Jerusalem protest deteriorates into anti-Arab mob
Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
Published: 01.07.14, 23:52
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1. usually ill condemn this kind of behavior
adir ,   Israel   (07.02.14)
but this time the arabs went to far so far that i will gladly join the next assault. WE WANT REVENGE and we will get it. haman will pay the kidnappers will pay and anyone supported them will pay.
2. KIllers of Jewish teens & Arab teens are same
Naomi   (07.02.14)
They are murderers. Period.
3. A house divided cannot stand!
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (07.02.14)
Extremist right-wing activists--my butt!!! These people are tired of all the Arabs' crap! Also, the duplicity of the cowardly police who rather protect Arabs then Jews. All this nonsense has got to stop! Netanyahu's indecisiveness has caused a lot of this.
4. innocent arab youths
Jhan   (07.02.14)
The ynet needs to be terminated, it's on the side of the enemy. The people don't give a flying cuff about your lies they're through with you innocent arab "youth" lovers.
5. right wing?
nolan ,   modiin   (07.02.14)
The term right wing extremist is not indicative of the truth.Of cource it is not correct for people to attack innocent people but no one will take this artcle seriously
6. Ynet is a lier
Daniel Davenport-Fre ,   נהריה   (07.02.14)
The Arabs started this, the only Lynch mob was the Arab monsters. I'm sick of ynet s anti Jewish reporting shame on you bastards
7. Government understands Viscious cycle
Zechariah   (07.02.14)
Even in individual disputes Hates arise that intense .Police intervene to prevent mayhem .This ought continue as the Calm has been essential.But decades down Thermonuclear obliterations need urgent prevention so great can the hates become.
8. It amazes me immensely, that only sporadic incidents have
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.02.14)
taken place during all these years of homicidal Arab Jihado-fascist attack on Jewish population in the Land of Israel. It is most regrettable & counterproductive: it will not replace the lack of proper action by our government. It should never happen, but it is also understandable it may, from time to time. (oh: don't bring up Dr.Goldstein & Popper- they're exceptions that confirm the rule) The "Doctor" is intentional: just like in Dr.Tibi, Dr.Abu Adolf Mazen....
9. Israel must execute "Palestinian" terrorists.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.02.14)
How would Americans respond if their government cravenly freed murderous terrorists, who murdered again and again? This lunacy must end. Israel must execute "Palestinian" terrorists. Israelis have been pushed too far by a government which sacrafices their lives to appease Obama and other foes.
10. Another anti-Semitic headline from yNet
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.14)
100,000 mourners came and cried 20 chant death to Arabs And Ynet headlines about "lynch mobs" and how the whole event deterariated to people calling for revenge. Your slanted anti-Zionist views are disgusting beyond words.
11. What's the problem?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.02.14)
If the Arabs don't like being singled out for harassment, they should not engage in terror. They should not attack Jews, and kill them. They should not fire missiles at Israeli civilian population centers. Is that supposed to endear them to us? It's time for them to learn that terrorism, violence and murder does not pay. A few dead Arabs should send the message. Amazing -- they love being the aggressor; not so good at being the victim. Too bad. They are free to leave Israel at any time. They should avail themselves of the opportunity -- they won't have a say in the matter very much longer. We don't like them; we don't need them and we don't want them. It's our country. They play by OUR rules, or they will get deported.
12. attacks
James ,   USA   (07.02.14)
This is what happens when the people no longer have faith in its leaders. No doubt this will grow into a rebellion with defined targets. Clearly they see this as a failed government that refuses to protect them.
stude ham   (07.02.14)
otherwise they will always be falling into these useless mobs.
14. the right wing settlers are the real
holy warrior ,   uk   (07.02.14)
Terrorists. And what's to say my these barsted teens were innocent? I'm sure they terrorized Palestinians by way of price tag attacks. They got that they deserved. Now you can feel the pain Palestinians feel every day.
15. Ynet primitives unpatriotic cosmopolitans
Zvi ,   Canada   (07.02.14)
Ynet, your story is disgusting.
16. Frustration of the man on the street and bloodlibels by Ynet
daniel ,   Ta - IL   (07.02.14)
people are getting more and more frustrated with the leftwing antijewish dictature of this country. This includes the demonization by ynet. We want to able to cross the street safely, whereas the leftwing taxsucking paarsitics elites in the papers and court values the rights of terorists and muslim haters higher than that of their jewish victims. You are either aiding or fighting the muslim hatred and terror and ynet decided to aid it with its jewhating lies
MJ   (07.02.14)
I ask BB. to stop this now, inmediately. Police cannot continue harrassing our are going to pay it tuffly!!! Stop harrassing us and start putting the wright order on the arab rioters that allways harass our people in the Temple Mount and everywhere...
18. what smear campaign !!! BS article full of libel
naftulee ,   jerusalem   (07.02.14)
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