Ultra-Orthodox integration: It takes two to tango
Haim Zicherman
Published: 26.06.14, 21:42
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1. Is this news?
This was the Zionist plan from Ben Gurion already but it never worked out and never will. DREAM ON!
2. No Sir
Sagi   (06.26.14)
They have to change and step up in time. It is totally unreasonable to expect normal run of the mill people who are in tempo with the 21st century to adjust themselves and their habits to a backward sect who insist on regression instead of progress. Segregation, of any nature is anathema to me and I hope to all normal people.
3. Noway
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (06.26.14)
Where I work we are pluricultural. We have Jews, Christians,Muslims, atheists... We do not impose our beliefs to one another. We won't have a kosher kitchen nor keep language clean so not to hurt a haredi worker. The state has to accept gender segregation???? Really??? 21st century here
4. #1. How far from the historic truth can you get?
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (06.26.14)
BenGurion and his cronies wanted only one type of Jew. The secular socialist. This is why they denied so many Jews entry into the land before the state, in cooperation with the Brits leaving many to die in Europe. but that is history and no point to dwell on it. The fact is that the basic premise of this article is correct.Like any marriage both must compromise but a word to the wise, choose your battles carefully.
5. Basically this is only what Islam wants of Europe! -"Give a
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.27.14)
little and we'll take the rest ourselves". Rich indeed! "Coarse, secular experience"/ "learners" yeah...how about: "MOOCHERS"?!
6. Wrong analogy. It only takes one to divorce!
Logician ,   Israel   (06.27.14)
7. #1 is right
C.K.   (06.27.14)
Although we constantly hear the secular condemning haredim for "coercing", it's the other way around, it's the secular coercing haredim to conform to their "21st century" standards who are much more forceful especially in Israel. #1 is right. Bug out! Leave Haredim alone. They have no plans on changing ever! even though it's the Zionist plan from day number 1. IF NOT FOR HAREDIM, ORTHODOX JUDAISM WOULD BE HISTORY.
8.  Ultra-Orthodox integration: It takes two to tango
Alan Rosenthal ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.27.14)
Excellent point, as long as the rights of non-hareidi women are respected.
9. Just stop paying their bills
Mordechai   (06.28.14)
In no other country in the world does the government fund lifetime refusal to work of haredim. Therefore in every other country in the world haredim work. Any other country with a draft in the world Haredim are not exempt. Therefore haredim serve in the army in every country in the world they live in with a draft. They can feel free to emigrate. But no one else will offer them what they demand.
10. Chazon Ish Studied Mathematics
Zechariah   (06.29.14)
The chazon is studied Mathematics and had interest in other Natural Phenomena .In WW2 many Haredim predicted the Jews would be discriminated by Nazism but not genocide and reassured their followers there was no need to flee to Russia.Particularly in Lithuania and Latvia.Estonian Jews many fled .
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