Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Jewish Jihad developing within us
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 04.07.14, 01:19
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1. Jewish Jihad? It is only a belated reaction to Arab Jihad
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.04.14)
2. the incitement against israel is non-stop
CJK   (07.04.14)
when the incitement comes from jewish israelis, then one knows that the jewish people will be destroyed. jews have never practiced "jihad," and never will. an act of revenge is deplorable but not jihad. jihad is holy war fought by muslims against all those they consider infidels or apostates or unwilling to be subjugated to islam. as a matter of fact, jewish law specifically prohibits any kind of war of conversion or subjugation. feelings of revenge are natural and universal. law was invented as a means to supplant revenge through acts of the state and its judicial system. if the state fails to act to protect its citizens, feelings of revenge arise among certain segments of the population. those who incite against certain segments of the population in the utterly mistaken belief that they can appease the enemy or from a false sense of moral superiority only enrage those who want revenge. they would do well to wait for the investigation and judicial process to finish.
3. "Shuafat youth" ??? can't even get the facts straight
4. English speaking press incitement marvel piece.
Miron ,   USA   (07.04.14)
They've being churning out there jihad in droves, lately, one article jihader than the next one.
Riva ,   Israel   (07.04.14)
6. Prejudice is blind to the facts
Pamela Levene ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.14)
Three Israeli boys are murdered. Israel declares a national day of mourning. Thousands weep, candles are lit, prayer vigils are held. A Palestinian boy is murdered. Thousands take to the streets screaming for revenge, hurling rocks, setting fires. How dare anyone try to find parallels here?
7. Response to #1
Texana ,   Dallas, Texas   (07.04.14)
The murders of three Israeli teens was horrible, and the murder of an Arab teen equally horrible. When a young life is cut short, it is a tragedy. "Jewish jihad? It is only a belated reaction to Arab Jihad." NO!!! That is not the Jewish way, nor should it be. The murder of the Arab teen cannot be justified. My heart goes out to his family, his friends and the community.
8. Such a feeble minded Jew Drori is. He brings shame even
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.04.14)
bigger, than the feared act of revenge. What revenge dare I ask, should we have set in motion for the Shoah, the Inquisition, the Pogroms, the Arab Jihadofascist's slaughter of Jews since we've declared independence in the Land of Israel? Leftist Tool at his lowest!
9. The author of this dribble would make a fine Kapo
Al   (07.04.14)
in the Judenrat. Oh my oh my how Israel has fallen to the point that she refuses to defend its self. Can any one spell EXPULSION FROM THE LAND? The answere is Galut...that is the future for the Israeli Jew unless and until major changes in thinking occur. As it stands you are doomed to death or exile at the best.
10. Ynet is copying from Haaretz
Reuven   (07.04.14)
You are more and more anti-Israel. Think about what you are doing. And the author of the article is indeed an idiot.
11. G-D forbid we become like our barbarian islamic arabs
ralph   (07.04.14)
12. There is no justification for this heinous act
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.04.14)
None whatsoever, and anybody who is Jewish knows this. This was not done in my name.
13. You Are A Fucking Idiot
Brett ,   Florida   (07.04.14)
14. Shame on you
Tony ,   USA   (07.04.14)
This is to ynetnews Shame on you for writing such an article
15. Don't expect Arabs to die without a fight, like WWII Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.04.14)
1 not mine.
16. Judge not...
Yoelarry ,   New York   (07.04.14)
For 66 years our Arab enemies have been killing Jewish Civilians in their self sworn attempt to exterminate Israel and this writer has the bad taste to condemn Jews who may over react under the extreme conditions of being murdered,attacked, and harassed relentlessly as 'jihadists'. In time of war unfortunately sometimes bad things happen but we Jews did not start this war. Let's keep perspective . They're trying to exterminate us and this idiot writer wants perfection!
17. Somewhat natural & inevitable
Cameron ,   USA   (07.04.14)
Israel sits in the heart of the ME. After X no. of generations, it is unsurprising that fanatical vibe begins to raise it's head. A return to roots if you will. Historically, the tribes were anything but gentle & accommodating with neighbors and outsiders in the days of ancient Judea.
18. Incompetent Government
Joey ,   ...not yet in Israel   (07.04.14)
If we had a competent, swift acting government that would finally say "screw the world" and "screw people like Ben-Dror-Yemini", we would not have to worry about the price tag "hooligans". It's a result of extreme frustration due to a government who's hands are red from sitting on them but who's throat is hoarse from all the empty threats of punishment. P.S. i truly believe this was NOT done by jews, rather it was a honor killing and a modern day blood livel. AM YISRAEL........CHAI!
19. More drivel from the Left
Erich   (07.04.14)
We still have no idea who killed the Arab kid or why, but Yemini is trigger happy to blame this rabbi or that. The real blame, in fact, lies with a feckless government that is long on words but shamefully short on action when it comes to defending Jews. Jewish teens are being kidnapped and murdered and rockets are raining in from Gaza, and all Bibi and co. do is bomb a few empty buildings. But I guess even that is too much for Yemini and his smolani friends.
