6 Shalit deal prisoners returned to jail to serve out term
Ahiya Raved
Published: 16.07.14, 14:53
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1. what they deserve
bernard ,   germany-israel   (07.16.14)
is not a more or less good life in prison but dead penalty. They have Jewish blood from multiple killings on their hands. Why feed the and givin them shelter for the rest of their killer lives or even pressing them again free? The terrorist hydra has to be eliminated.
2. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (07.16.14)
Just like in Soviet so called justice system where DA was bragging ... deliver the sucker and I will find the clause - I wouldn't wan't be next Shalit, no sir ,...
3. They just do not care
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (07.16.14)
Prison is a place they can get 3 square meals a day plus TV and internet.
4. These prisoners will be out with the next ceasefire deal
Sam ,   PT   (07.16.14)
from Israel's revolving door prison.
5. Too bad Israel has no...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.16.14) punishment for terrorists! These human scums are not worth a cent of what the Israeli tax payer will have to pay to keep them in comfortable jails!
6. Life means Life
ray stuart ,   Zurich / Israel   (07.16.14)
Now keep them there for Life .No more deals to set them free again !!!
7. waste of tax payer dollars
k ,   US   (07.16.14)
the IDF should have put a bullet in their heads when they were arrested, now you are going to have spend thousands of dollars on them for the rest of their lives
8. #2, indeed ;) for you and them
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.16.14)
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