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Despite criticism against Israel, Amos Oz awarded honorary degree in Ireland
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.06.14, 00:30
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1. Going to Ireland
Rowbear ,   USA   (06.30.14)
Jews going to Ireland looking for a big welcome is like going there for a gourmet meal, dental work, and a wide variety of condoms.
2. Amoz Oz is up there,in the rarified stratosphere of Quisling
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.30.14)
-like dregs of Jewish history: right next to Kissinger.
3. But I thought criticizing Israel was being antisemitic?!?
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (06.30.14)
Then how come a Jew was rewarded?
4. the Irish were the Nazi supporters
k ,   US   (06.30.14)
in WW2 the Irish were the Nazi supporters, they were sucking up to the Nazis as a way to appease them, now the Irish are sucking up to the Arabs and the Islamists as a way to appease them, this is a gesture to get on the Israelis "good" side in case the Israelis are victorious in this war so they will not appear to be completely Arab and Muslim supporters, but anyone who is siding with the Arabs and the Palestinians in this conflict is an enemy of the Jews and the Israelis
5. gets awards because anti-israel not because deserves them
ralph   (06.30.14)
6. Does it mean he will be wearing green kipa for the
Miron ,   USA   (06.30.14)
rest of his life?
7. 3
moron, because it was given to a jew that also criticizes israel. if a equals b and b equals c, then a equals c. did you attend elementary school or are oyu as dumb as they come?
8. Intellectual? HA
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.14)
9. Amos fits Ireland like a hand-in-glove
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.30.14)
For over 3 decades, I've enjoyed Oz's gift for storytelling. But the only way to get through his novels, has been to take a black marker, blot out all his dissatisfied with Zion anti- Israel diatribes, and resume the story once his leftist storm has subsided. Oz has never been happy as an Israeli. Why, then, with on this planet full of other countries, had he chosen to remain a pariah in the Land of his birth? Am Yisrael Chai, Mr. Oz.
10. Of course - he is a most Anti-Israel leftist idiot
Rotem   (07.01.14)
Irish people just love them...
11. Well done, Oz!
Fred ,   London   (07.01.14)
12. #9:You're right, he should join his spiritual twin, Burg:
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.01.14)
Paris or London maybe? Personally I'd take your black marker to his entire name, but that's me.
13. the little fool doesn't know he's being used
dante   (07.01.14)
one doubts that the little clown knows that he's being used by incorrigible enemies of Israel and the Jewish People. but, sadly, even if he knew, he would be happy to play the role of the "good Jew," betrayer of his people, for the benefit and to the delight of the disgusting, morally destitute morons of trinity.
14. "despite criticism of Israel"?
Oz is a third-rate hack who succeeded only because of his extreme pro-PLO and strong anti-Israel stance, rivaling that of Mahmoud Abbas.
15. #14 and others
new addition ,   israel   (07.01.14)
I guess most of you don't know how to read. His books are great and recognized throughout the world. Then of course everyone who doesn't agree with the right wing lunatics here is a traitor. Maybe lefties but at least they are not right wing murderers. There are plenty of them.
16. 3 How comes anti-semite immigrates
Observer ,   israel   (07.04.14)
of all the places in the only existing Jewish land?
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