Top Israeli lawyer arrested on suspicion of attempting to bribe police
Eli Senyor
Published: 06.07.14, 18:43
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1. the issue here is police corruption
zionist forever   (07.06.14)
The fact that Fisher has POLICE CONNECTIONS and was planning to pay off police officers some possibly in the anti corruption unit shows there is serious corruption in the police force itself and that must be investigated and any crooked cops arrested. We need to end the corruption of police and criminality in the ports, no deals just hard jail time.
2. "Top Israeli Lawyer"
Joe Justice ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.14)
I am at a loss in understanding how Fisher can be referred to as a "top" israeli lawyer. Based on his corruption? Based on his Protektzia ? Seems like he should rather be, or be placed, at the bottom of the heap. To my dismay, it seems like the police need a thorough clean-up based on recent embarrassing revelations
3. Corruption- how widespread
noel nesor ,   Israel   (07.07.14)
Is this the tip of a massive iceberg and in reality the Courts, the police, the legislature and lawyers are riddled with a cancer that is destroying our nation as a free and democratic State? Many believe this to be true.
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