US praises Abbas for comments, urges restraint
Published: 18.06.14, 23:47
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1. And we
Caroline Glick   (06.19.14)
Decreed for the children of Israel in scripture that indeed you would do mischief on the earth twice and you will become tyrants and extremly arrogant and twice they be punished. The demise of Israel is fast approaching.
2. The US would praise Abbas even if he belched
A ,   Belgium   (06.19.14)
with his finger up his...nose.
3. Look at us now
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.19.14)
ALREADY - By these Hamas directed kidnappings has brought chaos to the West Bank I saw an interview on Sky last night where this Sky Reporter 'interviewed' some 'civilians' in the West Bank to complain that the Israel searches were heavy handed, the arrests over the top and this was collective punishment... Of course this causes discomfort and resentment and hostility..who would not feel resentment to searches and arrests BUT THIS IS FIRST AND LAST CAUSED SOLELY BY HAMAS who have done this on West Bank Territory WITHOUT reference to the PA so THEY can dictate how WE act? Believe me the PA for all its faults don't need lessons from Hamas on how we conduct our lives So why did that Sky Reporter NOT put THAT question to his assorted interviewees? It gest worse. Hamas have caused all this mayhem yet they have the CHEEK to DEMAND immediate financial support, from us despite our tight situation to get them out of the financial disaster THEY CREATED in Gaza And it gets EVEN WORSE Almost out of the Blue - perhaps emboldened by ISIS - they are taking a leaf out of the ISIS Book to up their ambition to now announce they want to create the 'Islamic State of Greater Palestine' from Jordan to the Sinai This absurdity you just couldnt make it up
4. 1
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (06.19.14)
Not very good English Caroline Sick.
5. words from obama the failure. yack yack nothing more
ralph   (06.19.14)
6. To: Facebook Art Tsonis
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.14)
You are dumber than a box of hammers. Abbas was very careful not to say a single word while he was in Ramallah. His impassioned "plea" came while he was addressing a conference in Jeddah, carefully clear of "palestinian" media and in a speech which was not televised, or even much publicized. Abbas is responsible for the kidnapping, and he will pay very dearly. Annexation is coming and, with it, thank G-d, deportation of all Arabs in Judea and Samaria to Gaza. Your hatred of Jews and of the Jewish State is really quite primitive. Are you a closet skinhead, or have you actually come out of the closet? No matter. Hopefully, your blood pressure will cause you to pop a blood vessel. Won't be much fun spending the rest of your life drooling and wearing a diaper but with any luck, it won't be a long life. Am Israel Chai v Kayyam. Eat your venomous heart out, loser.
7. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.14)
Your scripture, chica. Not ours.
8. #1, Achmed, your brothers in Iraq do a good bloodbath job
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.19.14)
Before they get to Israel there will be none of them left.
9. #1 In your wet dreams troll
10. Why: uttered by an Arab, this is reason for a Nobel Prize?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.19.14)
11. #1: So you know of Caroline and still write this crap?
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.19.14)
12. Oooh, aaaah, wooooow,
tiki ,   tiki   (06.19.14)
Abbas said that abducting youngsters is not nice! Isn't he a darling, a humanist, a peace maker, a good Samaritan, a real Mensch........right? Wrong! A piece of garbage is the right word, for he doesn't mean a word of it, is lying through his teeth and is only doing so because it's the PC right thing to do. He's now 'in line with Ashton & Obama which is what this is all about!
13. American Dream
Obama could have wished for nothing better than the kidnapping. Thanks to the kidnapping, Netanyahu is using the full force of the IDF not to rescue the boys but to dismantle Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria. Whether or not the boys are rescued, at the end of the process there will be elections and Abbas will win with 100% of the votes in free and fair elections thanks to his American-financed thugs overseeing both voting and vote counting. Netanyahu who instead of protecting Israel, concentrated on building up Abbas and attacking Hamas will be forced to accept a PLO state. Netanyahu: history will remember you badly.
14. Jen Pstupid, spokesidiot.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.19.14)
"Show restraint" she instructs Israel. Jen, how much restraint would Obama show if his girls were kidnapped by Muslim jihadist psychopaths? Please think before you open your mouth.
15. #1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.19.14)
If you really read scripture you would know the demise of Israel is not going to happen.
16. kerry should shut up with his restraint
alexi   (06.19.14)
kerry pushed the pals to violence with his threats of intifada and unsustainability. His spokeswoman is a piece of work with a big mouth. kerry should shut the hell up and not visit israel. His only claim to fame is marrying a rich heiress. Other than that he is a total failure.
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