Parents of kidnapped teens ask PM to put more pressure on search efforts
Ynet Reporters
Published: 20.06.14, 19:17
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1. keep on demanding and pressing how they dare to
iosi ,   raanana israel   (06.20.14)
ask for more while others like me are risking our lifes in order to bring them back by getting nothing in exchange !!!! jutzpanim !!! the parents are the only responsible for what happened to them and will be also fully responsible for what will happened to each of us while on the field !!!! end
2. "Put More Pressure On" = Zionist Code Word For
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.21.14)
Kill and randomly arrest more Palestinian civilians including children. Someone kidnapped 3 Jews, but no one knows who so Israel beats, arrests, kills Pals at random as a form of collective punishment. Someone kidnapped 10,000 Palestinians and everyone knows who - The Israeli Authorities did it. The worlds biggest victims of collective punishment are the Jews. The worlds second biggest perpetrator of collective punishment are the Jews.
3. Can anyone tell me of the Netanyahu boys did IDF service???
Blablabla ,   Israel   (06.20.14)
How can they UNDERSTAND anyone else's pain when THEIR family lives like royalty?
4. Jews doing
Caroline Glick   (06.20.14)
There Hollywood thing. Another false flag operation. No proof Hamas kidnapped those men. The world has caught on to your dirty games long ago.
5. to #2 Doug its not hard to figure out that u are a very
iosi ,   raanana israel   (06.21.14)
sick and mentaly poor person As....hole go to syria or irak and blow up youself dude end
6. #4 You are probably right.
Robert ,   Australia   (06.21.14)
It is more than likely these boys are holed up in some Israeli "Settlement" somewhere so Netanyahu can say to the world, "I told you about Hamas".
7. #2 Repeat a lie, it's still a lie
Benji ,   US   (06.21.14)
Three children were kidnapped and missiles were launched at Israel. In your mind, Israel deserves this although you would never put up with Palestinian assaults yourself. You would also expect the Rochester police, FBI and US military to investigate as thoroughly as Israel. And you know 10,000 Palestinians were never kidnapped and Israel is not randomly beating Palestinians. You actually don't know what Israel is doing other than conducting interviews, collecting information and expanding their investigation to find these teens. You know Dougie, the Palestinians could make this a lot easier on themselves if they joined the search and took a stand against terror. But no, the only thing I've ever seen them protest is the shortage of pita bread. Collective punishment is just another one of your slogans as is Zionist because you don't want to recognize Israel.
8. WOW, Sara really does look like Miss Piggy
debbie ,   usa   (06.21.14)
9. #1 Iosi
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (06.21.14)
That is because the parents know where they are. This is a settler enterprise of stunning proportions to rid themselves of the Palestinians in their midsts once and for all. hence the entreaties to go harder and faster. Netanyahu has been taken as a sucker and Israel has fallen for it
10. no one cares
Cry Baby-Stopper ,   Judea   (06.21.14)
no one cares about because the palis (made up nation, like the smurfs) are a bunch of murdering kidnapping hypocrites. If they can't stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen.
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