Bloody Sunday: Over 100 Palestinians killed on 13th day of operation
Yoav Zitun, AFP
Published: 20.07.14, 22:37
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1. Do the job for good now !
Jacques ,   Paris France   (07.20.14)
Whatever Israel can do, Israel is condamned ! It's difficult to fight Gaza alone without an attack from the north (Hezbollah) and maybe Iran or even Turkey (Erdogan is becoming really dangerous). So, Israel should make an example with Gaza now to avoid other conflits more difficult.
2. Prayers for the Israeli soldiers
Ron ,   oc us   (07.20.14)
Prayers for the fallen, the wounded and the living.
3. Hamas uses children as Cannon Fodder
Zechariah   (07.20.14)
Hamas uses children as shields and cannon fodder to make Israel look bad and feel bad .Islam has gone WarMad and Murdermad Remember Iraq Gas in Yemen by Nasser and in Syria by the Ba'ath and by Chemical Ali against the Islam Kurds .In Afghanistan a bomb recently killed Ninety mainly women and children .Both Yitzchak and Ishmael have Their Inheritance Hamas has to cease War against the Jews.
4. Hamas is outnumbered; so unfair
Daniel ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.20.14)
Fairness never mattered so little.
5. IDF pours into Gaza while the UN pours rockets to Hamas
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.20.14)
On Thursday the UN confirmed that rockets had been found in one of its schools in Gaza. Their staff said that they had called Hamas to come remove them. The UN refused an Israeli request to provide pictures of the rockets.
6. Total lunacy:do you kill mosquitoes when you want to get rid
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.20.14)
of that pestilence or do you attack their breeding ponds?! So we "kill" the tunnels, what's next: massacring AK-47s?! Are we that scared to behave like normative human beings and turn Gaza (with it's diseased population) into a parking lot?! Seems so. So we sacrifice our soldiers instead. Shame on us.
7. To RAED -University of Manchester
eddiE ,   sa   (07.20.14)
I have a question for Raed, who is an academic at the university of Manchester. Please explain what is the intent of the hamas rockets being fired into Israel??? Another question is what targets are they aiming at??? I am sure you will be able to answer these questions with the intellectual integrity which is compatible with you educational status.
8. Raed Mukhaimer : BLAME HAMAS
What is your problem anyway? Hamas started the violence by firing at Israeli civilians. Hamas fights from within women and children. Hamas CHOSE the war arena. It's a WAR in case you forgor, that Hamas opened. Now go blame Hamas.
9. The war against empty tunnels goes on...
Jhan   (07.20.14)
Israel has now degenerated to such a level of stupidity, thinking they're doing something victorious, it's just so pitiful and without remedy.
10. Israel deliberately did nothing for years
jhan   (07.20.14)
about the tunnels. Now Israel's oligarchy and feckless IDF "leadership"are deliberately and needlessly putting Israel's young people at risk. Political correcness equals death so we cannot be surprised when lives are lost due to all this nonsense. The blood is on the Booboo, and the rest of the plunderers.
11. How many terrorists surrendered ?
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.20.14)
One of the factors to evaluate, in every armed conflict, is based on the percentage of surrendering enemy fighters. The question is: Are there more and more Hamas terrorists raising their arms in surrender or not ?
12. aren't they all terrorists
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (07.21.14)
by willingly protecting Hamas and by opening fire on IDF, they have become combatants, war is war, they knew this from the outset and counted on it for propaganda.
13. That's nothing
Jhan   (07.21.14)
To impact at least 1.3 to 1.6 million Azan terrorists and their clans must be stopped. Israel refuses to defend herself so we know this will just go on and on and get worse all the time.
14. Int. Criminal Court
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.21.14)
"Israel" clearly is the gross war criminal here. It should be expelled immediately from the United Nations, boycotted and blockaded, and brought before the International Criminal Court.
15. # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.21.14)
It really bugs you when Jews defend themselves. Just because the people in Gaza can't take the heat that they started doesn't make it a war crime. Israel should give Gaza the same treatment we gave Germany in WW2...carpet bombing.
16. to #14 there is no UN,
Lily   (07.21.14)
the UN is american organization, since the USA is losing her greap on the world, it makes the UN usless organization. The americans burned too many bridges with other countries. The last I heard the Ukrayn is big american flop, and the Palestinians don't matter to country like the USA. But one thing for sure, it will make Israel closer to the Russians.
17. #9, #10 jhan
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.21.14)
The tunnels were not totally empty, as much ammunition and explosives were found. Can’t you read? Also, tunnels that are not empty are not tunnels. Tunnels are used to convey murderers to points to where they can attack those they want to kill. Can’t you think? It is Hamas which is putting everyone at risk; both Israelis and their own people.
18. 14
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (07.21.14)
Hey stupid,Hamas is double war criminal using women and children as human shields.Even Hamas admits to that you fool.Israel has the right to defen-d itself -even US and EU say so.So who the hell are you to be posting lies and bullshit. You are a moron and Jew hating mongrel.
19. #11, surrender
Dave Sandler ,   Hendersonville, USA   (07.21.14)
Any Hamas gunman worthy of the name will never surrender. This is surprising only to the Israeli left. They've forgotten lessons from the past. Did Masada surrender? Did the Alamo? Okinawa? Battle of Hue? Did Mogadishu surrender? Since Hamas is basically intact, regardless of what the worthless mouthpiece Lerner says, why surrender? They've won!
20. 100 dead
avi chlebowski ,   haifa/israel   (07.21.14)
and how many were hamas terrorists.
21. Adopt Churchill's view about enemy civilians.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.22.14)
Churchill didn't care how many enemy civilians died. All that mattered was defeating the Nazis. Israel needs to adopt Churchill's view towards our mortal "Palestinian" foes.
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