Kerry condemns Hamas rocket fire 'in face of a goodwill effort to secure ceasefire'
Published: 15.07.14, 15:47
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1. PM Netanyahu, well done
CJK   (07.15.14)
the prime minister has played brilliantly. let us pray that he will continue to be inspired and lead with wisdom.
2. United States and Israel are masters of deception and deceit
Ali Karim ,   Subang Jaya, Malaysi   (07.15.14)
United States and Israel are masters of deception and deceits. False Flag and Coupe D’état are the modus operandi manufacturing lies over lies – with poster campaigns and “selective marketing” to justify the murders of Palestinian women and children, in shifting the blame to the so called “HAMAS terror”. The Governments, regimes, cabals, Illuminati’s, Scums in Italian suits (too name a few) are all but the real terrorists. Fueling more hatred against them, and use it as an excuse to annihilate the entire Islamic population. Abby Martin RT News exposes the deception concocted by United States and Israel on the latest violence against Muslims in Palestine, including Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets in Gaza. Their media is vigorously framing Palestine, yet again another plot of the U.S. to bomb Middle East to Stone Age and the world population are actually supporting it.
3. This is craziness
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.15.14)
The object of the exercise is to stop the missile and mortar fire from Gaza. In order to achieve that, we really do need to reduce Gaza to a pile of rubble. Don't worry about civilian deaths -- that's the responsibility of Hamas. Hamas are the war criminals. Israel is merely taking the steps necessary to force Hamas to empty its purse. A little humiliation of that terrorist rabble is a good, and desirable thing. That's more because of Arab culture. They need to be thoroughly defeated, otherwise, it's as if we did nothing at all. We have to continue the operation in Gaza until it, and its so-called "leadership" is bloody and broken -- anything less is a wasted effort. We need to make them bleed. They won't respect anything else.
4. Iron Dome: Hezbollah rockets worthless
Observer   (07.15.14)
One of the amazing things this current conflict has revealed is a message to Hezbollah that basically states that all their rockets are now worthless. The Iron Dome has proven itself and with the addition of one more system this year and a few more next year, the rate of interception will be close to perfect (It already is pretty close to perfect).
5. Islam Brotherhood Rejected Partition Plans
Zechariah   (07.15.14)
6. Israel grabs at yet another truce & ceasefire
Cameron ,   USA   (07.15.14)
Ya pussed off from doing the necessary work yet again.
7. Hamas The Butchers of Gaza with no heart
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.15.14)
What do they expect firing almost 1000 Rockets DIRECTLY into urban populations from Hamas bent on creating a Palestine from the ashes of Israel. Flowers across the border and white flags? Songs of Peace and Love? Falafel? As one EU Military Analyst commented yesterday - Had even HALF of those Hamas rockets hit their urban targets aimed at Israel it would have resulted in over 1500 deaths...And THATS the macabre BODY COUNT that has to be made But DESPITE the suffering and shock of Gazans THEY ARE ANGRY - VERY ANGRY SEETHING and not one of the twenty families we spoke to over the weekend makes ANY accusation toward Israel One women said 'Both sides have children. Both sides have to keep them safe' A young man commented 'Israel or Gaza. We MUST stop this fighting. We both have nowhere else to go' Completey at odds to the blood lusting Madman Mashaal sitting safely in his cave foaming at the mouth counting his money who callously stated on record ' We will continue this fight no matter how many Gazans are killed' And now seems to be awarded his new nom de guerre by Gazans - Mussolini Mashaal Wonder why... And don't forget and WE WILL NEVER FORGET that Hamas were planning to export this mayhem and barbarity to the West Bank to destroy all our achievements - and we stopped it just in time
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.15.14)
You have Mashaal trying to undermine and usurp Haniyeh You have Zahar literally going bananas You have the 'Military Wing' at odds with 'Political Wing' You have Mashaal attempting to go over PA Heads and speak for Palestinians in the West Bank and Diaspora to undermine the PA You have one faction in Hamas resisting Iranian influence and moolah and the other embracing it You have one faction wanting a Permanent Peace with Israel Egypt and Jordan and the other wanting to use Gaza as a permanent glorified military base for a permanent state of war And you have everybody and anybody all fighting each other wanting to make a smash and grab for whatever little miserable cash there is left in Gaza - leaving NOTHING for the rest. And you have to shed tears for Mashaal with so little money in Gaza just how is going to live in the lifestyle he is accustomed? What an epic sacrifice Oh Protector of Palestinians'
9. Thank you Hamas for rejecting the ceasefire
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.15.14)
Israel's PM is too much of a coward to reject it and protect the citizens. But now hopefully we'll get our job done till the end.
