Netanyahu fires Danon for critical remarks
Moran Azulay
Published: 15.07.14, 21:57
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1. israel fires jews and keeps arabs
wise ,   eu   (07.15.14)
and then is going to cry what is happening to us? lefties are destroying this state
2. Fired for calling it like it is.
Dan ,   USA   (07.15.14)
Bibi the amateur.
3. Right wing will destroy Israel, again, give them more rope
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.16.14)
4. Interesting...but i have a question
Adler   (07.16.14)
If Mr Danon was elected Chairman of the Likud Political Party, how can be possible the Prime Minister fired him, considering that the likud party help him to win the elections for Prime Minister in 2013? Is the PM move constitutional? Besides that, isint true that Avigdor Liberman dissolved his political partnership with Netanyahu? Thanks Ynet
5. PM is correct. PM has knowledge Danon does not have. It is n
Adi ,   Israel   (07.16.14)
PM is correct. PM has knowledge Danon does not have. It is not an opportunity to win a few votes by slandering the PM.
6. Mr. Prime Minister. It seems THE TRUTH HURTS
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.16.14)
It's you who should resign, Bibi, and replaced by someone more competent, someone not as cowardly, someone who cares about the citizens more than world opinion. Perhaps Mr. Danon might be a good replacement. Please go, Bibi, you're a failure - almost as bad as Olmert.
7. Booboo has lost the plot and needs to go
Jhan   (07.16.14)
This was clear already two three years ago but now his labile mental state is clear to all.
8. Netanyahu fires Danon for critical remarks
Dovid ,   Beitar Illit, Israel   (07.16.14)
He will have to fire about 75% of the country, who think he is too mild in handling this conflict. The more logical solution is to fire Netanyahu, for not heeding the will of the absolute majority of the people.
9. subversion
erin ,   usa   (07.16.14)
My concern would be if there are people in Israel who love the US more than theylove Israel because of the financial and verbal support the U.S, government gives them and when Israel doesn't behave the way the US wants them to towards Hamas and Palestinians then they eill pick the U.S. over Israel and subject Israel to a hostile tskeover or a form of apartheid by the U.S. governing interventions already in place. What then? I believe each country should be able to govern itself independently. My concern would be that the U.S.' 'influence' would be more dominant than influence and become subversion by Israelis from within. Could this happen because of fear of Israel failing to pay bills or for military support? I've seen this happen before other places; so I'm just postulating a common subversion tactic that appears to be happening now-in this circumstance.
10. Nuuu?-Do you still think voting in elections will change any
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.16.14)
thing? Aren't we just a bunch of pathetic suckers being taken for a ride by each and every opportunistic Politico, be they Left or Right! What a show of resolve by Bibi, OY Vey! He may be worse than we've suspected along the way....I still hope not, because that's all that we've got left: Hope. and we know what that's worth...
11. If I was MK, I would resign from this PM on the spot.
Miron ,   USA   (07.16.14)
This man has no right to be in Israel's PM seat.
12. now netanyahu has to be stronger /
a ash ,   nyc ny   (07.16.14)
Netanyahu has to be strong and wipe em out /
13. Danon should be Defense Minister
Brod ,   USA   (07.16.14)
A strong PM should appoint Danon to be Defense Minister. This will enable Israel to stamp out the rocket bombs in Gaza and end the war with the tiny enclave forever within less than a week.
14. Hmmm - ? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.16.14)
If the Military operation had been a success, had not the PM taken credibility for it ?. Should He then not also take responsibility for its failure - ?. The PM has shown weaknes hiding himelf behind formal complaint. The PM seems to have some spots in His personal character . Arn.
15. #1 its the right wing that are destroying the state
Nancy ,   ISR   (07.16.14)
I presume you are an Israeli citizen, tax payer and serve in the army? If not butt out as its none of your concern.
16. Danon? Who is he?
Nathan ,   Herzliya   (07.16.14)
Political child trying to be perceived by Israelis
17. #15 you are right
It was the Rightwing that gave Hamas and Hezbollah rockets, territory and international legitimacy to attack Israel. The Leftwing said that the Rightwing's decisions would bring rockets on Tel Aviv and Israel would be helpless. The Rightwingers called the Left "enemies of the peace" and said that if ever Hamas or Hezbollah would dare launch an attack from territory Israel surrendered, Israel would destroy them within a day.
18. #15. Leftists dangerously wrong on EVERY major issue.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.16.14)
The leftist supported Gaza retreat is the only reason for ALL the Gaza wars, terror and rockets. Barely a year ago, lunatic leftist "intellectuals" urged Israel to flee the Golan!! Leftists have been dangerously wrong on every major issue since Israel was founded.
19. Danon is totally correct. Likud must replace Bibi.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.16.14)
There is not one false word in Danon's criticism of Bibi. Bibi's actions are as dangerously weak as what we could expect from a Labor or Meretz Prime Miinister. Likud must replace Bibi. Bibi must go!
20. Nathan #16
Brod ,   USA   (07.16.14)
Danon is a strong Conservative leader and a patriot and not a Leftist Lunatic.
21. PM should apologize to Danon
Brod ,   USA   (07.16.14)
The PM should apologize to Danon for doing his job, and reappoint him back to his job.
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