Israel tells US independent Iraqi Kurdistan is 'foregone conclusion'
Published: 27.06.14, 09:41
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1. Kurds deserve independence
CJK   (06.27.14)
they are an ancient people, with their own language and their own culture. unlike the arabs and the shia iranians, they mind their own business. they do not send terrorists world wide to murder and torture innocent people, including children.
2. Long Live Independant Kordestan!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (06.27.14)
Kords historically have a wonderful past - The Median Empire - Before the Persian Empire was founded around 2600 years ago. One Median (Kord) Kingdom converted to Judaism and they were the only people who helped the Israelites during the Roman Period. They certainly deserve their own independent state more the Arabs (Palestinians).
3. New Threat To World Peace
maddad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (06.27.14)
The Kerry and Oh bummer duo have single-handedly set world peace back to almost D-Day. When will they understand that the USA needs to take decisive action sometimes? Not doing so has created a vacumme that is costing far more lives than if they did.
4. Bravo for the Kurds...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.27.14)
One independent state of a people who want nothing to do with the mad Mullahs of Iran. Congrats! KEEP BUILDING !!!
5. Article has too much information!Much too much!
Alan ,   SA   (06.27.14)
6. now that
anton ,   istanbul   (06.27.14)
is interesting :)
7. ISIS will soon deal with Peshmerga Kurds
Derek   (06.27.14)
After they take care of Maliki, don't be so overconfident. Kurds will not achieve any independence while trying to steal oil fields. Sunnis are coming for Kurdish Peshmerga they are just currently dealing with Baghdad, after that guess who is next?
8. Kurds are the only people in Middle East who deserve freedom
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.27.14)
9. Rise of Kurdistan
Katas ,   UK, London   (06.27.14)
Kurdistan is a fact on the ground in Iraq. The Kurds there have had their own army, goverment and been running their affairs for almost 20 years now. With the revolt in Syrian, the Kurds in the North have also taken control of their region, leaving only the Kurds in North East Iran and much of Southern Turkey to unite. Once united, Kurdistan will be a large country, of 30 million people, already with oil and happy to allie with Israel.
10. Kurds are strong to occupy Constantinople and kick Mongols
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.27.14)
back to Asia. Mark my words.
11. been calling for idependent Kurdistan since 2003
Isrl-Kurdi Commitee   (06.27.14)
12. It's a good thing!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.27.14)
An independent Kurdistan would be a stabilizing force in the region. They would be a Pro West/Israel Nation... Anything wrong with that?
13. New Borders
Ian West ,   Bristol, England   (06.27.14)
The boardrs of the Middle East are changing: Kusdistan will rise, carving out a nation from the wreck of Syria & Iraq, perhaps taking parts of Iran & Turkey too. Assad will rule his Allawite rump state on the West coast of former Syria, Iraq will split, and the Shia and their ally Iran will rule from Bagdad to Basra while the Sunni's create a new state (with or without ISIS) across western Iraq and east Syria. The Palestinians will revolt for a state, and perhaps Israel will finaly decide where it's eastern boarder is so that the world can recogise it. Also of note, wedged between Assad and Isis are the remaining syrian rebels, $500million promised by the US. They are mainly in Southern Syrian, including the region around the Golan hights. It would be in the interests Israel to help and army them as much as possbile, and aid them build a Southern Syria Enclave. This would allow them to drive Hezbohhal and Assad's army off the Golan boarder, and guard Israel from ISIS. (Unless you'd rather have Hez or Isis right on your border and the IDF lose troope fighting them instead?)
14. # 7 Unlikley
Tuf ,   Oakwood, UK   (06.27.14)
Isis was able to take over all of Sunni Iraq with ease, because the local sunni hated Malaki and his Shia goverment in Bagdad which has excluded kurds and sunni and just ruled for his faction. They will not beable to take the Kurdish North or Shia South. The US don't want ISIS to overrun Bagdad, and will use mass missile and airstrikes in any ISIS vehicals attack the capital. Iran also does not want to lost it's Shia ally in Iraq, and will also send troops and aircraft to take control of Southern Iraq if that looks like happening. As for the Kurds, they can and will fight. Unlike the incompetent shia domicanted army which was unwilling to hold their ground in hostile sunni terrirory, the kurds are defending their homeland, and will fight bitterly to keep what they have gained. Also the US will aid them too, notice how they set up 2 centres for their commandos? One in Bagdad, the other in Kurdish Irbil. They are keeping a foot in both camps to prepare for the inevitable breakup of Iraq. Iraq will now split into 3 states - I expect to heat Kurdishtan proclaim inderpenacne any day now.
15. Kurds were promised in independence in 1919
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.27.14)
Kurds were promised in independence in 1919. they were screwed by the West. They deserve their freedom.
16. Divide and rule
Remi ,   Paris   (06.27.14)
Creating an "independent Kurdistan" is a great way of making sure of chaos in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Business as usual for Israel, but perhaps a little short-sighted. Beware of blowback.
17. #16, Iran and Arabia are doing a great job, need no help
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.27.14)
to annihilate each other on their own. But thanks of thinking so highly of Israel's capabilities of turning Muslims into Zombies killing each other at Mossad orders.
18. A possible country, named Kurdistan
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (06.27.14)
First and foremost, it is important what the Kurdish people, more than 30 million, want themselves, to establish a state of Kurdistan. For example, in a binding referendum. If the/a majority, or all say, yes, then the international community and the United Nations Organization has to recognize such a state. Also by law and legislation, signed and ratified. MAY G.D ALSO BLESS THE KURDISH PEOPLE, TO GET PEACE AND JUSTICE!
19. fearsly independent people.....
les ,   canada   (06.28.14)
and will never be second class citizens of any "man-made" cobbled together country. they more than deserve their independence, and i wish them a peaceful, prosperous KURD COUNTRY!
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