More of Shaer's police call revealed: Gunfire and exclamations of joy
Roi Mendel
Published: 02.07.14, 12:59
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1. Yeah...Really seemed like a Prank call
Riva ,   Israel   (07.02.14)
I think the police who dismissed this should also face police charges! One wonders if they actually received prank calls EVER. But even if they did, they have an obligation to CHECK IT OUT! the very nature of this call seemed extremely OBVIOUSLY SERIOUS! the police are guilty if criminal neglect! G-d knows who else could be hurt by the monsters on the loose.
2. If it wasn't ramadam, the islamics would be dancing
A ,   Belgium   (07.02.14)
in the streets of gaza and ramallah, celebrating and passing out sweets while King Bibi the Weak impotently declares, once again, that ""Hamas is responsible, Hamas will pay, and Hamas will continue to pay." The question remains...when?
3. The incompetence of the Israeli Police is stunning
Al   (07.02.14)
yet when it comes to dispersing Jewish teenage protestors, they are brutally efficient. When it comes to arab rioters who throw molotov cocktails the Israeli Police cower. Maybe now they will understand that they are viewed as being rotten to the core. Of course a dummy incompetent like Deanna gets away with it for he is a connected good ol boy as are are all of his supposed commanders and 'high officials'. Israel will be lost thanks to the lousy leadership oh so evident in almost all public services, be it government, policing, street cleaning etc etc. No one gives a good god damn.
4. Grave mistake by the police
Naomi   (07.02.14)
for not alerting Shin Bet immediately. This delay probably gave the murderers opportunity to flee.
5. The police heard gunfire and cries of pain and did nothing
Rivkah   (07.02.14)
for hours? The police responsible should be prosecuted for misuse of authority and dereliction of duty. What swine.
6. unbelievable
bernhard ,   munich/germany   (07.02.14)
Unbelievable. What more has to happen or to hear that a sleepy and ignorant officer will do his job very swift in an appropriate manner? Alertness and awareness! And since police, ZAHAL and the aides started the search, their chiefs presumably already did know the bitter end, as to hear from the recorded call. My trust in the security forces is remarkably shaken by this what is now revealed. It appears as evidence of incapacity - too much bureaucracy?
7. my heart is broken
jew ,   europe   (07.02.14)
listining this and even if i dont want imagining the scene it breaks my heart the pain and shock they have to passed 3 Inocent boys so mr prime minister how long we have to wait till the justice will be done?
8. I hope this convinces parents to give bus or taxi money
Rivkah   (07.02.14)
to their children so they don't have to hitchhike. What kind of parents fails to do that but has the money to? Swine.
9. Nada Husseini from facebook: oh the lies
The lies, the brainwash. Who is killing who? who opened wars? who murdered thousands of civilians in the most barbaric way for more than a hundred years? The barbaric and violent party in this conflict is YOU and anyone can see the "peacefull" Arab culture and mentality all over the middle east. And even when 3 teenage Israelis are murdered in the most barbaric way by your people - all you have to write is "screw you". You are a classic example of the barbaric culture you're coming from.
10. No reason for police to rush in responding like for Arabs
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.02.14)
After all they were "settlers", haters of the police and Israeli Left.
11. a modest question
modestQ   (07.02.14)
the pain is immense. the loss is great. three great boys were killed. but why is jewish israel marching to the past instead of the future? the clueless muslim clerics brainwash and drive people to extremism. their original script came from the torah, which they adopted to cultivating extremism. review the torah, faith, religion with modernizing intention.
12. The police needs to wake up !
Jonathan   (07.02.14)
Seems like somebody high up in the Police ranks is holding some politicians by the 'balls', otherwise, I cannot understand how come the head guys are not getting fired! And Danino ("from" New York), before anyone else... !
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