Report: Kidnapped Israelis shot 10 times with silenced gun
Published: 09.07.14, 15:30
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1. Strange is it not?
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.09.14)
The Shin Bet caught the kids that killed the Arab teen within 3 days. Yet they still have not caught the Hamas killers of the 3 Israeli teens HY"D or their accomplices It is strange and makes me wonder how hard they are trying or if they are trying.
2. Wow! Am I glad
Naomi   (07.09.14)
Am I glad that I don't belong to Facebook. What a bunch of nut cases. But fabulous entertainment. Keep it up weirdos. Annoying to have to go through your hallucinatory ravings in order to reach the talk backs . Some there, agreed, are just as looney. But I don't need to belong to this group as is the case with facetious book. Easy to spot those who genuinely care about us here, and to those precious few, I thank you.
3. The boy called emergency, saying "WE'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED".
Jake   (07.09.14)
What exactly are these US "investigators" disputing here?
4. 10 bullets per israeli teen killed
iraj   (07.09.14)
israel won't forget this. Top hamas and jihad will be hunted down regardless of h ow long it takes. peres is leaving, barak left, olmert is going to jail and herzog is a nothing, zero. Howver long it takes, revenge will be taken on hamas where they are under ground or on ground.
5. Shot 10 times
Brod ,   USA   (07.09.14)
This shows how evil Islamist-Jihadist fanatics-HAMAS/.ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists are.
6. False flag ? ,...
split ,   US   (07.09.14)
Conveniently shortly after Hamas was recognized by civilized world the boys disappeared, all hell broke loose and they're responsible for everything in Gaza including weather. Now, since those boys are dead and won't talk, you can pin it on Hamas or anyone you wish but some less convinced are going to ask how are you going to prove that it was Hamas or it wasn't another false flag operation?
7. "Premeditated" murder = Arab M.O.
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.09.14)
Everything the arabs do toward the Jews of Israel and Jews worldwide has been "pre-meditated" for centuries.
8. There's no contradiction
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (07.09.14)
The facts revealed by the FBI do not mean they weren't abducted, simply that they were abducted in order to commit premeditated murder....which makes it even worse, in my eyes. Rest assured. Sooner or later, they will be caught and brought to justice, which would be good in order to find out their connections.
9. #6, split, the perpetrators were caught on tape
Jake   (07.09.14)
speaking Arabic to eachother and Arabic-accented Hebrew to their victims. And the perpetrators have been positively identified, and they are both members of Hamas, and now they are on the run, no doubt being given safe haven by their palestinian brethren in the WB. Once again, you are allowing your Nazi-style antisemitism keep you separated from the facts.
10. Neither confirmed nor denied
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.09.14)
If Hamas neither confirmed nor denied it was involved in the kidnap and murder of the three boys, that suggests they were involved. Otherwise they would simply deny it.
11. Jake @ 9,...
split ,   US   (07.10.14)
So far you got nothing except two alleged suspects and working hard to bolster your image of vicious and vindictive savages you're known for by executing collective punishment on defenceless population. 'Turning blood into cement' - Good article on this subject, google and read it ,...
12. 1 million dollar question, what the heck our 5th fleet
Miron ,   USA   (07.14.14)
doing in Qatar. Their stated mission, as per Condolezza Rice signed treaties of year 2005 was to guarantee Israel security... Gush Katiff is empty, 5th fleet is black hole in US budget. at best... At worst they are working on false flag operations to prove its usefulness... Who else has guns with silencers and influence to inject this sort of "news" articles. Yeah, by the way, where is the frigging escrow, that was supposed to be paid to Israel, in case treaties fall through?
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