Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israel is fighting defensive, not offensive, war in Gaza
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.07.14, 00:05
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1. intelligent article
DOV ,   USA   (07.19.14)
2. And what is wrong with OFFENSIVE defence?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.19.14)
3. Israel deal with the problem decisively!
Sam ,   USA   (07.19.14)
Which sovereign nation in the world takes terrorist attacks and abuse every 2 years and never fully eliminates the problem? Any other sovereign nation would have destroyed this band of terrorists operating in a terror enclave by now.
4. Israel fighting defensive...
Crispulo Celeste, Jr ,   Iloilo City, Ph   (07.19.14)
May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacov protect Israel, His chosen people.
5. above
moishe   (07.19.14)
USA should conduct war on a higher moral level as they wish Israel to. they don't!
6. Each terrorist killed spawns dozens of new ones
Jhan   (07.19.14)
The basic "targeting" approach is stupid. We know this from history. It is political correctness and hubris which are behind this yet another failure.
7. congrats to Gazans
observer ,   Egypt   (07.19.14)
they took the position of offense
8. Israel might loose this war this is why??
An outsider looking ,   HEBRON   (07.19.14)
I know for a fact that israel will loose this war because God will fight along side with the Gazans who were oppressed for many years . You people forget the power of God. This is not the big war that will eventually liberate Palestine. But it will be the one before the last decisive final battle. Imagine as a jew having to go live in one of these countries that hate you know for what u been doing to Palestinians for endless years. I will not feel sorry for you and nor will anyone else on the planet. I dare you to post it. SO ITS YOUR CHANCE TO LIVE LONGER BY GOING TO GAZA IN GROUND TROOPS.
9. to Wael,Nada and Og
Stan ,   Israel   (07.19.14)
The Israeli children living in towns and villages near Gaza have had thousands of rockets and mortars exploding in or near their homes, schools and nursery schools during the past 14 years. The fact that "only" about 20 people were killed does not mean that Israel can ignore this aggression. The mental damage to these children cannot be ignored. Hamas has dug dozens of tunnels into Israel at a depth of 20 - 30 meters. The sole purpose of these tunnels is to kill and kidnap Israelis. (That is how Gilad Shalit was kidnapped.) These tunnels have concrete walls and ceilings to prevent collapse. Imagine how Hamas could have improved the lives of the people and children of Gaza if they had not wasted tens of millions of dollars on these "terror tunnels" and the underground firing positions for their rockets. 8 years ago Hamas was democratically elected to govern in Gaza. If they had said that they recognize Israel and want to live in Peace, the lives of thousands of Palestinians would have been saved. There wouldn't have been a blockade, the borders would have been open, they would have had a port and an airport. INSTEAD THEY SAID THAT THEY WILL NEVER MAKE PEACE WITH ISRAEL AND THAT ISRAEL MUST BE DESTROYED.! So send your complaints about the suffering of the people of Gaza to Hamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Israel 'deensive' war means Black is White and Up is Down
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.19.14)
DEFENSIVE is not what you call a war waged on DEFENSELESS Palestinians whose only crime is that Israel covet their land
11. If you fight a defensive war you will
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.19.14)
lose. Every "defensive " war in history has been lost. You will be back in Gaza again trying to do the same thing over and over again. Politicians never learn
12. No phone Calls before Hiroshima
Zechariah   (07.19.14)
The USA did not call Hiroshima Residents to get out before they dropped the Atomic bomb the Japanese Airforce was almost completely destroyed by then .Neither in the Firebombing of Tokyo that killed one hundred thousand in Horrific Ways
13. Because Israel only knows how to defend itself
by building settlements for apartheid elite while subjugating indigenous population.
14. The best defence is attacking !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.20.14)
Napoleon knew what he was talking about.He also said that soldiers must be well fed to win wars.
15. USA and Qatar
Joe ,   Israel   (07.20.14)
Qatar houses the US Central Command and the largest American airbase in the Middle East
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