African asylum seekers protest for refugee status
Omri Efraim
Published: 27.06.14, 21:23
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1. They did not arrive by bus, train, or plane
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (06.27.14)
They walked their way and had to have passed through another country.... namely Egypt to get to Israel. Asylum seekers are required to remain in the first safe country. THAT WAS EGYPT.
2. The illegals have to go
Ron ,   oc us   (06.27.14)
All 65,000 of them must find an alternative to the Jewish state.
3. well if you're already at the border...
how about crossing it?
4. All law abiding ought be given Temporary Refugee.
Zivron   (06.28.14)
Do not opress a stranger for you were strangers in the land of Egypt .Digraceful talk backs .If they are law abiding and keep the democratic and moral principles they ought be Watches Councelled Treated Trained and can later Return with Strength .If they choose Judaism they ought stay .The Talk backers many are being disgraceful.
5. to #1
jo moor   (06.28.14)
You are correct. But they are walking towards the egyptian border according to the article. Maybe they have become aware of the errors they have made. Let them continue to walk to the border and then through it. Life could be different for them having corrected their error.
6. African People
Val ,   T.A.   (06.28.14)
Dimona city of refuge ? Could be a suitable place x interim refuge , where volunteers will give medical help and volunteers will also give education in different areas like farming construction medical etc.
7. They R not "refugees".Why did they pass thru Egypt without
Alan ,   SA   (06.28.14)
seeking and registering for asylum there. Same as UK.They pass thru the entire Europe from Asia and/or Africa ...wait in Calais,France for months and years and try every night to cross the English Chanel to UK where they register as Asylum seekers.. Once in UK they get all benefits.of UK
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