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'Indiana Jones' of the Cairo Genizah
Tali Farkash
Published: 04.07.14, 08:13
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1. Shouldn't These Manuscripts Belong To The Jewish PEOPLE, i.e
Truth   (07.05.14)
THE STATE OF ISRAEL? Israel should sue the english for repossession of OUR property, stolen from our diaspora in Egypt. Let's start a facebook movement and force the limeys to return OUR PROPERTY!
2. Cairo Geniza
Dr. Lichtenstein ,   Fort Lauderdale, FL   (07.05.14)
Why is there no mention of the life-long, prodigious study of the Geniza by Prof. Shelomo Dov Goitein, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University?!
3. Genizah's rightful home.
bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (02.16.15)
I agree that these priceless documents belong in Jerusalem where they can be studied and displayed. But trying to force the British would cause them to dig in and resist. Yes they had it for 70 years and forgot about it. But co-operation is the best way and both scholars and diplomats can help. It could work to transfer that which has been studied in Cambridge to Israel for display and first hand study. Some items could go back to Cambridge for more study there and then come back to Israel where it belongs. One thing to consider, being in the UK it survived the upheavals of the Egyptian Jews having to flee to Israel after Israel was established and again after the 1967 war. Would those Genizah documents have made it out? Doubtful. Better a British university than some Egyptian garbage dump of museum where Jews would not have access.
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