IDF surrounds villages near Hebron, increases troop presence
Yoav Zitun
Published: 20.06.14, 23:41
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1. Pressure on the Hamas terrorists must be maintained
CJK   (06.21.14)
where appropriate, pressure must be increased. we must have faith in the decisions of the pm, dm, head of tzahal, intelligence services, the men and women of tzahal, and the fortitude of the parents and friends of the kidnapped boys. may hashem bless them all and may it please Him to bring back the boys.
2. In their defense
James ,   USA   (06.21.14)
Just want to be fair and balanced. I think OSLO must be revoked. A one way exit out of Israel is justified for Palestinians that want to leave. All resistance must be met with an iron fist.. Livini should be arrested with Abbas. Employment in Israel is rationed. Remaining members of the PA tribe must own up on all debts. That said, they really do have some cool head-scarves.
3. war
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (06.21.14)
Should the boys be found hopefully alive...and Israel will keep up it's current pace of action....say helllo to the 3rd intifada
4. Tefillah for Eyal, Naftali & Gilad, too!
Dina ,   USA   (06.21.14)
5. Prayers!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (06.21.14)
Praying the Good LORD brings these young boys back to their families safe! God bless Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
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