10. A chapter in history
Jerome ,   AKL   (07.15.14)
Bibi and Sarah will now go packing. Happy retirement Bibi, but you will be remembered as a coward in the history books. Suggestion: write a book on your failure to lead an extraordinary Army in the face of a small group of low life thugs. I hope this will torment you for the rest of your life. Amen
11. Israel is screwed
JVC ,   LA, CA   (07.15.14)
So this is it. I've had the quiet, needling, sense that Israel has had the fight taken out of it by decades of warfare, international condemnation, and an encroaching culture of materialism and diminution of tsionut. The founders of the country, the Palmachnikim and Unit 101 types... What would they think? Israel for decades was the one country that could be counted on to deliver an unequivicable knockout to Islamo-fascism. What the hell happened? Screw John Kerry. Screw the Europeans. Let them play soccer. Israel needs to bloody Hamas until its survivors come dragging themselves to the table begging for respite. I would go further and demand complete population transfer but forget that. I know unless it's the Jews who get transferred, no such thing will transpire in this PC/left wing world. But at the very least Israel, bloody that organization up. To cave in like this only emboldens Hamas.
12. Israel's defeatism only guarantees
Nick ,   Sweden   (07.15.14)
that all of this will happen again, this time much sooner. This political paralysis is demoralizing the IDF, again dragged out of it's mission and sent home. Is Israel being blackmailed into this suicidal behaviour?
13. Sick, sick, sick!!!! Do they believe that Hamas
AB ,   TheRock   (07.15.14)
Will stick to any deal? Who are you kidding? That's how they make money. Of course this article doesn't tell you how msuch money they're going to gibe Hammas to accept the deal. Sick, instead of judging them for war crimes, they feed the beast who knows that their rocket attacks makes them money.
14. Cowards
Daniel Freedman ,   Nahariya   (07.15.14)
It's time the people run this country
15. Cowards
Daniel Freedman ,   Nahariya   (07.15.14)
It's time the people run this country, remove the traitors and cowards who refuse to protect the Jewish people
16. u have to beg
david cohen   (07.15.14)
bibi why dont u get on your knees and beg hamas to accept the cease fire?
17. Goddamn rabble of smelly baboons
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.15.14)
What a bunch of morons and fools the Gaza criminals are... Your blood is on your heads you baboons.
18. Why don't Mr. Erdogan visits Gaza and
Miron ,   USA   (07.15.14)
explains the virtues of Mavi Marabartat now. The proud leader of proud pride might just have gotten himself a chance to prove the worth of running stages... So far Israel policies prove to be most viable of all alternatives, with singular exception. Israel needs to go back in Gush Katiff. The solution is not running from enemy but tearing into and leaving side by side so that the frictions could be tried and resolved on much more neighborly bases. The answer to hostility is not segregation but fusion.
19. Once Again......
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.15.14)
Israel stopped before it got the job done. The war is not over.
20. Cut the Electric and Water to Hamas and throw the Lawyers
Riva ,   Israel   (07.15.14)
in Jail! use the British mandate laws or whatever it takes to show the lawyers are interfering with National Security!
21. Opinion...
Joya   (07.15.14)
Rockets fire and wars are one of the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. The wars in mediterranean arabic countries as Egypt, Lybia and Syria were altering the carbon cycle—adding more CO2 to the atmosphere which affects the climate change. Remember 2013/2014 winter season didnt rain. Join water resources, and build trust and prevent conflicts.
22. Cease-fire ?!
yosef, phd ,   florida-israel   (07.15.14)
Another humiliation for the cowardly P.M.- After eagerly convening the cabinet to "discuss" a "cease-fire" initiated by Israel's "best friends" , such as Blair and OH!bama, Chamas rejected it, again rubbing Bibi's face into political mud with glee and derision. In the Arab Middle East all this goes a long way... Serves you right, coward.
23. #2 Sadly you completely disregard the people of Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.15.14)
How can you seek to justify the unjustifiable or play the blame game and getting Hamas off the hook of their crimes in Gaza? Trying to put some sort of whitewash or gloss on the very Hamas who by their corruption, their brutality, their flagrant and callous indifference to Gazans by unleashing yet another war KNOWING the consequences..DOESNT WASH The very same Mashaal from Hamas who declared ' The war will continue no matter how many people in Gaza get killed' The very same Hamas who declared when asked about the safety of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the West Bank 'All Arabs living in Israel and the West Bank are Israelis and all Israelis are our enemies' And as you rant...try for a moment asking Gazans what they actually think and feel about the lives SACRIFICED by bunker hiding Hamas, by the wholesale destruction around them just as they were beginning to recover from Hamas LAST ADVENTURE You will hear anger, YES resentment YES hatred YES of Hamas that you have never heard before If we are to help we must bang the drums for an immediate cease fire, FREEZE all Personal Hamas Funds (reputedly over $7 BILLION - you saw right) and get the international community to help the rebuild NOW
