Iran, powers extend talks after missing nuclear deal deadline
Published: 19.07.14, 08:34
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1. These ugly faces will haunt us until they get the Bomb. Then
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.19.14)
Ashton & Co. will get on with demanding Israel give up it's nukes...
2. let's give them more money while they build nukes
C   (07.19.14)
the obama regime would give any totalitarian dictators more money to build nuclear weapons.
3. extend nuclear Weapons
robair ,   jordan   (07.19.14)
Ashton extend nuclear Weapons Discussion ! Possible fall in love with The Iranian !!
4. Sanctions keep Sleeping Giant Iran down, Apartheid Israel up
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.19.14)
5. extension of nuclear talks beyond US elections
c   (07.19.14)
the obamas think that by extending the deadline of nuclear talks beyond us elections they will somehow win points. they want a deal in november-december with the hope that the present senate will approve the deal. they are deluded. whatever happens, iran will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. there are people who are constantly watching iran and what goes on in iran.
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