Israeli killed on Passover eve was murdered by Palestinian freed in Shalit deal
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.06.14, 13:41
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1. lacking story
mosh   (06.23.14)
it would help if you noted when he was arrested, in the first paragraph let's say (the info is available in the hebrew version)
2. Do not blame Noam Shalit
No blame goes to Noam Shalit: he did what he could to save his son. The blame for the death of an Israeli hero who saved countless lives, for making a widow and 5 orphans go to: Shimon Peres who pardoned Awad The AG and courts who accepted the violation of the law by agreeing to release the convicted Awad. Netanyahu who preferred releasing Awad to building Jewish homes to pressure Hamas to release Shalit. The corrupt Ministers and MK who preferred that Mizrahi would die then that they would get bad press.
3. Makes one's kishkes twist, doesn't it?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.23.14)
4. It was a bad deal to release terrorists
Naomi   (06.23.14)
i hope the government learn from their mistakes including Shimon Peres, Bibi, Livni, & co.
5. I hope
Sagi   (06.23.14)
his wife and family sue Bibi and Peres individually and the State for millions.
6. Just kill him
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.23.14)
He doesn't deserve to live, anyway. On a side note -- amazing, isn't it? The silence of the Shalit family in the wake of the kidnapping of these three innocent Israeli boys. Shalit was a soldier; knew the risks. Freeing him paved the way for future kidnappings. The Shalits can be proud.
7. surprised anyone?
tiki ,   belgium   (06.23.14)
8. have no fear ziad.....
les ,   canada   (06.23.14)
you'll be free again in the next "exchange" for the three boys! than you can start all over, killing an other valuable, good man and leave his family suffering for the rest of their life.
9. Don't blame the Shalits
Charmy ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.14)
I share the same concerns just like you however blaming this on the Shalit family is a mistake. It's not their fault.
10. the G. Shavit deal: "a gift that just keeps giving & giving"
Rafi ,   US   (06.23.14)
Israel needs to wake-up and realize that ALL these incidents (Baruch Mizrachi murder, the kidnapping of the 3 boys, as well as the 50+ other kidnap attempts) are a DIRECT result of the Shavit deal. Both Israel's leadership and the population in general need to become less emotional and more realistic about prisoner swaps: The freedom of one jeopardizes the lives of many, many more citizens & soldiers. It is a lose-lose for Israel. Where are the leaders who can stand up to popular clamor and explain as well as do the right thing? I'm not suggesting ignore the Gilad Shavit's held in captivity ... but do not do something that makes the abduction a plus ofr the enemy. On the contrary, make the abduction burn in their mouths. Basic common sense.
11. the left wing press was pushing for this swap
CJK   (06.23.14)
the left wing press and the left in general were pushing for this swap. now they have to explain how this swap was good when a father of five was murdered and left behind his wife and children.
12. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.23.14)
Noam Shalit did not care how many despicable and murdering terrorists were freed just to get his own wimpy son back. The Shalits are a disgrace to the State of Israel. The Mizrahi family should sue Noam Shalit, who was responsible for forcing Israel into a Mephistophelian deal.
13. Right response
Eugene Levant ,   NY & US   (06.23.14)
This was Netanyaho's fault. When Kerry told him that for the peace talks to start Netanyaho had to either freeze the settlement building or release arab terrorists, Netanyaho should have told him to take a hike.
14. #1 - mosh
Ariel Rudolph ,   Modi'in   (06.23.14)
Actually what is lacking is basic reading comprehension!! The article clearly states that the terrorist murderer was arrested last month..... And then just check the date in the film clip!! Nuff said!!
15. Arrest John Kerry!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.23.14)
What did we get for our "goodwill gesture" of handing over terrorists? One dead police officer. Does Mr. Kerry have any remorse for this?
16. 3 kids kidnapped and the Right's answer is "Let Them Die"?
miki ,   tampa   (06.23.14)
Our Frightwing is as bad as the Republicant Tea Party, No talks, no understanding, no compromise, no attempt at Peace, just Say No.
17. to #6: Sarah B.
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.23.14)
your frustration with the shalit family is understandable, but slightly misdirected. it's perfectly reasonable for a family to do everything they can to free their son. who wouldn't? the trouble with what the shalits, and their friends, did was they put pressure on israel and not hamas. gilad shalit was not being held in jerusalem or tel aviv; so why didn't they take their protest tents and news reporters to the gaza border? their mistake was not in trying to get their son back, but in pushing the rest of the idf and the country under the bus to do it.
18. Pal's themselves boast of holding "Three Shalits"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.23.14)
So it's no use claiming that foolish swap of 1,000+ terrorists for Gilad Shalit didn't inspire the kidnapping of three Israeli youngsters. Now we have a confirmed "kill" following that same swap. Yes, Noam was bereft of his son all those years, but now the Mizrahi children are left fatherless forever. I fear they won't be the only ones. Don't say we, who opposed the swap, didn't warn this would happen.
19. 1000 freed terrorists
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (06.23.14)
Thats what happens when you free terrorists. Hopefully, the Israeli Govt has learned a lesson and will never again do something so stupid.
20. Grant him his wish
Chaim ,   Sweden   (06.23.14)
If Ziad Awad wishes to go to heaven, Israel should grant him his wish. Without further delay. And let his son accompany him.
21. never again free mass murdering terrorists
CJK   (06.23.14)
those who commit mass murder cannot be reformed since they do not have a conscience. they will inevitably go back to murdering.
22. They should get capital punishment
AY ,   USA   (06.23.14)
Yes, I know Israel only has it for the crime of genocide, but it needs to introduce capital punishment for terrorists who have committed acts of terror. At least, for those who have succeeded in murdering Israelis.
23. For this reason alone
Raptor   (06.23.14)
Bibi should resign and call elections. If the Supreme Court or the AG were involved in the decision they also must resign. Peres performed a function expected from him following the government decision, in any case he is gone in a few days and it matters not.
24. 17 tom
CJK   (06.23.14)
you are saying what sarah is saying. the shalits incited the entire country to force the government into this deal.
25. Israeli killed on Passover
Marcimarc4israel ,   Australia   (06.24.14)
What beautiful ,large well furnished houses they have in the West Bank ( not occupied) thanks to the U.N.
26. # 26 Perhaps soon to turn to rubble....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.24.14)
But, isn't that Israel's land called Judea and Samaria? RIm shot !
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