24. Gaza should have elections.
Jerusalem   (07.15.14)
I believe in God and that there are people willing to make decisions in election ballots. The leaderships in Gaza is not proving to be in the best interest of Gazans, Israelis, or the world right now. Let the people of Gaza speak for themselves. New political parties could be formed with beautiful peaceful names, like SALAM. Right now even still, the Jews of the Israeli state or the Israelis of the Jewish state are making the more efforts for the SHALOM. In light of a very dim and gloomy situation, Israeli still has there arm extended out for peace, the Olive branch. This rocket fire from Gaza is an act of war. The loss of life brings a sense of sorrow, of course, but, as it looks, Israel has been trying to be as careful as possible in bombing spots and not intentionally trying to demolish human living and human life. Because of crimes committed that are "nationalistic" or "racist" in nature, look at the statistics just for these last four years for example, and you can see how gruesome murders have been. "Vengeance is mine", said the Lord. This can just as well be represented by the law in societies. What would the law be for example if Palestinians and Israelis, Jews, Christians and Muslims were to live righteously in a civil society? People seem to think that everyone can live their own "way" and everything is fine. Some "things" need to be better organized. Israel is still due to fulfill prophesies and there are holy and religious obligations for Christians and Muslims to help these happen. The Messiah looks to find Israel and would support Israel in all righteousness. The Messiah would be looking for the Jews to do their just part as well as Christians, Muslims and people for righteousness sake.
25. As much as I distrust King Bibi the Weak's leadership
A ,   Belgium   (07.15.14)
abilities during times of conflict, he may have pulled off a really slick move this time. With 40,000 troops waiting to go into Gaza, he accepts the ceasefire option presented by Egypt (new ally against islamic terror?) while Hamas rejects it and continues shooting rockets into Israel. A bit of time for the the thick skulled leaders in the US, EU and United Nothings delegates to absorb the fact that the islamics are in no way interested in peace, the troops go in, and gaza becomes a bad memory. Now's the chance to prove yourself a real leader, Bibi, and worthy representative of the Likud of Jabotinsky, Begin, Shamir and your father.
26. AZA
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (07.15.14)
27. # 21 LOL Climate change conflicts?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.15.14)
I've heard it all now. Do you really think any one is concerned about CO2 emissions when there's a war going on? LOL too freakin' funny. "Build trust and prevent conflicts... Surrrre... tell Hamas who fired over 17,00 rockets into ISrael. Like they give a shit, they don't care for the unsheltered pals, Hamas is in Qatar. Can you get some medical assistance to remove your head from your ass? G-D BLESS AND PROTECT ISRAEL. CO2 emmisons aren't a bit of a worry.
28. # 22 I beg to differ
By Israel agreeing to hear the proposal of a cease fire, she looks more humane than does Hamas who just rejected a cease fire, making it Hamas' responsibility for more pal deaths and destruction. It also proved that Israel was WILLING to a cease fire if given an opportunity to save both lives and fortunes. No, it doesn't 'serve us right' it actually 'serves the pals right' and, by that I mean, many more pals will die in vain and still at war with Israel who could, if she chose, 'wipe Gaza off the map.' And, that would serve them right. alright, no more life in Gaza. I hope you'll begin to appreciate the impossible situation Bibi finds himself and Israel in, OHamas prefers all things Muslim even if illegal, immoral and damned deadly to the "Fictitious' pals. So, Hamas wants more war, they get their wish, leaving the pals to die without even a close victory, as per usual. G-D BLESS ISRAEL !!!
29. More Red-Lines?
maddad ,   johannesburg RSA   (07.15.14)
Is Natenyahu drawing more red-lines that when push-comes-to-shove mean nothing? He seems to be following the footsteps of his great puppet-master Obama who is creating vacumms for terrorists to fill. What good is political correctness when Rome burns? Just play the fiddle and watch.
30. To: Riva at No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.15.14)
I agree totally. All humanitarian aid to Gaza must be cut off immediately. No free water. No free food. No free fuel. Turn the lights out in Gaza. Bomb their hospitals, mosques and schools. That is where they cache their weapons which, under international law, makes those hospitals, mosques and schools legitimate military targets. Gaza's civilians? There are none. The civilians are the most radicalized of all. Not their fault, perhaps, but that is not our concern. They have a long and gruesome history of selling their children to be suicide bombers. They send kindergarten-aged children to terrorist training summer camp. That makes them something considerably less than human. No pity. No mercy. It is time for Israel to put the welfare of the Jewish people and the State of Israel ahead of all other concerns. And if there are deaths in Gaza as a result -- well, they voted in the leadership they have. You sow the wind; you reap the whirlwind. I put the life of one Jew well ahead of 1.8 million rabid "palestinians." Nations do not have friends; nations have interests. It is in Israel's interest to turn Gaza into a stinking pile of rubble. There is no room for humanitarian emotions, any more than there was room for humanitarian concerns when the Allies carpet bombed Germany. Or when the United States dropped not one, but TWO nuclear weapons on Japan -- no military reason to have targeted Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. was looking for a high civilian body count. They very definitely achieved that. More recently, we have the destruction in Kosovo, which produced over one million civilian deaths, the war in Afghanistan, which produced two million civilian deaths, and the war in Iraq, which was an utter failure, but managed to rack up a civilian body count in excess of 1.7 million. The threat to Israel is considerably more realistic and ever-present. Gaza must be destroyed, and Hamas must be humiliated, or, better yet, utterly eradicated. All civilian deaths in Gaza are squarely the responsibility -- or, as it were, irresponsibility -- of Hamas. Expose those bloodthirsty terrorists for what they really are -- monsters.
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