Massive IDF fire on central Gaza
Yoav Zitun
Published: 19.07.14, 22:27
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1. Casualties
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (07.19.14)
2,300 hits by Israel and 300 casualties in GAZA means there were extremely low casualties due to Israel's protection of civilians in Gaza. A more proportionate response would be to send mortars from Israel to Gaza . 1,500 mortars the same as rockets from Gaza to Israel so far, that means around 750 shells would hit homes in Gaza killing around 3,000 people.
2. someone should give a notice to police
wise ,   eu   (07.20.14)
to international anti-terrorist oragnization of the last coment on facebook this is terrorist words and should be examinated by police ,who ever is behind this facebook name is dangerosu person and should sit in the prison
3. Destroy not only
Toby   (07.20.14)
Destroy not only rockets, tunnels but make sure the HAMAS operatives are also destroyed!!!! No point simply jailing them!
4. how was that possible?
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.19.14)
No listening devices on the ground, no long-range microphones and infrared cameras observing every meter of no-man's land? If no, then put them there! These soldiers should have known exactly where these terrorists surfaced. Finally, stop arresting terrorists! Shoot them and be done with it. Fill the tunnels with propane and set it on fire. You'll see where it originates in Gaza, then blow up the entire block.
5. #4 David and his advice from HQ in US
Gideon   (07.20.14)
Will you be joining the IDF and going in to Gaza or will you just be directing our army from the comfort of your arm chair in the good old US?
6. Half the rockets
Baltimore Observer ,   Baltimore, USA   (07.20.14)
Officers in the air arm of any armed force usually believe that air power can win battles. Control of the air will prevent the loss of a battle but land forces are needed to advance and hold the field of battle. Destroy the rockets on the ground... in every hole where they are hidden. Destroy every tunnel over its entire length. Just destroying each end will gain you nothing. It will be reopened in days or weeks.
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