Dozens of terror tunnels discovered in West Bank
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.06.14, 23:09
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1. Step on whatever clown head deemed necessary
Cameron ,   USA   (06.23.14)
2. Dear IDF ...
Mike ,   NZ   (06.23.14)
Do whatever is necessary . . If if that means destroying the sewer rats then so be it . . Screw the international outcry !
3. tunnels in Hevron
Jean. Kahn ,   China   (06.23.14)
Does this answer the question why it is necessary to continue the search even though it is Ramadan? You shoukd not worry about it. They attacked us on Yom Kippur. These ... ( i dont know how to qualify them, surely not human beings) will not have such consideration in peace time even less in war time. Now that u see the extend of the dammages run a parallel operation to clean up the area...until th next time
4. Blow up houses
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (06.23.14)
Blow up every house that you find a tunnel or arms cache.
5. Inch by inch by inch
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.23.14)
The relentless forensic search of the entire West Bank continue day after day after day ceaselessly ......until these kids are found and freed
6. searching for the boys
david bruce ,   k shomne israel   (06.23.14)
do not stop searching during Ramadan, Hamas has to be the people (group) to fu_k up the Ramadan fast for the rest of their population.
7. #6 what do you mean?
"Respecting Ramadan" by stopping security activity is a Leftist invention. Look at every Muslim country: they never stop warfare for Ramadan, if anything they increase it.
8. Beware: DIVERSION !
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.23.14)
Think about it. Terrorists are not idiots. They too learn from their errors. The torched car was a diversion. Since the beginning our boys were kept somewhere in Israel. They are waiting for the search for them to slow down. Then they will leave Israel with their captives through one of the appropriate tunnels.
9. Hamas - UNMASKED
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.23.14)
Now things are beginning to fall into place Terrorism in Sinai Attempted Take over of the West Bank in the guise of a Sham 'Unity' Deal Attempted destabilising in Jordan And why Last week deep from the bowels of Hamas in Gaza a couple of careless comments - by a Top Hamas Fanatic carried away by ISIS successes that reveal Hamas Ambition to create the ISGP Islamic State of Greater Palestine that includes Sinai, Gaza, Israel,East Palestine in the West Bank and Jordan by force Today Al Sisi took the battle to these terrorists in Sinai...and won
10. You all are just out to get the lovable Palestinians: they
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.23.14)
dug these CELLARS as storage for the Champagne-bottles they'll pop when the "Shalom of the Brave" explodes on the Middle Eastern scene! Shame on you: Rightist Settlers in the ancient land of Arafatyia...
11. To the reporter Yoav Zitun - Pay Attention!!!
Rotem ,   Ariel, I-S-R-A-E-L   (06.23.14)
It has been called JUDEA & SAMARIA for the past few thousand years and not "West Bank" or whatever you Leftist jerk want to call it!!! I hope you got the message even though you keep censor it!
12. proof canceling training is very badfor security
zionist forever   (06.23.14)
" We also discovered undergrround spaced in Hebron which we had not known about previously. Because of the intensive operations we had to cut short advanced training for some of our soldiers in order to reinforce the units in the field" If they stop training units like this will just not be equipped to find tunnels and explosive labs because they need tht advanced training. So Lapid give the IDF the money they need stop treating them like a dogs body and not giving them the money they need to train 99% of the time then when there is a problem expect great things from them.
13. Every house with a tunnel or weapons gets flattened.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.23.14)
Now why would the 'peaceful' Arabs have tunnels in their homes? There simply is only one reason- to aid terrorism. Every house that connects to a tunnel must be destroyed and the property appropriated by Israel, with no compensation to the terrorist owners.
14. Operation Brother's Keeper
Sue ,   Israel   (06.24.14)
Golda Meir once said" We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot fogive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us"....the quote is sadly still relevant today.
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