Israeli volunteer killed by Gaza mortar fire
Published: 16.07.14, 01:03
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1. Dror Hanin
bg ,   jerusalem Israel   (07.16.14)
What a sad outcome. Obviously a great guy to think of our IDF at this time. All of the IDF are all of our family and Dror died in their service. B E'H there will be no more deaths on our side, whilst they carry out their duties on behalf of the State. May the family of Dror be comforted among the mourners of Zion. I am sure they are proud of him.
2. Sacrificed by Booboo and his ilk
Manyoo   (07.16.14)
sacrificed to the god of political correctness.
3. Good Lord, they nailed Dror of the Talkbacks?
Cameron ,   USA   (07.16.14)
Hundreds of rockets, yet it takes a solitary mortar round to swing an Israeli fatality.
4. A kind soul. May his memory be blessed.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.16.14)
5. My heart breaks!
Steven Branson ,   USA   (07.16.14)
My prayers for his family. God bless Israel!
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