Israel rallies for kidnapped teens
Gilad Morag
Published: 29.06.14, 22:15
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1. Lessons for the future
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.29.14)
No more excuses about hitchiking. If anymore people get abducted due to hitchiking their blood will be on their heads. Lets get these poor boys back home alive. Next time this happens, hopefully never again, there will be less out pour of empathy for the abducted. Hitchiking must stop. You don't have the patience or the intelligence to avoid hitchiking then you will be taking your lives into your own hands and will not be pitied again. Find a soultion to the hitchiking problem. We don't want to hear excuses. The problem can be solved.
2. I was warned, "Don't go tramps!"
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.29.14)
In October 1982, I came to Israel to do Kibbutz Ulpan. For 2 weeks prior to Ulpan, I stayed with my father's cousins in Ramat HaSharon. Asia and Kuba welcomed me like their own daughter - and I still remember Kuba's most stern warning, "DON'T GO TRAMPS!" 'Tramping' meaning 'hitchhiking,' – derived from his native European language. The Egged Bus service provided well throughout my 6 month stay b'Eretz. I hope the boys come home safely; and please - especially you young girls, "Please, DON'T GO TRAMPS!"
3. you are wasting your time
CH.S ,   ocean parkway N.Y.C   (06.29.14)
Stupid Jews have you gone mad, why are you wasting your precious time on nonsense like this? is this childish and idiotic rally going to free our precious boys? This criminally insane traitorous leftist cowardly self hating regime running Israel, if they really wanted to they could have had our boys freed within 24 hours, they could have done what any normal self respecting country would do to protect their citizens just shut off the water and electricity to Gaza and tell those murderous terrorist swines "no boys no water & electricity" and if that won't work, after throwing down leaflets warning the residents to evacuate, start carpet bombing block by block neighborhood by neighborhood, guaranteed we would have our boys back sooner than later, and of course this should have been done when Shallit was kidnapped, but no" what did this criminal leftist gangster government do, it released over 1000 murderous terrorist snake to kill and kidnap more jews.In the end I am afraid this self hating traitorous regime will give in again and release a few thousand more terrorist swines in order to get our boys back. Stupid Jews of Tel Aviv instead of silly rallies in Tel Aviv, you should march up by the millions to that insane asylum called the Knesset where the deputy speaker is an open supporter of Hamas, and demand from those traitors to do what any self respecting country would have done to protect their land and citizens, Could anyone imagine if Ukraine would be shooting thousands of rockets into Russia and kidnap it's citizens, would there still be a country called Ukraine? or it would be reduced to the worlds biggest parking lot. These leftist traitorous gangsters running Israel are no better than the traitorous Yuddenrat 70 years ago who knowing full well what the Nazis. had in plan for the Jews, they still collaborated and worked with their Nazi masters, so too this criminal government is subjugating itself to their jew hating masters in the white house and the E.U. Citizens of Israel it is high time for a spring revolution of your own, do it NOW or lose your precious God given Eretz Yisroel. CH.S ocean parkway brooklyn n.y
4. Re # 2 ASTRONAUT, you don't understand
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (06.29.14)
B"H - We MUST tramp. as if nothing have happened as we must not let the terrorist win. It is OUR way of life and if we changed it would be like human kind stopping going to space "Astronaut", because it is dangerous. So, the message is, please keep on tramping and State, please win Israel's war against our enemies, there is no point in wasting any more time in various "peace" processes: We are running 66 years late!
5. to #4 from Tapuach -I must say you are an idiot.
miri ,   israel   (06.29.14)
What are you trying to prove ? In these times hitchhiking is very risky and should not be considered. I do hope these young boys will return home safely - and then never take a "tramp" again !
6. Reply to # 3
Jack ,   USA   (06.29.14)
At the very least they should arrest the families of the 2 perpetrators and blow up their houses.
7. I am sure the arab kidnappers will be deeply moved
A ,   Belgium   (06.29.14)
by this display of unity and will immediately return the boys healthy and with new clothes, escorted by a Hamas honor guard carrying a signed personal apology from Haniyeh, or Mashaal, or Abbas, or whoever is in charge there..
8. #7
Cation ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.30.14)
you seem to derive great pleasure from the misfortune of others. You must be very unhappy and miserable. Try living in a positive manner and you will notice just how muh more rewarding it is.
9. Put on a uniform and go looking for them!
me ,   here   (06.30.14)
10. #5 are you saying women are idiots?
We often hear about a woman getting raped. We then hear the rapist's lawyer say she was an idiot because she dressed provocatively or because she walked alone in a dangerous place. Do you agree with the lawyers that women are idiots? Or do you think we need to stamp out the rapists?
11. #3 no to violence and collective punishment
Why death? Why destruction? Why not peaceful methods? If Netanyahu built 1000 Jewish homes every week in response to the kidnapping, the boys would already be home. Our enemies want death. The only thing they do not want are Jewish homes.
12. #8 You are a poor judge of personality
A ,   Belgium   (06.30.14)
I, like everyone else, would love to see the boys reunited with their families. However, looking at the situation realistically, I don't see how rallies will convince the terrorists to release them...alive. Carpet bombing Gaza and the immediate annexation of Judea and Samaria and repatriation of the Jordanians masquerading as "palestinians" might be more convincing. I am not miserable at all, au contraire, but with 3 of my kids living in Israel, I am definitly concerned, for ALL Israeli kids.
13. 12 This rally indeed will not...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.30.14)
convince the terrorists to release the boys,but showed our leaders that all Israelis want them to do the outmost ,moreover it gave great support to the parents.
14. #4 you sound like a dumb teenager
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.30.14)
Have you heard of pikuach nefesh, you are absolutely ignoring this mitzvah. I repeat, if anymore jews find themselves abducted by arab terrorists as a result of hitchhiking you are less likely to get the oupouring of support and empathy that the country feels for the 3 boys abducted. It is called live and learn, if you refuse to learn, then expect to be ignored and forgotten very quickly the next time this happens. Hitchhiking is your way of life you say? It is time to change your way of life.. Hitchiking is not a commandment written in stone. Do not be stubborn and foolish. If this happens again, I repeat, expect to get very little support.
15. "rally"....for all useless IDIOTS
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (06.30.14)
Bibi SHOULD NOT SUCCUMB to useless-idiots from the "rally". Bibi should do what can be done, but not more than that. If the "rallyists" think that there will be another release of another 1000 terrorists -- IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. The fault for abduction is not Government's. It's TOTALY kids' families. They taught these kids that this is "their" land, and they can do whatever they like. FOOLS.
16. #9..You will never find them..'Cause BiBi got'em..He is..
ALI ,   Villanova -PA   (06.30.14)
Playing with Hamas... This is how Israel survives..They need Hamas..They Created it..and Know how to play with it.... The poor mothers ..are not as Naive as we think..They are in ON this..
17. Rallies...They are right to ask BiBi...Please RELEASE..
ALI ,   Villanova -PA   (06.30.14)
the Kids..Bibi..has them... Also ..he has the Kidnappers... What a Cruel Theater.. It seems he forgot them..
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