Rocket falls on Ashdod school amid ceaseless rocket fire
Published: 17.07.14, 00:08
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1. Israel deliberately allowed the rockets to be emplaced
Gonillo   (07.16.14)
So don't complain about it now, it was deliberately allowed by the fools and knaves the so-called "leaders" of Israel.
2. Let's continue doing nothing much
Poopy Peres   (07.16.14)
The empty building campaign is going very well for us, my cronies have safely jetted off to various mediterranean resorts, and the occasional death of some prole doesn't really ruffle my feathers, after all I am somebody, a nobel prize winner. All is well, and I am already negotiating secretly with Hamas (sh... Booboo doesn't know yet!).
3. Public opinion misconception
The IDF has become so expert at minimising casualities that the world opinion expects it to cause no damage and no deaths of injuries. It's time for the IDF to show Hamas and the world that there is no such thing as a sterile war. If it gets to clinical it becomes ineffective as there is no incentive to stop. Hamas needs to be hurt harder and their supporters made to feel more pressure.
4. #1
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.16.14)
Your comment makes no sense! Isn't it too early to start drinking?
5. how many rocket launchers gaza has?
wise ,   eu   (07.16.14)
ok , gaza is small as some medium europian capital city IAF is striking and bombarding already 8 days just tell me how it is possible that the rockets are still flying over israel? it means all gaza is one big terroristic centrum so they have to blow up whole gaza and as soon as possible UN said we shoul do everrything to asure safe to our people but i see that to blow up whole gaza is only one choise we have so .. do it !
6. Honestly ... what are these Generals discussing in the war r
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (07.16.14)
They must have some master plan ready. Take my advice. Rocket for rocket. just let them fly. Either that or go in with guns blazing. Why drag on the pain on running every other hour into a bomb shelter.
7. Wow the damage on Tel Aviv house reveals
Hereforawhile   (07.17.14)
.. a ceiling made of asbestos, a very dangerous building material, forbidden in many countries, linked to many kind of cancer
8. #4 translation
Hamas has always said they will murder the Jews. Peres, Livni, Olmert, Sharon are the people who gave Hamas the rockets and territories to launch the rockets. Don't blame Hamas, blame Israeli leaders
9. get the press out
jerald   (07.17.14)
the press is like a cancer to israel especially cnn which is intefering in idf military efforts. For killing 56 innocent cows, forget about notifying hamas. Hit them with eveyrthing you got on ground, gassing, rocketing tunnels from the ground. if innocents don't get out of the way, too bad. I am not wolf blitzer bleeding for every child. Hamas started this, idf finish it. israael, throw out bibi in the next election. as for yaalon, a good general, hamas doesn't care about civilian deaths or 1000 buildings destroyed above ground. They care about their underground rocket supply, and inflicting deaths on israelis and their animals. This is vermin that has to be finished off period.
10. i read the monkey made a comment throw him some peanuts to s
ralph   (07.17.14)
11. Zero sympathy they get a taste of what
Barney ,   USA   (07.17.14)
They dish out then cry and scream at the top of their lungs. Not pretty on either side but I believe they are getting off extremely light. Gaza should be a parking lot by now, unless you believe they have a right to fire on innocent Israelis and Israel should just send them food, water and electricity in return. Get real
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