Noble Energy executives ditch Israel due to rockets
Avital Lahav
Published: 09.07.14, 20:02
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1. cowards
AMERICAN CITIZEN... ,   West USA   (07.10.14)
And I thought folks from Texas didn't scare so easily ... Women and children have more balls then these guys ...go figure ... I hope they didn't leave because of the rockets, I hope they'll be honest and just say they want to be "politically correct". ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY
2. Prudent business act, and honorable to Israelis.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.10.14)
It would not look good to hold meetings while Israelis sit in shelters after being scared by sirens to flock there. Cancelling the meetings respected Israelis who were inconvenienced by the shooting. But, why didn't they move the meetings to Cyprus or Turkey?
3. Message to the World
Zechariah   (07.10.14)
You cannot predict the future well with Humanity because we are a very irrational species egocentric but with high intelligence and the Capacity for Miraculous Constructive Pursuits and Horrific Destructive Action..Thats why Jews ought to prepare for worst case scenario and Humanity as Well.WW2 taught a Enormous Lesson about Human Nature The Nazi Popularity and Huge Rallies.The Jews need Impenetrable Defense and Horrific Deterrance .
4. quite hilarious
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (07.13.14)
these Texas folks are not Herzliya pretenders; they came up the hard way in the oil-rig business. They have more real work under their belt than any given selection of 2500 Anglo olim. When I see these rigs & platforms being run by Hebrew Labor instead of imported Filipinos, is when I will pay attention
5. AP just called rockets "minor inconvenience"...
Miron ,   USA   (07.13.14)
What a world of difference between opinions of what AP prints in paper and what billionaires who own AP tell with their legs. I wonder, which "opinion" we should consider as opinion and which opinion we should consider as a lie. And what's the purpose of that lie...
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