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Europe takes rehab approach to Islamic extremists
The Associated Press
Published: 07.07.14, 23:06
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1. Doomed to failure as the radicals blw their way acros Europe
2. people use a patch to quit smoking
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (07.08.14)
just invent a islamic extremist patch to quit their stupidity!
3. REHAB......:))
les ,   canada   (07.08.14)
that's a good one ha..ha..ha.. like the romans training the hungry lions to love the christens in the arena. typical european head in the sand approach.
4. why not rehab for jewish fanatics?
kren   (07.08.14)
the only reason Muslims are going to fight Assad is because nobody is actually helping Syrians against dictator who murders them at will. If Europe or USA at least enforced air blockade or took Assad out, very few people would be going to Syria. It is because of Israel that Assad is kept on power because jews have said it many times they prefer secular murderer tyrant over someone else. jews are the problem so don't complain also it would be nice to see rehabs for jewish fanatics and criminals for a change but nooo, saying that makes me anti semite and i would be forced to attent holocaust museum
5. right and it is really working
daniel ,   TA - IL   (07.08.14)
another game to waste some tax money on friends in the semi-government sector controlled by the european left and to make the phenomenon of hatred acceptable.
IRANIA JEW ,   LA USA   (07.08.14)
As long they are not killing us then let them be busy with each other. We have no choice, but to just watch it.
7. The best way is to educate islamic cult followers...
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.08.14)
.. their belief in the islamic cult ideology is the certain way to death and hell. Islam is NOT a peaceful ideology, its a purified terrorist-program imposed by force, by its crazy leaders....
8. Europe Bound To Become A Caliphate
Dan ,   USA   (07.10.14)
9. #4
Paul Paine ,   uk   (07.21.14)
You are an Anti-Semite You just don't realize it. Jewish radicals do exist but their arena is Judea they are not trying to take over the world, even a moderate muslim will tell you that.
10. Western Jihadis
Paul ,   Scottsdal Arizona   (07.21.14)
If any citizen joins the Jihadii armed movement in any country and if the country of origin considers the Jihadi group a terrorist organization or a threat. That western jihadi should not be allowed to return to his counrptry of origin and their citizenship be revoked. He is now an enemy combatant and should be treated as one .
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