History unlikely to repeat itself
Giora Eiland
Published: 09.07.14, 02:36
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1. A game of chess
John Prophet   (07.09.14)
It’s possible that Iran knowing the talks on limiting its atomic program is ending badly and fearing an Israeli attack, has decided to pin Israel down with one or more proxies.
2. What Planet Are You Living On?
Brett ,   Florida   (07.09.14)
You write "The first is that Yasser Arafat encouraged the violence in 2000, while Mahmoud Abbas renounces it". Here on this planet, I have not read nor heard of abass renouncing moslem violence. Only abass crying to the world to make Israel stop defending itself against attacks on the civilian population. Wise up.
3. So many learned words for such a banal situation:aggression
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.09.14)
is to be faced with full force, head on. Repeated aggression, by the same entity, that has not been taught a proper lesson first time around is proof of our idiotic attitude to the Islamofascist enemy. "Measured responses" bring blood, sweat & tears to our own civilians only. We seem to be "special" after all: there's a faulty gene somewhere inside the Jewish gene-pool.
4. #1 chess?
Iran is not involved, this is a game between Grand Master Abbas playing chess against Netanyahu playing tiddleywinks. After gaining major concessions from Netanyahu and Livni, Abbas left the talks to start a third Intifada, and still managed to blame Israel. It is what Arafat did in 1993 and 2000.
5. first we take Jericho
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (07.09.14)
sounds like you have plans to get in on more casinos. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?
6. Time will tell.
John Prophet   (07.10.14)
Iran is the Puppet Master and pulling all the strings!
7. actually the GOD of Israel is the one pulling strings and
no man can stop ,   His strong hand.   (07.10.14)
And Israel is the apple of his eye. they the world will come like a fish on a hook to the terrible day yet still they will come to try and remove Israel from the land God swore to give them. To hell with the US, the UN the EU and to Islam. They cannot control anything. Greedy bastards all of them. In the last day they will cry out for rocks to cover them from the God of Israel's face, but they won't. Keep it up Israel you have already won, your names have already been written in the Lambs book of life. Who is the Lamb? Someday you will know the error of your ways.
8. Then we take Jenin?
9. Don't let anyone pretend the PA is better than Hamas.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.10.14)
Nobody can stop dumb leftists from deluding themselves that Fatah and the PA are good guys and "peace partners". But don't let them fool you. Don't let Israel's leaders make policies based on this rubbish. Fatah and the PA have maimed and murdered far more Israelis than Hamas. They are as genocidal as Hamas and even more dangerous.
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