Ancient Palestinian village gets World Heritage nod
Associated Press
Published: 21.06.14, 17:21
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1. Beitar, an ancient Jewish village occupied by vile Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.21.14)
Arabs cannot even get the name right, it has no meaning in Arabic, but it does in Hebrew. The wall should encompass the entire village to Israel's side.
2. Build the bloody wall & screw UNESCO.
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.21.14)
3. If they can find another solution then fine.
Joel ,   Israel   (06.21.14)
I have nothing against the innocent Palestinians. It is no secret that 99% of the Palestinians are innocent. It is that one percent or less that want to come in to Israel to blow up buses schools, and cafes that I want to prevent. If there is another way to stop them from entering Israel near the village of Battir without destroying the village`s heritage, and farming? Then maybe this is a blessing. As long as there is no compromise on the security of Israeli citizens ? As the late Yitshak Rabin would say. We can give the Arabs their honor and flags. As long as we get security in return.
4. It is an ancient JEWISH village
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.21.14)
It is the village of Betar, whose Jewish roots are undeniable and extensive. It was the site of the last grand battle during the Bar Kochba revolt. Those ancient terraces were built by the Jews. Throw the Arab squatters out. It is time we take back that which belongs to us.
5. 20,000 "Palestinians" left Judea/Samaria last year.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.14)
Judea and Samaria belong to Israel forever. "Palestinians" are getting the message. Official statistics show 20,000 "Palestinians" left Judea/Samaria last year. With the right carrot and stick policies, Israel could send this number skyrocketing upwards. As for the U.N.; it has always been hostile and it is certainly NOT our boss.
6. "barrier" hebrew for apartheid wall.
James US   (06.21.14)
7. Is it Area A?
Mark ,   London   (06.21.14)
8. One question for UNESCO - and one for the Associated Press:
abu-Labid al-Zuraiqi   (06.21.14)
I will take this opportunity to make the following accusations: to UNESCO, I charge you with duplicity, deviance, and dishonesty; to the Associated Press: I charge you with blatant falsification of facts (ie. "lying"), motivated by a malicious intent to deceive and distort. I challenge you - and ANY and ALL of your supporters who may be reading this - to refute these accusations by providing answers to the following questions: 1] to UNESCO: you have stated that the cultural sites in question face "IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE," because this wall "MAY ISOLATE farmers from fields." How - how exactly - will terraces and irrigation systems, which have lasted for thousands of years, be "IRREVERSIBLY DAMAGED" by the fact that some farmers "MAY" be isolated from them? Are you claiming that the agricultural activities of these farmers somehow sustain these ancient structures? If there is one among you who has any dignity or self-respect whatsoever, then I call upon you to answer this question, as from what I read here, these claims of impending destruction lack even the most basic explanation, let alone substantiation or justification. Just to be clear, there is a name for this type of accusation: its called libel. 2) Now, for the Associated Press: I challenge you to produce a single document generated by Israel in which we use the word "militants" while explaining our justification for building this security barrier. The word we use is "terrorists," ie. those who use violence, or the threat of violence, against civilians as a means of furthering political, religious, or ideological agendas. You can call them "militants," or you can call them "walruses," but when you intentionally substitute language so as to reflect your own political agenda, you forfeit all rights to call yourselves "journalists," as you have unequivocally become mere propagandists. Now, by all means, if there is a single person who thinks he can answer either of these simple questions, I invite him or her to do so. But I won't be holding my breath - because lets face it, we both know whats going on here. Pity that your descendants will have to bear your shame...
9. Protection Wall arabs made necessary.
Doc Stevens ,   Youngstown USA   (06.21.14)
The wall is required until these arabs either stop teaching their children to be killers, liars, terrorist or these arabs return to their homelands: Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan & Syria. 'palestinians' have NOT cultivated these hills for centuries. The word 'palestinian' was invented recently; there are no 'palestinians.' It has been Israelites/Jewish Peoples that cultivated these hills for centuries, until The Romans killed them, & forced the rest out. arabs took over & have OCCUPIED this area of Israeli land since 70AD. The arab refusal to live in peace means a wall and/or these arab occupiers MUST return to their homelands-and take that infidel dome with them.
10. What ancient Pali??? Aren't we talking about Jewish Beitar?
Judy Jewson   (06.21.14)
This is the remnants of ancient Jewish Beitar from the time of Bar Kochba, right? Arabs never built cities, they moved into DEPOPULATED Jewish cities after the brutal Roman conquest, occupation, and expulsion of the indigenous Jews -- of JUDEA!
11. #6 james
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.21.14)
And what is english for “apartheid”? It seems that your interpretation of apartheid is building a wall to keep out terrorists, murderers and bus bombers, especially if they are not citizens. And if you haven’t noticed, its working!
12. meaningless. only recognizes the dust not the soil of israel
ralph   (06.21.14)
which is full of israeli not arab bones. signifies only stupidity and politicization of un. meaningless.
13. Do not build the wall
Beitar is an ancient Jewish village and the terraces were built by the Jews, just read the Roman sources. Do not build the wall, just overturn the racist Jordanian apartheid laws and allow Jews to move back to Beitar.
14. How ancient can this Palestinian village be
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.14)
if Arab Palestinians exist less than 50 years? Maybe it's time for the UN to learn about about the city of Beitar an ancient Jewish city.
15. serry is lying
bob   (06.21.14)
serry tried to pass money to hamas via abbas, or israel. He is is lying because he was caught with his hand on the money. Boot his bloody ass out of israel as he is bed with terror as is the UN. Let him join chinkin, pillay and the rest of these dung merchants who should not be admitted to israel ever.
16. Beitar Khirbet el-Yahud
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (06.21.14)
Even the muslims call it Khirbet el-Yahud [the burial place of the Jews] it also has an inscription in the village of part of the Roman legion that fought Bar Kochba.It's the Macedonian legion and the Claudian legion i think.
17. battir-is not ancient palestinian village
jenifer ,   jerusalem, Israel   (06.21.14)
It was the original Beitar-a Jewish city whose entire population was destroyed!
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