Operation Protective Edge – in pictures
Published: 13.07.14, 16:25
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1. Operation Protective Edge – in pictures
eli ,   USA   (07.09.14)
this displays weakness. the israelis are on the ground with their hands over their heads and the palestinians bravely stand on roof tops protecting their homes.
2. To: Hasan Barjric`
Jenny ,   NY USA   (07.09.14)
Dude, you REALLY should be taking your meds at regular times. Think of your family! They love you! What ARE you trying to say..?! An Islamic mind is a terrible waste....
3. Israel should destroy Gaza City like we destroyed Yamit
nero ,   jerusalem   (07.09.14)
We will never forget the mortal sin of destroying Yamit. Now we are paying for it. Israel must conquer the Southern strip of Gaza to control the inflow of rockets in the future.
4. Israel keep strong and pray !
jew ,   europe   (07.09.14)
G-d is with you ! We all jews from all part of the world are with you ! Keep strong and have a faith !
5. 1
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (07.10.14)
Not a clever post.
6. No it displays brains
Willy wonker ,   Miami, USA   (07.13.14)
This shows why Israel has zero deaths as they take cover while PA are seen on roof tops waving the rockets to their death as human shields.
7. Hashem Yevarech et Am Yisrael..... ,   USA NYC   (07.13.14)
Hashem...please protect the people of Israel from their enemies. Give them strength to endure the rockets and missiles sent against them by Satan's Emissaries-Hamas. Protect our sons and daughters in the Israeli Armed Forces, and grant them success in subduing Israel's enemies. May you grant peace and blessings of good health and prosperity to Israel.
8. #1....As my dear departed Dad would say:
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.13.14)
You are s Schmuck with earlaps!
9. For #1
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (07.13.14)
I'd rather take a protective measure so I'll be able to fight another day...than to have my butt take the serious whipping that the godless Palestinians are taking, along with their cowardly Hamas who like hiding behind women and children. You're lucky that the IDF isn't carpet-bombing, but unlike the Palestinians, Israelis' care for their children...and, apparently, more than the Palestinians do, because Israel calls off air-strikes so not to hurt the Palestinian children-- that's better than strapping a bomb-vest onto their bodies. You're an idiot! God bless!
10. # 1 Jews are smart...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.14.14)
they are not looking to get Darwin awards.
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