20. What is Judaism to secular zionists
Heshys ,   Brooklyn NYC   (07.04.14)
Pm bibi has about a clue of Judaism as a horse in a stable. He just two weeks ago announced to the world how israel is a democracy for homosexuals. What Bible is he reading. He frees murderers for no reason and wants Israelis to listen to his man made democracy. The war here is a cultural war. Torah verses atheism. We must turn Israel into a religious society that protects it's citizens from secular liberal let them loose murderers. The extra millions for overtime to pay police for gay parades is available but to feed thousands of poor children lacks funds. The idiotic loonies from the left are obsessed with turning israel into a western atheistic low class society. Time to return to our heritage. Let's be real Jews. Gut shabbos.
21. What a trashy article
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.04.14)
To compare Rabbi Ginzberg to Hamas is obscene and a downright lie. Rabbi Ginzberg does NOT advocate killing innocent people. Hamas advocates it and unfortunately did it.
22. racism requires different races
Avi ,   nyc   (07.04.14)
i really wish that the "I'm not Jewish I'm Israeli" dibs would get a friggin dictionary. There may be an arab israeli conflict but since Jews and arabs are of similar racial stock its not RACISM.
23. Slanted article.
Jack ,   USA   (07.04.14)
While not as bad as most, this is a very slanted article. The tag line "Jewish Jihad developing within us" attempts to create a moral equivalence between Jews who are reacting to the continual terror attacks and murders they suffer at the hands of Arabs, and who have no expansionist agenda that extends outside of the borders of Israel, and Muslim fundamentalists, who celebrate the killing of innocents to widespread popular Palestinian acclaim, and who wish to establish a worldwide caliphate. Moreover, the citation by Ginsburg is itself not despicable. It defines revenge as a natural reaction. It does NOT justify it. Truth be told, I don't know if Ginsburg does make despicable statements in which he condones killing innocents out of revenge, but if he does, that quote should be posted rather than the one which is actually up leading the article. In addition, the author discusses an evil spirit that comes from certain rabbis, again, without citation or proof, and discusses a 'racist rightist cancer' as if it is a proven fact. Is it racist to fear a populace which is openly racist and actively violent against your own ? There is no mention of the natural desire that an Israeli might have to be rid of violent anti-Israel Arabs. Rather, any reaction to a violent attacker must be racist ? Finally, why no mention of the facts that highly suggest this Arab boy was killed by Arabs, who then lied about it to commit yet another blood libel against the Jews ? The reports are clear that the victim's younger brother was the victim of an attempted kidnapping shortly before, and when the police spoke with the mother, she claimed it was 'settlers' who did it, but could not provide a description. The father claimed it was Arabs. Either way, it's strains credibility that settlers would drive all the way into Jerusalem, passing all of the unprotected Arabs out in the unpopulated areas of Judea and Samaria, go into Jerusalem, go into the most videotaped area on the planet, and THERE they would select their victim. And these 'settlers' when denied, would then go back to kill a son from the SAME FAMILY ! Nope. Better to leave all of that out of the article, so as to justify the insinuations about evil racism lurking within our hearts, and those of our rabbis, without a single citation or piece of evidence supportive of such a malignant accusation. This kind of libel and negative inference itself can only come from an evil spirit.
24. I don't think it's a question of Revenge
riva ,   Israel   (07.04.14)
Hamas/PLO threatens to MURDER Jews EVERYDAY. They post pictures of themselves with scarfs around their faces and huge machine guns while making threats. AND THEY MEAN IT! So, the public is soooo frustrated and concerned that the government is so busy playing politics, they don't really care when a Jew is murdered! I wonder why no big deal was made of every single victim of Arab terror-murder! all the hype disappears within a day or two, and it's back to the peace talks with MURDERERS WHO WE HAVE TO PRETEND are not the monsters they are!
25. a disturbing, disgusting article
Julie ,   Israel   (07.04.14)
with absolutely no basis. Given the history of the savagery against the Jews and how they have dealt with it over their 3500 year history bears no resemblance to this piece of rubbish so reflective of ynet reporting.
26. Ben-Dror Yemini
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.04.14)
Is telling us an unwanted truth. The commenters above, especially those via facebook are unwilling to face that truth. (Do note that most of them are not from Israel.) The police investigation into Mohammad Abu Khdeir's murder has not yet discovered the true murderers. Be they Jewish or Arab, they must be caught and punished. That said, the extreme rightists now calling for revenge for our boy's murders, are not helping. Ginzburg, Lior and their ilk should be arrested and charged with instigation of murder: To encourage "uprooting...Zionism", is to encourage the destruction of the State. To call for ",,,the establishment of a religious rule." is to call for a Jewish Iran. This is the very reason that the Second Temple fell. We must not permit the Zealots to gain influence once again.
27. Equating Us With Our Enemies
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.04.14)
B"H - Equating us with our enemies is the worst possible, immoral title one can imagine: There is a lot of this filth going on in this country: Tel Aviv is not Teheran, Judaism is not Islam, the rabbis are not like the ayatolah, Judea and Samaria is not "West Bank" or "Cisgiordan" and theJews living there are not "settlers"!
28. Very, very well spoken, number 26.
It is really high noon to educate our people
29. Summary of posts: jews can do no wrong
THE CHOSEN   (07.04.14)
30. Jewish Jihad
Suzy Anteby ,   Paris France   (07.04.14)
Thank you for publicizing this group and giving citations and names of those so called rabbisinciting people to commit crimes
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