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Futuristic elevated transport system to be built in Israel
Published: 25.06.14, 00:24
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1. What will happen, if broken legs or demolished elevators..
2. SkyTran hitchin' a ride, yeah, hitchin' a ride!
Bob K ,   Orlando FL USA   (06.25.14)
3. what about tailgating?
bob ,   potomac,MD usa   (06.25.14)
Israelis love to tailgate. How will this system handle that craving?
4. Finally: the stuff SF is made of is arriving at our doorstep
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.25.14)
Unless the serially disgruntled "Green People" find some serious fault in the system. They usually try their hardest. Will Egged/Dan let it slide....?
5. why so few stations
dan ,   k's   (06.25.14)
there is little need for a system that requires a second system to take a person to their destination. in my opinion, one of the failings are the great distances between bus stops. a no. 4 bus in t.a. could run as 2 lines and 1 half of each would only stop at a few transfer points. a person would decide if they want to walk a kilometer to or from the bus stop, or transfer at some point to the "other" line. a no. 40 bus can be local north of the yarkon and south of jaffa while stopping at no more than 10 stops in ta.
6. With the same success like NASA-space rockets.. - so Good Night to our people nd money
7. A Must Date for the Diary
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.25.14)
Cant seem to get (probably understandably) the date for Opening But I hope that nearer completion we will be notified and SkytTran is launched with much 'fanfare' Even now we are excited at the prospect of visiting Israel to take one of the first rides!
8. stupid and waste of money
Jhan   (06.25.14)
9. Suitable for inter-urban traffic?
Trans Rapid ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.25.14)
It seems strange for me to use magnetic technique for urban traffic. It makes more sense between cities. See also the German "Transrapid". The only commercial implementation is in Shanghai, a 30.5 km long system for what the trains needs between 15 - 20 minutes (source: Wikipedia)
10. Israel is not China we are very bad at big projects
zionist forever   (06.25.14)
The Tel Aviv bus station took about 30 years to build, its a dump and thats just a bus station. Jerusalem light rail was years late end millions over budget. Tel Aviv has been talking about getting a light rail for years but but not much building has taken place yet. At Ben Gurion they built a new terminal building to take some of the strain off terminal 3 but despite the fact it was due to open in 2000 so far its only been used to bring the coffin of Illan Ramon and the victims of SARS. A project like this in Israel will never happen its either going to be an idea politicians will talk about but nothing will come of it or they will start, it will go over budget and mostly leftist MKS will say is this not a waste of taxpayer money lets end this project now. Its what they did to the Lavi project, got to prototype stage then decided kill the program.
11. Sixteen percent of Israelis go hungry
David ,   former Tel-Avivi   (06.25.14)
What a stupid thing to do! Seriously, I just read this article:,7340,L-4534221,00.html So while 16% of Israelis go to sleep hungry on a regular base, and many Israelis struggle with paying electricity, arnona, and water bills, is this the right thing to do? Well, I would argue that the quality of life should be sorted out first, meaning that the government should take care about the issue that people generate economic plus instead of monthly minus despite masters and phd degrees. Sure, it is amazing to be the first with this kind of project globally. However, the money people earn is by far not enough to rent an apartment in Tel-Aviv or anywhere else, or afford a normal life.
12. nice !
13. Why not a good old underground system???
14. If there is available money,first..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.26.14)
feed the 16% hungry people in Israel.
15. Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!
Bill ,   New York, USA   (06.26.14)
16. 16% of israelis go hungry
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.28.14)
public transport isn't for the people who can afford shiny, new sports cars, it's for people can't afford them. buses used to work, when the roads weren't as crowded, but modern public transport works better when it doesn't get stuck in traffic jams. this means either dedicated rights of way, like light rapid transit lines, which reduce roadways, or subways, which are very expensive and disruptive to build, or elevated systems, like this one, which solve most of those problems. this particular system, with its untried "full automation", might not be what tel aviv needs, but tel aviv residents, including the less wealthy, deserve a decent public transit system.
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