US, Jordan in disagreement at UN over Israel condemnation
Published: 24.06.14, 08:47
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1. Netanyahu
As expected by everyone except Obama, ISIS has decided not to attack the powerful Kurds or Iranians. Instead, after consolidating their gains and drawing defensible borders to the North and East, they are now moving southwards. Will they try to outflank Assad from the East? Or will they liberate Jordan from the American puppet Abdullah? Considering that the Jordanian air force attacked ISIS yesterday, it seems the latter. Since Abdullah can't even show some sympathy to the kidnapped boys, Netanyahu should make it clear to both Obama and Abdullah: Israel will not spend even one shekel protecting Abdullah. In fact, Israel should offer ISIS a rope to hang Abdullah.
2. Jordan.....Just WHAT are they playing at?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.24.14)
Are Jordan dancing to the Hamas tune? Last week we hear that Hamas want a REBRANDING and become ISGP - The Islamic State of Greater Palestine that includes Jordan, East Palestine in the West Bank, Israel Gaza and Sinai Taking a Q out of the ISIS Book of Terrorism? So when this demands CLOSER cooperation and unity between Jordan, PA, Israel and Egypt to eliminating this Hamas lunacy we get crass vague statements about disproportionality of Israels actions to find these kidnapped boys from Jordan at Mansours instigation in the UN If Jordan are really that concerned about whats happening in East Palestine in the West Bank they need to turn their anger at Hamas for instigating it and help find the boys and perpetrators - because if they don't and their silence about Hamas is seen as tacit approval of Hamas it opens the flood gates to Hamas to wreak havoc in Jordan For the moment Hamas have been located at arms length from Jordan in Gaza...but any infiltration into East Palestine in the West Bank WILL threaten Jordans very existence
3. #1 Interesting point
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (06.24.14)
Interesting point, but why by formulating a political agenda against Hamas should this specifically be construed as 'collective punishment'? Even if Israel said it was just looking for the boys, sooner or later the rounding up of Hamas operatives and putting whole Arab areas under closure would be reported - and THEN they'd shout 'collective punishment'.
4. Tell Jordan to shut their face
Lydia Boochmer ,   USA   (06.24.14)
Jordan should be told to shut their dirty mouths! Put these Jewish haters on the backburner till they turn toasty charcoal color!
5. Only in Apartheid Israel
Lynx ,   Palestine   (06.24.14)
Only in Apartheid Israel, the defacto racist regime exerting sovereignty from River to Sea, a whole population is besieged, punished, and beaten after the mysterious disappearance of three teenagers. And the morally and economically bankrupt US has the nerve to stand by its little spoiled brat..i.e. Israel, obstructing peace based on justice. Disgusting!
6. If Hamas kidnapped a Jordanian this guy would go to war. Isr
Adi ,   Zurich   (06.24.14)
If Hamas kidnapped a Jordanian this guy would go to war. Israel behaves like a prince and Hussein who refers to himself as royalty, destroys his respect.
7. Any "gesture" from UN towards Israel is like having Goebbels
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.24.14)
publicly condemn animal cruelty on behalf of the Nazi government, while simultaneously demanding speeding up of the trains to Auschwitz!
8. Jordan should be very careful.......
mindRider ,   The Free World   (06.24.14) antagonizing Israel as the Israeli army shall be the only instrument to keep king Abdullah in power when the ISIS jihadists shall put Jordan in their crosshairs after their conquest of Iraq.
9. Has Obama ever condemned the kidnapping?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.24.14)
With such friends, who needs enemies? Of course a collective punishment is the way to go. They must arrest more and keep them until the boys are returned alive! In the meantime, their electricity should be shut - they anyhow owe billions to Israel, and no Arabs should be allowed into Israel on Ramadan.
10. David and Goliath syndrome - again
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.24.14)
11. unable to agree
mat ,   uk   (06.24.14)
the unable nation to agree should be asked what will they do in this kidnapping case and lets see what they will come up with which is not against Israel
12. I am amazed this ever went to the Security Council
zionist forever   (06.24.14)
There is a military operation going on to smash a terror group and return 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers. Of course it is a form of collective punishment because you cannot make these searches any other way but once the Hebron search ends in matter of days the residents can go back to their normal routine without any soldiers. Not once as usual with the UN has there been a single mention of the boys or Hamas just condemn Israel. If Jordan had a problem with ISIS and 3 teenagers had been captured they would say we have a terror problem and we also want to gets our boy back and the entire UN would say of course you should be allowed to do this your people have a right to security but in this case we are dealing with Israel so its worthy of condemnation at the highest level of the UN.
13. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.14)
Oh, don't worry. The "palestinian" terrorist rabble will not be our problem very much longer. We will send them packing -- whether to Gaza or to Jordan remains to be seen; Jordan is not doing itself very many favors alienating the one power that can save them from ISIS -- but one or another way, Israel will assert its sovereign right to determine who may and who may not live within its borders. And yes, those borders include Judea and Samaria -- Israel's heartland. You people have had seven decades to learn how to behave like civilized human beings. That's enough time to have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are genetically disposed to violence and terror. We're sick of you; you have to go. That's more justice than the "palestinians" deserve. You should be thanking us for gifting you the opportunity to build your state -- Gaza, Jordan; who cares where? -- and looking within yourselves to figure out what's wrong with you that motivates you to terror and violence. Good luck with that one.
14. 5
Yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (06.24.14)
How dare you call Israel an Apartheid state when 20% are Arabs.And where you you live little Arab boy if not Israel.
