Thousands turn out in London for pro-Israel rally
Rina Zinman
Published: 21.07.14, 18:22
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1. Love picture of Pro-Palestinian protester detained by Police
Scott ,   Haifa   (07.21.14)
2. Not much British support for Israel, then?
Tigger ,   London UK   (07.24.14)
"Rafi, an Israeli living in London for 20 years, told Ynet how impressed he was at the civilized nature of the demonstration, as opposed to the violent protests held by pro-Palestinians in recent days in the British capital and other cities in Europe." I can't speak for other cities, but I was at the London protest. I saw no violence and no anti-semitism. Instead, I saw 15,000+ Londoners, many of whom were in the middle of a long fast, marching to express their disgust at what Israel was doing to so many women and children in their own land. Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-semitism, any more than anti-BNP is anti-British. .
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