothing?
21. @4
psheaf ,   UK   (06.18.14)
Why don't you go to Israel and then make your mind up about the situation over there...and gen up on some real history, not the fairytails in the press. It's very easy to judge from the comfort of your armchair on the other side of the world.
22. # 7 Joe Jews don't play banjos, that's an American invention
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
and obama fiddles while the world burns.... You can eat sit and die.
23. # 14 Shut the hell up you Nazi shit head. DIE!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
ANother piece of German shit.
24. # 18 Wise, thank you!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
You must forgive split ever since he found out he was found in the trash, he's never been the same. Who's Split's daddy? Who knows and who cares?
25. #20 what gall
You have a lot of gall. If Obama was ready to abandon the Benghazi Four, you think he cares about some teenager?
26. # 7 Joe Jews don't play banjos, that's an American invention
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
and obama fiddles while the world burns.... You can eat sit and die.
27. # 4 Name one..
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
If any pal is either kidnapped or murdered, GOOD!!! Shame it isn't true but, we can hope. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
28. # 3 Split how old was Daniel Pearl?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
How old are you? Will you live to see another day or, is there another muslim like you who wants nothing more than to behead you? LOL your one sick shit. Dating that dog again? What do you do with your 'litter'?
29. # 20 Not quite nothing.....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
obamas attended several fund raising benefits, and golf, of course while Rome burns. Impeachment ???
30. # 21 Unfortunately,
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.18.14)
Split is incarcerated and currently bent over double rom being the bride of bubba. But he likes it being the gay pal supporter he is.. Butts sore as hell though and the prison Dr. says he'll be in Depends for the rest of his unnatural gay life. The smell is atrocious but, expected.
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