Gaza rockets continue to hit southern Israel
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.07.14, 23:44
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1. why r we not hitting them hard from the air 24/7
ralph   (07.07.14)
2. Sounds about right
Dan ,   USA   (07.07.14)
Think about it. 25 rockets fired into Israel and the IAF kills 2 terrorists. Sounds about right during BIBI's reign.
3. responsible response to hamas
marv   (07.07.14)
israel always has to consider widest options for preventing terror and war. Recently, israel has appeared weak and paralysed pummelled by hamas rockets and riots at home and in judea and samaria. Inflammatory rhetoric does not help. On the other hand without question, lapid livni and bibi have blocked real action against hamas which has to know that if they fire 100 rockets, it will get500 in reply with the destruction of their fuel depots for starters. This bibi and lapid ahve not done, bibi because he is insecure and scared and lapid and livni cause they have no idea on what to do. perry says you cannot kill and ideolgy. Fair enough. Egypt has done a good job at stallling the brotherhood cancer but cutting off the head. So for israel, if it cuts off the head, that is good enough for now. perry like diskin was an absolute nobody at shin bet with little accomplishment. the fact is that the arabs bestial conduct over the years has contaminated a few misguided israelis who may have taken down an innocent arab. If they want to do some good, enlist in the idf or police, not targeting innocent arabs. This is not the way. However, bibi, lapid and livni bear some responsibility in this as their non response brought out some independent vigilantes apparently. i really don't know why bibi does not step down. He hates making a decision and is scared which is obvious. As for gantz, we don't need diplomatic language or holocaust memorial speeches. Set the plan and carry it out if ordered.a nd if you have no fight in you personally, the step down and let someone else do it.' Israel is just plagued by lousy gutless leadership from peres, barak, olmert no 1, lvin, lapid and bibi twice, lousy, lousy leadership. nasrollan and sissi are 10 x the leaders that these guys are.
4. Still no protection for zionists
James ,   USA   (07.07.14)
A long time ago, I was taught the hard way what Zionism was. My brother was kidnapped by Arabs in morroco, and all the while my mother asked us to show restraint. Then the persecution got worse and 6 anti Semites drug me to a river pushed my head under the water to drown me. Only a surge of adrenaline and a visioous fight saved me. My mother urged restraint. She took me to a movie called exedus and made me watch it 3 times. This she believed was the dream. Go work on a kibbutz she encouraged and so we planted trees. I watched as others came to escape percecution and my mother said Israel will save us. Well she was wrong many times over because the war and persecution have not ended. Israel has failed to live up to its promise, so I shall go live in fear and leave the country the rockets fall on. The Zionist dream was killed by those who know not what it was.
5. Dumb idiots, one call to Al Maliki and Gaza ISIS wiped.
Miron ,   USA   (07.07.14)
6. Iron Kippah is ineffective, expensive, a waste of US taxes
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.07.14)
7. What has Hamas done for Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.07.14)
Gaza Economy is in Melt Down Yet Hamas hold on Finances has created fabulous wealth for a few. Can you believe that in this small Country there are estimated 20-30 Families worth MORE than £$100 Million They created a Property Bubble that has bankrupted HUNDREDS of small businesses Their spending on Rockets ALONE exceeds that of Healthcare and Education COMBINED. As for Roads, Sewage. Water and Energy....Hamas spends the money instead on Rockets and Fighters AND huge corrupt hand outs to favourite Hamas Fighter Families Estimates are that if Gaza were run normally and revoked their SELF DECLARED War of Destruction against Israel Gaza would be better off to the tune of $6.6 Billion But with Mashaal and the rest of guaranteed their Income from Gaza...why SHOULD they care about anyone else
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