'Knock on the roof': This is how it's done
Elior Levy
Published: 11.07.14, 12:22
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1. Israel is so good at fighting, but so bad at PUBLIC RELATION
Benny ,   Canada   (07.11.14)
IDF has one of the best computerized units in the world, yet, nobody gave them the order to help IDF spokesman with its PR. E.g. Today somebody published a video showing how Israel warns the residents of the home of the person responsible for rocket launches into Israel - before bombing his home ("knock on the roof"). So you see there a home and people shouting in Arabic. What prevented the IDF Spokesman from putting subtitles in English and publish it? Only the stupidity of people in this unit!
2. International conventions
Stan ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.11.14)
The article is incorrect, there are no international conventions stating that such explicit and extraordinary warnings must be given. This is an Israeli innovation.
3. Huh ? Does US warn inhabitans before drone attacks ,or it's
ab   (07.11.14)
only Israel ???????????
4. First roof knock must be missile.
Ben S ,   Free world   (07.11.14)
5. The terrorists long ago took shelter
Jhan   (07.11.14)
In schools, mosques etc. Israelis are as stupid as the day is long....
6. Us does not warn the targets of drone strikes
Juha Teuvonnen ,   Boston, MA   (07.11.14)
Warning them defeats the purpose. The whole point of the exercise is to kill the terrorists.
7. 40% hamas mrocket fall gaza
bb ,   brazil   (07.11.14)
that is shamefull. Israel count only the missile that crosses her border. Much more are fired, and when they kill palestinians, boys and civilians, news cable tv count as israeli fault.
8. We should halt attacks for a short while
Israeli Leftist ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.11.14)
The population in Gaza is already traumatized. Israel should halt attacks for a short while, to let us hear the voices of the people in Gaza. Hamas doesn't let the people speak out, so the Western media should help deliver the message from the population to Hamas. . It would put pressure on Hamas.People in Gaza may call for a ceasefire through the media. We should let them speak in disguise, in order not to risk their lives.Hamas doesn't want a ceasefire, but Hamas is a terror organization. Let us listen to the voice of the people, and force Hamas to listen to the voice of the its own people through TV". Gaza. Their opinion is Different from Hamas's
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