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Gaza rockets thwart Neil Young concert in Israel
Ami Friedman
Published: 13.07.14, 11:33
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1. Neil Young
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (07.13.14)
I understand cancelling his concert if it does have to do with the safety of the audience. However, if it it because of Rodger Waters and his warped would view then it's going to be hard to listen to Neil for a long time
2. Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder
Joel Seidemann ,   White Plains NY   (07.13.14)
Vedder's attack on Israel is ironic. Given Vedder's German ancestry, it is no surprise that he has no concern for Jewish survival or rockets reining on The Israeli heartland.
3. Young Was Planning On Cancelling Anyway
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.13.14)
That was the rumor on some websites. So this story about being concerned about safety is a convenient excuse. If Young had performed he would have been a pariah in not only his primary fan base but among the musicians of his generation. You can bet one thing. He won't be rescheduling.
4. I hope Muddy Waters understands it not because of him!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.13.14)
Douchebag that he is.
5. above
moishe   (07.13.14)
N. Young, a preach moral hypocrite like some of these drug induced pretenders that cant sing.
6. Vedder who??? Obviously just an ignorant foul-mouth
Steve Benassi ,   Palestine   (07.13.14)
"They’re looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them and they should get the f*** out and mind their own f***ing business,” he said. "We don’t want to give them our money; we don’t want to give them our taxes to drop bombs on children." ITS ALL SO SIMPLE TO PEOPLE LIKE THIS ...
7. @Mahnaz DehThe imbecile Iranian
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (07.13.14)
Mahnaz do you for a minute think Israel is using 1% of it's power if you do you're one dumb Iranian.Eddie Vedder is a Nazi.I can recognize Nazi like behavior because my Mother is a convert to Judaism from German Lutheranism and she taught me how to recognize Nazi like behavior.Even though her family is 7th generation American she can still recognize a Nazi.Besides all that Vedder needs his mouth washed out.
8. Vague recognisance....
Gideon Reader   (07.13.14)
...of this person. I can honestly say that I have NEVER heard of him, or heard any of his product. Same for a huge number of aging "rockers" whose dignity seems to have evaporated as their braided hair thins and whitens. These fellows ever bathe? Now in the area of Post bop and Brazilian Jazz genres,.............
9. Another goy puts his cards
paulD ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.14)
on the Islamic savages, and he will regret, as all goyim who are confused about the obvious, they will have no part in the glorious future of the Jewish nation.
Dav Zee ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (07.13.14)
ANOTHER DEAD ENDER WHOSE CAREER IS LONG OVER. Nobody knows him or cares if he shows or not. he's really not that good anymore... like a run-down rusty used truck
11. Eddie- didnt mention Israel
John ,   Canada   (07.13.14)
Could be Ukraine, Iraq, who knows.
12. So long Neil...
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.13.14)
No skin off our back (the Jews). For one that cancels, 100 more (talented that is) want to perform...What is his music like anyways? I heard of this singer but never actually heard his music...Maybe I lived in a cave all this years, LOL! Honestly Neil, you won't be missed!
13. I hope Neil Young will remember...
Jhan   (07.13.14)
that an Israeli man don't need him around...
14. Conscience prevails
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.13.14)
The Lord be praised, Neil Young's Christian conscience prevailed. True, it took some outside prodding, but the outcome is the greatest news. No Christian of proper catechism and clear conscience wants anything to do with the Zionist squatter settlement state.
Jacek ,   Port Vila Vanuatu   (07.13.14)
hey please don't drag Muddy Waters in the mud.....the king of the blues deserves to RIP.....if you talk about the repulsive ignorant communist from pink Floyd his name is Roger Waters......
16. He didnt cancel, the police did
its not his fault   (07.13.14)
17. Wow..Neil Young?
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.13.14)
I would have thought that he was such a Leftist that he would side with the Useful Idiots. I love to be mistaken about these things....Maybe my Wife is right.... I'm not so smart, after all?
18. to all...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.13.14)
Neil Young did not cancel. The organizers canceled for safety reasons. It has nothing to do with the idiotic Rodger Waters and his letter.
19. Oh Mr. vedder . . . your brain is deader . . . like you got
Moshe ,   Usa   (07.13.14)
hit on your header . . . hope your stupidity gets better . . . or your music could fetter . . . & your heart angers redder . . . & you die altogether . . . & our eyes wax wetter . . . as your fans BOO Hoo 2 an antisemite like U !
20. Vedder
Bobby ,   USA   (07.13.14)
All of these stuff- for- brains morons--useful idiots. If Eddie Vedder has no interest in performing in Israel, perhaps a kazoo band can be booked--same level of artistic achievement.
21. Eddie Vedder the biggest douche bag to come out of tthe 90s
k ,   US   (07.13.14)
Not surprising to see he is on the anti-Israel bandwagon
22. This not political
Arnold-Canada ,   Montreal   (07.13.14)
Hey folks there is a war going on.
23. I bet neil will reschedule safety for
Barney   (07.13.14)
The audience and himself is the issue. Neil is not ignorant like waters and better. He was and is a Ronald Reagan fan when every lefty hated him. In addition to talent, neil has brains and doesn't give too much of a shit about what anybody thinks concerning his views. Reschedule neil after the terrorists are crushed!
24. Neil Young
Dave ,   Matat Israel   (07.13.14)
Its Rockets in the Free World, that's why the show's cancelled.
25. to #1 Jeremy
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (07.13.14)
Rock n Roll doesn't exist because of any musical need; it exists because some guys enjoy having groupies and doing drugs. If pitch-correction software didn't exist, Neil Young would never be allowed near a microphone. Wake up and start listening to Bach or Vivaldi. At least those guys actually studied music.
26. Don't worry, Neil will be back
Conroy ,   Toronto   (07.13.14)
Canadians are proud of Neil Young - so am I; he's a tremendous talent. He's performed in Israel before and will again once the war ends, mark my words. Some think he's being influenced by that scumball Roger Waters - not true. Neil's too smart for that.
27. #14 Nothing Christian about you
Benji ,   US   (07.14.14)
The only music you're allowed to listen to is Islamic. So stop pretending and hiding like a coward behind true Christians who support Israel.
28. Just wait until Jewish performers with
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (07.16.14)
a conscience like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and other Americans start telling Israel we will not come to a pariah country like Israel. It is coming. The Jewish left in America is gaining a lot of strength because of what is Israel is doing in Gaza and the West Bank.
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