Worldwide leaders condemn rocket fire
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Published: 09.07.14, 02:29
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1. Rockets
Rick41241 ,   USA   (07.09.14)
Monkey Moon and the rest of the UN are so anti Semitic & anti Israel that whatever criticism of Hamas that they express, sounds phony. They would love to see Israel disappear.
2. EU & UN urge restraint on both sides
David ,   Montreal, Quebec   (07.09.14)
Maybe Israel should fire a few rockets into select European capitals or the home of Roger Waters and then promise to exercise restraint in the future ?
R ,   Israel   (07.09.14)
4. Gaza
Gerald Kleinstein ,   Boston, MA, USA   (07.09.14)
Since the polite request by the Eu from Hamas to please stop firing rockets at Israel was totaly ignored, indeed the intensity increased; and since it is the right and obligation of Israel to protect its citizens, a bombing of locations in Gaza which constitute bases for the terrorist organization Hamas, and their affiliates is absolutely essential; any collateral damage in life and property of civilians is an unfortunate; but, part of making war. Hamas, as Arabs, will not fail to live up to their own proverb: "darabani wbaka, kdamani waShtaka" - which translates as: He hit me and cried, and was the first to complain.
5. Ban Ki-moon, Ashton & Pillay must do the responsible thing.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.09.14)
Hamas is guilty of "deliberate targeting of (Israeli) civilians"? Well, no surprise here and no surprise either that they deliberately compromise the safety of their own civilians - their women AND CHILDREN in particular - when it is their duty to protect them. Ban Ki-moon, Ashton & Pillay must do the responsible thing.They MUST demand that Hamas safeguard the Gaza civilian population generally and the children and women specifically even if they have to evacuate them to safe areas. When Hamas menaces, commits acts of war and provokes Israel into war by attacking it with indiscriminate barrages of rockets, then it is encumbent on Hamas to act responsibly by making provisions for the safety of its population in light of sure retaliation by the Israelis. The use of civilians as human shields is a war crime. Accusing Israel of deliberately killing Gaza children when it is Hamas that is the cause of the war just does not cut it. Israel has provided bomb shelters for its people. Hamas shoves women and children in the firing line then flaunts their bodies in the media, which is only too happy to promote Pals cynical propaganda.
6. Confused
James ,   USA   (07.09.14)
So Hamas is no longer considered a terror originazation and should be treated as a sovereign entity? War has sure come a long way when 6 million Jews were murdered. Did the League of Nations ask for restraint? For immediate publication, "kiss my a@s".
7. NOW they condemn?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.09.14)
Where have the UN been since 2005? They are a complete and waste of time.
8. Urged Restraint
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.14)
EVERY TIME! It is laughable at this point. X country condemns the rocket attacks but urges Israeli restraint. Where is the condemnation of the USA who's drones have killed hundreds of civilians in the M-E? Where is the "urge for restraint?" then? The world realises that to urge restraint from the USA is futile. That country finds it's own accidental civilian deaths acceptable and Europe is silent about it as is the UN. Only Israel is urged to restraint. Yet only Israel is fighting to protect its own citizens in its own land. Israel warns its enemies before it sends out an attack. Does the USA? Does the UK? Does France? Frankly it's time to stop the restraint and send in enough troops to eliminate Hamas Islamic Jihad and the other terror organisations that are firing rockets from Gaza. Were London, Paris DC or NYC attacked with over 100 rockets there would be no restraint. Why should Israel do anything different?
9. None of them called for restraint until Israel retaliated
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.09.14)
10. Same song; different day!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (07.09.14)
Israel must understand once and for all that a nation that does not deal harshly with her enemies will not endure.
11. too bad, for them, they should not have financed hatre
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (07.09.14)
hamas and other muslims - most of them call for our blood, which has ben more than acceptable for those calling for restrained. They never called upon hamas to stop - they do not want to hear hamas so now I could not give a rat's ass what the united or european nazis think or want.
12. Islamic Terroist States
E1   (07.09.14)
Islamic Terrorist Groups are becoming Islamic Terrorist States- ISIS in Syria and Iraq, threatening Jordan, Hamas- Muslim Brothers in Gaza, threatening Israel and Egypt, Al Quaeda in Lybia. UN should start see the reality! Hamas has to be smashed and Gaza be annexed to Egypt
13. Ban Ki-looney
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (07.09.14)
14. Nah, lets nuke Gaza once and for all
Giddy   (07.09.14)
15. MAZAL TOV!! Wow, it took them YEARS to condemn rocket fire
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.09.14)
and finally realize that these rockets are no snowballs. Does this mean they've woken up and realized that a 2-state solution is impossible because Arabs cannot live side by side with Israel?
16. the script
Don't worry, soon the Left will spring into action. Already radical Leftist Amram Mizna has mocked Israeli civilians, saying Hamas citizens have it worse. Within a week, Shalom Achsav and Shovrim Shtika will start questioning Israel's "disproportionate response", and within two weeks Meretz and Labor will condemn Netanyahu and the IDF. Expect in less than three weeks that Zippy Livni and Yair Lapid will say the only solution is negotiations with a PLO/Hamas government to establish rocket launch sites in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.
17. Israel has to exercise restraint
because it was unable to reach a two state solution. Until that solution is reached, Israeli defense actions without restraint will be ILLEGITIMATE.
18. #17 You are right. Restraints are called for
meir elazar   (07.09.14)
And we will definitely put all Gazans in restraints to prevent further terrorist acts and the continuous attempts to kidnap and murder Israeli/Jews.
19. Who cares???
mirriam ,   Tiberias   (07.09.14)
If we even blink at anything the UN or the US say to us after what they have done to destroy us with their ┬┤peace process', we deserve every rocket our stupidity allows the Palestinians to shoot at us.
20. Restraint ... yeah right !
Mike ,   NZ   (07.09.14)
Restraint ! . . . seems to be the in word when the Israelis get pissed off ! When Gazan rockets were landing in Israel no one used the word restraint. The only restraint needed here are the cuffs around the wrists of the Hamas leadership .. lets hope they get knocked off first.
21. Worldwide leaders condemn rocket fire
Rodney Paige ,   Atlanta US   (07.11.14)
While I agree that aggression has to stop on both sides, I think that if the UN is going to get involved, then their ONLY objective should be to help enforce the treaty that gives land back to the Palestinian territory and makes Palestine a independent sovereign nation. The UN should also require that Israel in indicted in the World Court for crimes against humanity for the senseless murder of thousands of innocent Palestinian people. The UN should also begin to speak of the situation in the Gaza strip in terms of comparing it to Apartheid in South Africa.
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