15. well said Mr Prosor !
jew ,   europe   (06.24.14)
"Some nations behave as if Israel should roll out the welcome mat for Hamas," he said. "Israel will not allow this terrorist group to trample on its citizens. Israelis are acting in self-defense." we should not intimated ourself because of UN what ever thay say.. who care?, they never did nothing to help or protect look arabs they dont care about un and un dont care about them israel is to polite its time to be strong and bad ! with dogs we have to fight not to feed them !
16. Contrary to my predictions Obama vetoes anti-Israel UNSC
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.24.14)
17. Heh heh...Israel has security pact to protect Jordan...
Lynx ,   Palestine   (06.24.14)
Very funny stuff. The king is shitting himself that hamas and assorted scum are soon coming for him too. So he makes a big noise that he's anti-Israel.
19. The Palestinian observer Riyad Mansour
Red Hands   (06.24.14)
When caught red handed rule no 1 is always to accuse those of the crime you were planning
20. # 5 apartheid israel? Quiz
quizmaster   (06.24.14)
Compare the population of any Arab state that murders its minorities to the multi -cultural and rainbow colored state of Israel with its laws that protect its minorities . Who is the apartheid practitioner?
21. @ 9
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.24.14)
Did you read the article? It is the US that is protecting Israel and will not sign off on any condemnation of Israel. So shut your squeaky little mouse trap and say thank you to the only country that stands up for Israel in the UN. You act like we owe the State Of Israel something. Did Obama personally protest or condemn the kidnapping? I can't answer that, but the US government did and continues to support Israel and that what matters the most. The President doesn't have to respond to every issue in Israel just like the PM of Israel doesn't have to respond to every issue facing the US. That is why both countries have spoke persons to make statements to the media regarding certain issues. The day we stop supporting Israel in the UN you can condemn Obama along with the other 100 plus leaders/nations that sometimes vote against Israel. Sometimes I really think Israeli's are ungrateful for America's unwavering support like they demand and expect it.
22. No. 5
DISCHEM ,   ISRAEL/USA   (06.24.14)
In Israel its one man one vote, not like in the Arab world, with 98% of the vote going to one person. In Israel each person, my if be a Jew or an Arab, go to a state school. In Israel all the citizens are covered for medical care, this Arabs and Jews. To bad you do not live in Israel. just ask your friends from AKKO, JAFFO, HAIFA and the Galil.
23. Why does every resolution coming out of the UN
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (06.24.14)
for Israel have to be aligned with a rebuke against it?? I don't see a resolution against other countries having to be conditional to a resolution against another party. A condemnation should be unconditional. But of course when it comes to the muslim world, someone else is always to blame!!
24. Adherences
PEM ,   Israel   (06.24.14)
Collective punishment is considered a war crime, according to the Geneva Conventions. Rightly so. However in an armed conflict , kidnapping civilian youths, holding them in captivity in inhumane conditions and not allowing visits by the Red Cross is also considered a war crime,by the Geneva Conventions. The point is: One should not be able to squeal and cry "war crimes", unles they themselves adhere to the Geneva Conventions. If they don't, all bets are off.
25. In the iislamic work, someone else is always to blame!!
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (06.24.14)
All conflict in the arab / muslim / islamic world is always someone else's fault!! They are never to blame for anything, its always the "wests fault", or Europe or Israel. Blame iran, the sunnis and shays etc, they are the ones waging the wars. What a shame the world can't point the finger of blame at the real culprits!! There is hardly any point in trying to change world opinion, they hate the jews more than any other nation and we have always been the scapegoat so the world doesn't know how to stop!!
26. Lynx no 17
Hey Lynxy, do you still remember when the late King Hussain kicked out the PLO and arafat. Do you still what happened and you want to be refreshed. Syria have made threat to Jordan that Syria will send tanks and will start a war. Israel sent clear message to Syria, you dare to attack Jordan, and if you do, I will attack you. Syria stopped because they knew Israel will finish them
27. Deviators
That will always deviates from every normal way of life and thinking that foreigners they called brothers all over the world from Bangladesh to Pakistan even all over will take their land in the name of ISIS.
28. #25
james ,   nyny   (06.24.14)
Very true and well said
29. Response to number 1 !
Patrick A. Hammel ,   Zermatt, Switzerland   (06.24.14)
Your comment is equivalent to wishing Israel to have ISIS at its western border. With Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Salafists,Syrian army and Hezbollah near the Golan. Your wishful thinking about the Jordan king just proves how suicidal your brain is functionning ! Stay off Prozac, for your own good !
30. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.14)
The king needs to be a bit mindful of what Israel can do, if it so chooses. We can destabilize his kingdom in an instant by shipping 2.5 million "palestinians" there once we annex Judea and Samaria. But we don't have to do that anymore. We really didn't want a long border with "palestinian" thugs and murderers, and you people cannot help yourselves. Violence and terror are hardwired into your DNA. We are going to send you to Gaza, where you will be nicely contained, cut off from civilized nations. It's the ideal situation for you to work on your "unity government" without causing mischief outside your borders. Of course -- the missiles had better stop flying. We would have no problem turning Gaza into a pile of rubble. And no one will care. The "palestinians" rank at the very bottom of any list which tabulates contributions to humankind. Terrorism is not considered a high-value "contribution," and it is the ONLY one the "palestinians" can claim. By contrast -- and it is a stark contrast, indeed -- the Jewish people are at the top of the list. Our contributions to humanity are too numerous to count. Face it -- no one really cares about the "palestinians." You've been kicked out of more Arab countries than you've ever been allowed to enter; not even your brother Arabs can stand you. Once you're all penned up in Gaza, all civilized people will turn away from you, relieved that you no longer can threaten them. It's just a question of when Israel decides to tighten the noose ....
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