New Etzion settlements honor Israeli teens
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 04.07.14, 19:11
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1. The settlers want more blood
2. Joseph Fox on Facebook
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.04.14)
I'd like to see you try. You could be another Rachel Corrie and earn a Darwin Award.
3. Jews against settlements too
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (07.05.14)
You messianic morons are putting the rest of the country at risk. Go "settle" in the Galilee where it's badly needed. You put your children in the middle of millions of hating Arabs and freak out when they pay the price? This country AGREED to accept certain partition lines. It was not wrong to deal with 1967's threat, but it was not right to continue to occupy against what had been agreed. Settlement sanctioned by government is outrageous and settlement not sanctioned by government is illegal and should be dismantled forthwith. Any accusations of "leftie" are ridiculous as I am as much against left wing delusion as right wing delusion. Just look at the ridiculousness of these boxes in the middle of nowhere, to score points on the fanatic scale. Fools.
4. Therein the difference
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.14)
The Jewish people build in honor of the victims of terrorism. The Arabs build in "honor" of those who perpetrate terror. Write poems to glorify their acts -- like the murderer of the Fogel family. What incredible courage it must have taken to slit the throat of a sleeping three month old baby, nearly decapitating her. We really cannot have Arabs in our midst. Too depraved, too uncivilized, too much glorification of violence and terror. The time has come to send them packing. They are a cancer and, like all cancers, must be excised.
5. To: Facebook Joseph Fox
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.14)
Stifle your ignorant self. Are you familiar with the rules of military engagement? What part of "Israel conquered Jordan during the Six Day War and all the land we conquered thus belongs to us" do you NOT understand? Why aren't you clamoring for the return of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany? Why aren't you demanding the return of East Prussia and the Polish Corridor to Germany? Why aren't you storming the gates, demanding that Croatia return Istria to the Italians? Where is your passion demanding that the United States return the 90 percent of Okinawa that belongs to the Americans (via Fort Buckner) to the Japanese? And Ramstein Air Force Base -- the second largest American air force base in the world -- to Germany? Don't you understand how war works? Especially against the aggressor? Five Arab states attacked Israel in lieu of accepting partition. They LOST. In 1967, Egypt, Jordan and Syria -- with Lebanon and Iraq playing a most reluctant role (those same five countries) -- attacked Israel yet again. And LOST. Population transfers and land loss are two of many, many things that accrue to the vanquished in a war of aggression. The "palestinians" are not immune. It is time for Israel to simply do what all countries do -- annex conquered territories and send the inhabitants packing. Israel is a sovereign state, and all the laws that apply to sovereign states apply to Israel as well. So take your hatred of Jews and shove it. We WILL annex Judea and Samaria, and we will send its Arab inhabitants packing. Got a problem with that? Too bad for you.
6. honor indeed
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (07.05.14)
You can kid yourself all you like that this is a fitting tribute to the slain boys but it's not. It's a political move combined with that typical landgreed characterizing Israel in the Westbank
7. Opinion...
Joya   (07.05.14)
There are currently numerous construction plans for more housing in Gush Etzion. All our support to israeli citizens living in the territories conquered by Israel in 1967, I want to suggest some prefabicated bungalows houses from China, canada or australia, i heard are excellent and have good quality, i also recommend green forest, build sinagogues, schools, promote investment, a football stadium, some israeli startup companies, and more public infrastructure, streets, parks, etc. Shalom to Israel
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